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  1. Pani Elder

    What is the "epic retelling".
  2. Sokki Augur

    It's basically "Epic Request" task for epic ornament just with a twist in the class events, which gives you a new ornament.
  3. Narogg Augur

  4. Hazimil Lorekeeper

    Over 9 hours so far wiping all mobs in Txevu and Qvic to get the Iridescent Scales for the Iridescent Scale Headdress (JC quest), need 5 of them and only had 1 drop so far.

    This drop rate needs fixing! Blinking annoying, pointless, fought-over camp to get the drop...


  5. Sheex Augur

    Sounds like bad RNG luck, but are you clearing KT as well?

    The KT ikkinz temples, the big temple out in the open and the little corner near the martyr area are all good for some ikaavs. Took me 10-12 hours of plowing qvic, KT and Txevu every so often (longer respawn in Txevu ) to get 15.
  6. Velisaris_MS Augur

    The problem with farming all of these drops is that these are low end zones (for a lvl 105) and can be locked down by 1 player. Which means, in some cases, only 1 person can farm an item at a time. Unless of course you want to be a jerk and just wait to kill the respawns of mobs that someone else is in the process of clearing (definitely happening more and more based on my observations), or become an AFK farmer (sit on a spawn point, pop a merc, go afk for hours/days at a time). Don't know about other servers, but there are a TON of AFK farmers on Drinal right now (*cough*krakens in PoWater*cough*). I suppose it'll settle down once folks start getting their augs.

    And for the record, I got 5 iridescent scales in around 3-4 hours total of farming. And no, I'm not telling which zone.
  7. Qbert Augur

    No need to utilize a "fought-over" camp, just get a Vxed instance - can be triggered alone, has the same repop rate (or you could clear it and drop/re-trigger if you're killing so fast).
  8. segap Augur

    Ton of AFK farmers on my server as well. Part of the stupidity of designing quests like this. They're so much fun, people opt to do them afk.

    I have no problem with time sinks, but at least make them relevant to the target level and have them be things people actually need to be interactive and play the game while doing.
  9. Qbert Augur

    It was fun, but since I keep up my wishful thinking that someday achievement points will actually be used for something . . . c'mon man, 10 points for this one? :p
  10. EnchFWO Augur

    Anyone not using Vxed instances to farm scales has no right to complain at this point IMO. But maybe that's just me and my ignorant 2 cp :rolleyes:
  11. p2aa Augur

    Do someone knows what are the stats of the aug for someone who has 0 in all trophies ? (of course who has 300 etc in other skills, aka the bases needed to complete the Shawl aug)
  12. Brohg Augur

    full stats, which is 75% of what you see linked / on lucy / etc.

    you can't finish making the aug without one trophy to hold, though.
  13. Imak Augur

    I have completed the aug on two alts, and while both are 300 x7 neither one has a max'd trophy. Perhaps any trophy will do.
  14. Brohg Augur

    Ah that could be
  15. p2aa Augur

    On allakazham, someone says that you need to equip a trophy for the last combine (he speaks of max trophy). If not, you get a red message :

    Warning: Due to the high difficulty of this recipe you are encouraged to equip at least 1 item that increases your skill in 1 of the primary 7 tradeskills.

    If we read this, maybe any trophy equipped, like a Geerlok automated hammer or anything else easy to get, may work
  16. EnchFWO Augur

    Just for some more info - you don't have to have a max trophy 'equipped' to do it. If you have the tradeskill trophy tribute turned on it lets you do the combine.
  17. Warpeace Augur

    Geerlok automated hammer - not a trophy

    I'm not sure if your trophy even has to be maxed just need one either equipped or in your housing turned on?
  18. p2aa Augur

    Geerlok is not a trophy, but it's an "item that increase your skill in 1 of the primary 7 tradeskills".
    Maybe only a trophy will work, but the sentence doesn't mention specifically the word "trophy".
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  19. EnchFWO Augur

    Since just having tribute on works and the fact a non-maxxed trophy works (both of these are confirmed)... it sounds like the script just looks for any skill that is modded past the 300 cap when attempting the combine. I wouldn't be surprised if your theory is correct and a 'non-trophy' mod would work.
  20. Tadenea Augur

    last combine of the 3 earrings, I had 2 max Trophies equiped and failed about 3 times before success, at least you get all 3 items back on failure

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