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  1. Sirene_Fippy Augur

    There was recently a new quest added to the game which involves doing a trophy-like task for each tradeskill.

    Players who have completed their 1.0, 2.0 and An Epic Request get access to a greyed out achievement called An Epic Retelling, which requires you to redo An Epic Request with a special qualifier. The reward for An Epic Retelling is a new class ornament, a title (broken, fixed in July), and the first of each class on the server gets their name on a plaque in Felwithe.

    After that, another greyed out achievement appeared under Tradeskills (the name escapes me atm). Each player who has completed An Epic Retelling and hails "a wandering? artisan" in Everfrost Peaks gets a clue to the whereabouts of a groundspawn. There are 16 different groundspawns; after turning them into a wandering artisan in EF, he reveals his name and moves into Halas (Lebounde ab Dolmen? the player creator of the ornaments from An Epic Retelling).

    Now that Lebounde is in Halas, he wanders between each tradeskill area in the zone. At night, he sleeps and cannot be disturbed. If you hail him, he offers tasks for each tradeskill for which you are maxed skill and have the 7/7 Trophy. Each task results in an Artisan Seal of (Smithing etc) which is stackable and tradeable. There are tasks for each tradeskill including Fishing, Alchemy, Poisonmaking and Tinkering, but you only see the tasks which you are qualified for.

    When you hail Lebounde he encourages you to complete the following quests as well:
    Xanthe's Earring of Nature
    Aid Grimel
    Eron's Jewelry

    If you have done these quests before but do not still have the item / otherwise do not have the achievement for them, you have to do them again. If you still have the items banked you can "give" to an NPC and cancel trade which triggers a "reward item entered inventory" that grants you the achievement (since the achievements were added long after many players did these quests).

    The tasks that Lebounde gives require you to make 5 different items.

    In general each task has 4 known recipes, some of which may be quite difficult or use rare ingredients.

    There is usually 1 recipe that is undiscovered.

    For baking, you must create a Griffon Casserole. (remove cheese, add spices)
    For fletching, you must create Hooked Enchanted Arrow.
    For jewelcrafting, you must create Iridescent Scale Headdress. (the combine listed doesn't work)
    For tailoring, you must create Siren Hair Robe. (discovered)
    For jewelcrafting you must also create Bone Bracelet of Corruption. One of the subcombines, Runed Lepertoloth Bone Segment is combined in a Warlock's Book of Binding / Book of Dark Bindings, neither of which are tradeskill containers any more. A regular Spell Research Kit doesn't work, I also tried every TS container in the guild hall.

    There may be other unknown parts I'm not thinking of.

    If you complete a task, he rewards you with the seal and you can redo the task.

    I'm looking for any insight into the unknown TS recipes. I heard of a player on Bristlebane who has completed the Jewelcrafting seal, so I think those are doable. The fletching one I'm not sure if anyone has discovered.

    For the Hooked Enchanted Arrow, we tried to make some kind of enchanted arrowhead:
    Hooked Arrowheads using various #s of different kinds of enchanted metal/clay instead of 3 Small Brick of Ore.
    Also tried to make enchanted shafts with no success.

    For the Iridescent Scale Headdress, I tried 1-2 scales mixed with 1 of every enchanter metal type (up to Velium). GoD JC has two main types of items. Jewelry (what we are trying to make) and weapon pieces, which are usually Crucible + Water Flask + Mold + JC Metal + Gnomish Heat Source (ex: Golden Short Hilt Kit). I tried making the headdress like the weapon pieces, with no success. I also tried adding and substituting the GoD JC metals (Crimson Nihilite and Shimmering Nihilite). All combines were attempted in a Reinforced Jeweler's Kit which is a GoD era container.

    Looking for insight/discussion, I've really been enjoying these quests. :)
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  2. Jarsi Journeyman

    it is possible with the recent changes to coldain and other tradeskill containers that this quest set was over looked with the various kit changes
  3. Jarsi Journeyman

    i think the wandering artisan is named after the guy in the room at time of naming of him's large gut
    mister big belly :p
  4. Azlynx Elder

    I'm still curious about the title. Will it be for anyone who completes or person who receives plaque
  5. Kahlev Al-Calen Augur

    Did you try silver tiped arrows? those are the only ones i can remember that are "enchanted" by default. If not, i would try dragorn bones or another recipe for hooked arrows instead of just metal.

    For the Iridescent Scale Headdress, are you using a reinforced jewelry kit? Scales come from Kod'taz, so it would make sense to have to use the expansion container.
  6. Daislet Augur

    This just gets worse.

    I saw an Alt, who already has server first on the Epic Retelling, last night skilling up Smithing in PoK.

    I just ask, how can this be fair to have everyone else blocked, while the lucky few that managed to get Epic Retelling done prior to HH now have four weeks to complete the Artisan (and their unfinished tradeskills....)
  7. Ravengloome Augur

    How is it not fair, they completed it.
  8. Benito Augur

    So much salt. Not enough humiliation.
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  9. Axxius Augur

    I really hope this new tradeskill quest rewards more than just 1 person per server.
  10. Riou Augur

    I bet the first person on each server probably only gets a server message like the previous one
  11. Azlynx Elder

    If it makes you feel better I finished the server first retelling and collected everything for artisan but one spawn doesn't spawn so I'm stuck on rathe after basically being ahead of everyone before they found out.
  12. ZenMaster Augur

    Does anyone who how to complete the Beastlord Retelling bonus?

    I've tried everything by letting all Grimling Remnants spawn, die, change form, train, AE statues, killing High priest before a single ritualist die?
  13. Orbital101 Augur

    im down my self to 4 items left to make:

    Hooked Enchanted Arrow (N/A)
    Iridescent Scale Headdress (rumored broken)
    Bone Bracelet of Corruption (rumored completed)
    Siren Hair Robe (rumored completed)

    Though im fully focusing my time on those 4 items now.
  14. Dzarn Developer

    One of the sub-combines for Bone Bracelet of Corruption (Runed Lepertoloth Bone Segment) is currently broken due to the research revamp that occurred many years ago but should be corrected in the next full live patch.

    I've confirmed the other recipes listed currently function. (Those recipes in particular were chosen because they've existed for a number of years and had not yet been discovered.)
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  15. roguerunner Augur

    god Dzarn you're so cool
  16. Orbital101 Augur

    Technically the regents needed to make those should be hided somewhere in a book or text from a NPCs hinting about the combine attributed to the era that they are belonging to?
  17. Nennius Augur

    Is it true that until you can do Epic Retelling (blocked by Mistmoore ATM) that there is no point in moving further on this quest ? 300 on all tradeskills that a paladin can do.
  18. Orbital101 Augur

    you dont only need 300 in skills... you also need all trophys maxed

    and you can pre farm the 16 ground spawn without the quest,,, turn them in and get the achievement unlocked which will allow you to request each quests that you have a maxed trophy... Rumored* that if you do not have the achievement unlocked you need to make sure it is not near 7pm or log out/zone out before the 16th items is turned in... I personally flaged my rogue without retelling that way.
  19. RPoo Augur

    woah, wait a sec, need all trophies maxed... so having those vex thall 15% mods doesn't count? CRAP!
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  20. Riou Augur

    You can skip maxing trophies, BUT you have to acquire the Seals you don't have a trophy for from other players if you don't.

    You do need the 3 TS Achievements they added.
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