artisan wares drop missing from game - permafrost

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Masse The Butcher, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. Masse The Butcher Journeyman

    hi, it appears that the ground spawn Icy rune for the artisan wares quest found in the back of the scryers room in permafrost is not spawning after the Hardcore Heritage event. waited a few hours, nothing. can someone please look into this. kind of hard to do a big quest like this when parts are missing from the game. i am on the drinal server
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  2. Dreadmore Augur

    Confirmed on Bertoxx too. Somewhat
    It spawned. I was able to pick mine up last Thursday. However I am not seeing it anymore.
  3. Masse The Butcher Journeyman

    still nothing and no word or help from devs. would really appreciate some more info on this cause this really blows. I grinded hard to get my alts TS's up, spent a ridiculous amount of time and platinum only to find out the quest has pieces missing. so do they remove the drop during HH so that nobody can do their aug during the weeks it is active? is the drop perhaps moved to another section of the zone? any info or help or workaround would be helpful.
  4. Warpeace Augur

    You realize this thread just started today right? Not like it has been weeks or months.
  5. Masse The Butcher Journeyman

    and? what do they have 1 guy working part time to help thousands of people? what is your point? is it really hard to take 5 mins to warp in and have a look and respond? and what i ment by still nothing, is that the drop still hasnt appeared meaning its not a repop issue or a waiting for the item to reappear. its just gone.
  6. Dreadmore Augur

    Sounds like you don't realize it, but there is a customer support and ticketing system in place. Did you put in a ticket, or did you just start this thread? A ticket gets more direct attention.
  7. Masse The Butcher Journeyman

    both. i do realize it. i just didnt realize how short handed they are these days that it takes multiple days to get help. theres 8 people waiting in the room in permafrost in game thinking its going to respawn any time. humorous and annoying at the same time. i posted here hoping someone had a work around... you know like a instance that could be spawned that had the drop inside of it... old man quests or perhaps they knew of a new spawn location that it appeared during HH as i cant believe they would remove a quest drop for the best item in the game for weeks at a time and putting a stop to progress after doing all the tradeskills.
  8. Warpeace Augur

    /bug It, petition it whatever will get it visibility. They probably have even seen the thread here. It really depends on priority.

    Maybe for all those waiting on your server make an announcement in General chat that its broken and encourage them to also /bug and report it.
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  9. Masse The Butcher Journeyman

  10. Warpeace Augur

    Can also confirm its missing on the FV Server.

    Maybe more can chime in for their servers. Apparently something is causing it not to respawn after the HH events.
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  11. Khat_Nip Augur

    Icy Rune is spawning in Permafrost in the regular location on Luclin.
    I just picked it up and a moment later another respawned. I'm looking right at it this very minute.

    /loc states: Your Location is 182.83, -607.54, 3.50
    Respawn is somewhere ~28s.
  12. Kudil New Member

    Icy Rune is missing on xegony, it also seems that the Sweat-Stained headband is missing in Tirranun's Delve on Xegony
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  13. Snarlwolf New Member

    its missing on Cazic and FV it is spawning on test how ever, i have yet to get a reply to my petition on the matter, very frustrating that i put in so much time and effort to do this only to be stuck by bad coding....
  14. Drakang Augur

    Missing on Rathe.
  15. Masse The Butcher Journeyman

    nothing like the sound of crickets when asking for help from the company you pay a monthly fee to come help you when you find something broken with their product. really not surprised tbh.
  16. Nennius Augur

    There really should be at least a pro forma response. I am guessing that a DBG employee has already read it, but some indication that that has already taken place would be helpful.
  17. Masse The Butcher Journeyman

    yeah that would be nice. i know for a fact people have put in bug reports, sent in petitions, posted here. their customer service has really bottomed out the past few years, really shouldn't expect any kind of help but it was worth a try. the fact that this happened last year< > and they didnt fix it then tells me they really dont care. i remember the days when you could put a petition in and a person would show up within an hour or two in the game, talk to you, do their best to help you, talk to the people above them for answers, really make an effort to make sure you were taken care of. there was a real in-game presence from the GM's and people would see them in crazy gear that only they had and it was a sight to be hold. i find it very sad those days are long behind us and this is what we're left with.
  18. Snarlwolf New Member

    and still no answer to my petition.....
  19. Masse The Butcher Journeyman

    5 days and counting, not a single word either Snarl. cant do my quest on my alt after working weeks building tradeskills and farming stuff for erons jewlery and Aid Grimel. is it really hard to just repop the zone or just give us the ground spawn that more or less instantly respawns upon looting in a lvl 50 zone if we petition? how hard would that be??? i cant tell if its pure laziness, lack of caring or just general garden variety incompetence but in almost 20 years of playing ive never seen such seriously shameful lack of customer support for broken content.
  20. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Augur

    Wow. Shameful lack of customer support? I empathize with your situation. But seriously, get a grip. You pay less for monthly access than many do for two coffees at Starbucks.

    My suggestion is to continue to /bug it. Follow up on your petition every day. Be the squeaky wheel. But maintain some perspective. This is ONE item of ONE quest in a game which has tens of thousands of quests in an arcane web of code maintained by a skeleton crew of dedicated, thankless developers. Be happy Norrath still exists in a playable form.

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