At this point in the game......

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  1. Faana Augur

    Important quote- paste this on your cubicles, moderators:

    "Repression works only to strengthen and knit the repressed."
    -- John Steinbeck
  2. Stune Augur

    Truth be told, i signed in to say hi to an old mage buddy.
    When EQ first changed the mages, and Nerf the pet mit, etc.. its been awhile a couple years now and a few expacs back i am sure. They Nerf us so badly we could not split mobs that where blue con, yellow, or red we had to run away. It was a newly done Nerf then. (raid mage top gear then)

    I agree, when i read all of this after i experienced it i dropped all of our accounts. I had a total of 12 running eq. We spent hundreds of dollars upgrading those accounts (about 1200 ish spent in that year) It was fun to us. Whatever add on we needed to the last. We where doing missions, enjoying our family accounts. Raiding with a large guild, learning the game all over. We came back leveled very hard up from 85 to 100 cap.

    Then all of a sudden the Nerf started. Everyone on the mages, necros, etc because they where over powered. Especially the Tanks, and SK's. We didn't ask for this, we didn't expect it to happen this way but it did. Who ever was in charge of that, back then was a plain asxhole period. It simply could have been done in small increments instead of one huge giant hit.

    I remember an older women saying she enjoyed EQ but couldn't play the group game anymore. She was 70 if i remember right. Incredible story to be honest. I was sad by that. A game we enjoyed just had been taken and thrown to the wolves. It could have been avoided.

    Now i see they are not even with the project now? Imagine, everything was pretty good, except the tanks needed some fixes or changes. Instead pet classes got nailed the hardest.

    The Nerf was a bad thing, they lost a good pile of money from us, and many others. We left, we didn't look back until now to see how the state of EQ is. Seems to me it was left with utter disappointment. Those devs that made those changes need to rot, and never will i get involved with them again in any game.

    I loved EQ for 13-14 years and this is what you leave the community with?

    Sorry guys i had no choice but to respond to what i see is a total shame on a great game. This must have been there way to get back at EQ owners some way.

    Its best it dies now, while it still had a good name once. 1999

    best of luck,
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  3. Faana Augur

    I'm a 60 yr old female. I quit in 2013, because not only does DBG not want us, arrogant, players don't either.
  4. Triconix Augur

    Wait a minute. You quit 3 years ago, yet you made this this thread? Why then are you still farming items, selling them in the bazaar for kronos to keep your accounts active and then complaining that you don't sell enough due to server population? Something doesn't add up.

    Either you're a terrible liar or....a terrible liar.
  5. Derd Augur

    Pretty sure somewhere faa posted they had returned after quitting.
  6. Gerzer Lorekeeper

    Just re-skinning the game to run on 2016 Graphic Engines would be a huge rebirth for EQ. If they released EQ as it is constructed today with new graphics and step releases....for Xpacs...a new one every X months, they would see massive success.

    There is an entire generation of gamers that have never given EQ a look simply because of the graphics. So if graphics gets them in the door...they have 16 years of content to experience and if you released a new Xpac every 6 months or however long it takes to do the code change.... you have a completely refreshed game.

    Sometimes 1+1 = 2...Grass is always greener...yadda yadda

    No other game has EVER offered the toon development that EQ does...they have a gold mine here...they just need to do a frame up restoration :)
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  7. Faana Augur

    To me, "Play" means go out and kill things for experience and loot them."

    I'm here for my guildies and friends. Foraging and selling in baz is something to do while I chat. You wouldn't call it 'playing,' I don't think.

    You can't tell a complaint from an economic theory speculation. People who buy Kronos to keep their traders active are going to find diminishing returns.
  8. Faana Augur

    That sounds Herculean. Think, 'Taj Majhal built of toothpicks held together with playdough.'
  9. Vrinda Augur

    Interesting idea, and possibly cheaper than building an entirely new game on a modern graphics engine. At least this one has proven staying power.
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  10. Hellboy007 Augur

    Clerics have to be the most god awfully boring class to play but yet the most critically needed class.

    I am not even sure how raid guilds stay a float with they way clerics are..
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  11. Hellboy007 Augur

    Here is what the deal is with EQ.. and whats going to happen to it.

    Heavy focus on TLP and changes focused on TLP will kill Live then when TLP sputters out like it always, i repeat, ALWAYS, does EQ will die all together..

    WTG TLP you are the death of EQ..
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  12. Gerzer Lorekeeper

    Kinda of where I was coming from. The bulk of the real creativity is already done.... to paraphrase Field of Dreams.... Re-skin it...and they will come...
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  13. Gyurika Godofwar Augur

    Better yet let the people who work on Player Studio and others reskin it and add other content and they will come...
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  14. Zakor Elder

    You quit in 2013, and your forum profile says you joined the forums in 2015...Does this sound strange to anyone else?
  15. Iila Augur

    This is like the 8th iteration of the EQ forums.
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  16. Vdidar Augur

    I quit eq today before I came into work. I'll most likely pick up right where I left off tomorrow afternoon. Does that count as quitting?