Fixed Aten Ha Ra Raid Crashes

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Cadira, Feb 19, 2022.

  1. Cadira Augur

    Across multiple raid guilds I'm in, people are randomly crashing as the AHR raid ensues.

    A lot of them are after a reset before we start another attempt and some are as the event goes on. Doesn't seem to be at any particular moment in the event just random people going LD over time.

    Maybe others can pinpoint what happened right when they crashed? I have not crashed yet on this event myself.

    PS: AHR has way too many hitpoints.
  2. bard007 Augur

    Just happened to us on Bristlebane
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  3. Cadira Augur

    More crashes tonight!
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  4. Qimble Augur

    We had a couple people crash tonight, figured it was probably the servers melting down again since we also had godawful script / zone lag.
  5. Febb Augur

    Have people post the last 20 or so lines in the Log/dbg.txt file right after the crash to show why they crashed.
  6. Rolaque Ancient

    This bug has closed down EQ twice for me. It was immediate and unexpected. Once in Aten Ha Ra raid (the screen locked up first, then I went to desktop). And once in Umbral with Swarm Commander which sent me immediately to desktop.

    These are my logs, the last entry before EQ closed was being hit by auspice of the hunter. There has to be more than that, but maybe this is a start.

    [Sat Feb 19 20:59:38 2022] Your instincts are sharpened by the auspice of the hunter.
    [Sat Feb 19 21:02:13 2022] You are not currently assigned to an adventure.
    [Sat Feb 19 21:02:14 2022] Autojoining channels...
    [Sat Feb 19 21:02:15 2022] You are not on any channels
    [Sat Feb 19 21:02:16 2022] Welcome to EverQuest!

    [Sun Feb 20 18:44:50 2022] Your instincts are sharpened by the auspice of the hunter.
    [Sun Feb 20 18:46:59 2022] You are not currently assigned to an adventure.
    [Sun Feb 20 18:47:00 2022] The commander screeches and rises to fight!
    [Sun Feb 20 18:47:01 2022] Autojoining channels...
    [Sun Feb 20 18:47:02 2022] You are not on any channels
    [Sun Feb 20 18:47:03 2022] Welcome to EverQuest!
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  7. Fanra

    Happening to our guild tonight. I did not know about this thread so I posted info here:
    Random PCs Locking Up During Raid

    From dbg.txt:

    [Tue Feb 22 21:21:33 2022]00899:Crash (char = Fanra, zone = vexthaltwo)
    [Tue Feb 22 21:21:33 2022]00900:Local Player's World location at time of crash: 22.057665, 1380.040771, 231.194489.
    [Tue Feb 22 21:21:33 2022]00901:Gamestate at crash = 5

    Can send entire dbg.txt upon request.
  8. Cadira Augur

    Hmm, auspice of the hunter making people crash?
  9. Syylke_EMarr Augur

    We had a bunch crash out on our AHR run as well. Someone had a suspicion that it might be a recurrence of some ornament bug or something? One of the people was also getting similar CTD's in PoK while tradeskilling yesterday

    PS: I agree :eek:
  10. Kiras Augur

    We had a bunch crash to desktop before and during Goranga last night. Also had an unusual number of crashes during the Umbral Plains raids. This all started since last patch.
  11. Zephur-ECI New Member

    Same for us today. How can you win if 10 people go LD?
  12. niente Developer

    This crash is related to receiving buffs. It is not unique to the AHR raid, but can happen anywhere.

    We would like to fix it ASAP, but it is unfortunately a challenging problem to solve.
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  13. Svann2 The Magnificent

    Could you tell us what buffs or buff sequence to avoid?
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  14. Rolaque Ancient

    Possibly, though not necessarily, related to your buff limit being exceeded by near simultaneous buffs which either puts you over the limit, or which the client can't process without immediately crashing due to other circumstances. My own solution is to add to the blocked buff box things which might be nice but are not needed or wanted. Or just to click off the last column or row of buffs. Problem solved, maybe. Definitely a maybe.
    Or maybe tell raiders not to all unleash their mgb buffs all at the same time. Who knows?
  15. minimind The Village Idiot

    Is that because you fully understand the cause and the fix is timely to implement, or because you have an idea of what the cause might be and it will be timely to narrow it down.

    If it's the latter, it sounds like a fun opportunity for people to test "Make your raid crash by doing something related to MGB buffs..."
  16. klanderso Developer

    Unfortunately it's not that specific, nor is it unique to just raids.
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  17. minimind The Village Idiot

    We had multiple people crash on our Saturday Night during Aten Ha Ra both while buffing after wipes and a couple mid-event. No pattern discerned as of yet.
  18. WFSBelaar Journeyman

    We've been plagued by this as well, every raid night since the patch. Has made managing the raid window/raid extremely unfun, more so than usual.
  19. klanderso Developer

    Other than doing build related things, this has been my main focus this week. It's tough because the error we're seeing is very vague, it can be caused by several things from a few different places, and none of them are direct enough to be "ah HA!" about it. I do have a wider safeguard that's being included with the Live update next week. It won't solve the "real" problem, but it should prevent the crash from happening (without shuffling it elsewhere in the code). I'm still working on getting to the root of the problem (it's tough because we haven't been able to reproduce it) to make sure that Future Us doesn't have to deal with it again down the line.
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  20. minimind The Village Idiot

    From what I can discern, it's affecting those casting group and MGB'd spells. (I haven't seen someone say they were affected by single/self-target spells.) Acknowledging that I know very little about auras, I think I remember reading that auras are effectively invisible NPCs. Knowing the high density of player characters, player auras, and event auras, could there be an unforeseen interaction between group/MGB spells and those auras?

    Maybe even a "buffer overrun" of too many group spells (including event auras) affecting a particular player character.

    Testing scenario: Raid of players in the event. Bufflock everyone. Everyone who can MGB a buff, do so. Report results.