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  1. Tevraii Journeyman

    Is this doable or is it broken? We've tried many many combines of cacti with no luck.
  2. Monkman Augur

    One "set" refers to one of each.. we've gotten to the point where we have gotten two emotes for "your foe grows stronger" but by that point both healers were Pom and we wiped.

    Sucks this is another one of those achievements where anything less than the "ideal" group make up of.. 2 healers 2 tanks (one to OT the adds) and two badass dps (preferably melee incase OT goes splat and someone has to pick up the adds briefly) will not be able to accomplish this achievement.
  3. Bigstomp Augur

    Were you able to complete it though? I haven't tried personally, wondering if it is indeed doable, or bugged as the OP questions.
  4. Monkman Augur

    No we did not complete it. And given the lack of responses to this thread I personally believe this achievement is either bugged or unbeatable in its current form. Could we get a dev response to this?

    We got the encounter to three emotes "your foe grows stronger"

    The spiteful succulent was larger than cactiki at that point.
  5. Koryu Augur

    We tried collecting several of the same kind (one run with burgeoning, another run with pitiful), we tried collecting one of each type for a complete set, and we tried ignoring a spiteful until he had grown much larger than Cactiikii (he is the source of those enrage emotes, it's an indicator for group-content folks that he powers up if left alive). We never did see an atrocious succulent, but I know that it was possible to do in the raid on Beta. It's probably broken, and not in the patch notes for Test, meaning the soonest we'll be able to do it is in February.
  6. Monkman Augur

    Aye just before I reread this post my group tested the theory that the spiteful emote was not related to achievement and it looks like that's the case. We had previously tried it with gathering 5 pitifuls and nothing happened. I don't believe anyone has finished this achievement yet
  7. Thoxsel Augur

    Bugged still. Don’t know about test however if anything made the patch.
  8. Lianeb Augur

    Has anyone figured this out yet.
    Weird little succulents to me indicates the surreal with all the color changing and or pitifull (little) but I have not tested either.
  9. Absor Augur

    So I just tried this, it can be done. You have to curate the adds, basically. You need to have 5 of the same type up. In fact, I just did it with the pitiful guys. When you do, an atrocious succulent spawns. You have to do that three times, then win.
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  10. Absor Augur

    I suppose that I should note that the burgeoning succulents don't count for this, they are the ones that spawn the ones you want.
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  11. Lianeb Augur

    Thank you!!!
  12. Risiko Augur

    All you have to do is type
    1. /gmmode on password:fluffybunnyslippers4thewin
    2. /reset_zone 1
    3. /loadmob name (5 times to get the same type up)
    4. Wait for Atrocious Succulent to spawn
    Easy peasy. Oh... you mean with out having developer hacks... oh.. yeah... you're screwed then.
    j/k ;)
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  13. Lianeb Augur

    I just want to clarify.

    The raid lists doing this 3 times but the group mission doesn't mention 3 times. When you say do it 3 times are you talking Raid?
  14. Monkman Augur

    Aye If possible some clarification would be great, been at this achievement for several weeks since cactus was re-released. A lot of us believe the group version to be bugged as I had gathered 5 pitifuls at one point and saw nothing spawn as stated above. Again clarification as to whether this will need to be done one time or three times would be very welcomed. Thank you.
  15. Absor Augur

    My bad, it's only once.
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  16. Drogba Augur

    It doesn't work. We had 5 pitiful up for 4 minutes.
  17. Novaburst New Member

    Good luck with the updated mission.
  18. Orbital101 Augur

    as many stated above 5 pitifuls for over 4 minutes and no Atrocious. Working as intended?
  19. Absor Augur

    Nope, but I have been unable to make it fail for me. I'll keep poking at it.
  20. Yinla Augur

    While your poking can you poke the Cactus some more and reduce the shadow step down to a few feet instead of the large distance it is, not all groups have a back up tank or healer :)
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