Fixed Internally Audio/Port Window Re-Opens

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by alanus, May 15, 2024.

  1. alanus Augur

    Guild hall portal is set to Maiden's eye.

    Zoned into LI using guild hall clicky (the door thing).

    I get a message to zone into Maiden's Eye from Laurion's Inn
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  2. alanus Augur

    Never mind. Loadskin fixed it
  3. Vishelle New Member

    Getting it as well, every time the window gets focus it pops back up. Doesnt matter if i try to accept it or not.

    On two different accounts on the same computer being boxed.
  4. Progress Augur

    This window repeatably pops up even after you answer e.g. yes Audio or yes Take port. Looked in bugs and didn't see this reported, yet. Tried both yes and no....same results.Happened even when back in PoK (the audio one).
  5. Velisaris_MS Augur

    Are you talking about having a port clicky item close enough to the guild teleporter that you're in range for the pop-up box to happen?

    It's been that way literally forever and pretty sure that's the way it's supposed to work. Clicking the port item and having the guild teleport box pop-up are not related...just move the port item further away from the guild teleport.

    Still trying to figure out where "audio" comes into play here.
  6. Zipe The Healer

    We are inside an instance and we are getting spammed with the guildhall crystal geode destination confirmation window.

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  7. Fenthen Living rent free in your headspace

    Can confirm this from Friday's raids.
  8. Sylince I Keel You

    Until it is fixed, one way to temporarily help yourself get through this is to close out the box by clicking yes or no and then reloading your UI.
  9. Tyreel Augur

    The window returns every time i alt tab to a different window and back.
  10. Xyroff-cazic. Director of Sarcasm

    Confirmed, had a bunch of this since last update.
  11. Eaiana Augur

    Over the last several days on Povar, several times I have taken the guild portal to the guild banner and the dialog box keeps reappearing even after zoning into the new zone. The time between clicking yes on the dialog and actually zoning over was long enough that another dialog box had been put up. I don't know if this is related to the bug but it was much longer than usual. Once in the new zone, it took about 15 minutes for the dialog to stop reappearing. Dismissing the dialog just made it come back a while later.
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  12. Yasi Journeyman

    Can confirm this from Aradune aswell since last Patch. Even after 10 Minutes, either Clicking Yes or No, it reappears. Relogging usually helps.
    Zoned to West Karana at 18:27 from Guild Hall
    Window still keeps reappearing severals Minutes after (18:34,18:49)
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  13. Conq Augur

    I had guildmates reporting this same issue last night on LS raids on Tunare server. I run to raids to set said banner, so did not experience this phenomenon.
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  14. Yasi Journeyman

    So its been roughly 45 minutes now with multiple Zonings into other Zones inbetween the initial Pop Up
    If I click out of the game and back in, the window instantly reappears (i play in Windowed Mode if matters)
  15. Vrinda Augur

    This isn't the only box that keeps coming back. Running multiple instances of EQ on the same computer where one toon has an active merc and the other doesn't will cause the Manage Mercenary box to keep reappearing when I switch windows back and forth, but this is only since the last patch. I was originally using the new UI (this appears to be the default), but turned it off and restarted both clients. The problem is still happening.

    Whatever they did with these boxes in the last patch, I hope they revert it to the original code.
  16. adetia Monkess Wonder, Ruler of All

    We have several folks experiencing this difficulty. Hopefully a fix soon.
  17. Lodestar The Undefeated

    Not sure what the point of patches are anymore, if more problems are created versus fixed.
  18. Velisaris_MS Augur

    What I don't understand is how things completely unrelated to what was in the patch manage to get broken. They do something simple like "let's change the color of these leaves from green to brown" and suddenly you can't cast any spells. How does crap like that even happen?
  19. Lodestar The Undefeated

    Completely understandable how archaic EQ's code is, and that adjusting one element of code can and will impact completely unrelated code.

    However, QA and DB are simply going to have to do better. QA needs to step up their game.
  20. Cven Journeyman

    The last window up when you zone will reopen. GGH portals are a good example if they are up, but you dont take them and zone in via a portal clicky. Merc UI will also constantly repop.
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