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Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Bonez, May 16, 2021.

  1. Bonez New Member

    We are looking for fellow players to join a guild with the mindset of enjoying our time playing a game we love. We won't be the guild that's first to kill, rather, we are looking to be a social and friendly guild. We all have priorities in our lives that come first and Everquest is secondary. Looking for anyone interested in playing, chatting, helping those in our guild. No matter your past experience level or wanting to try a new class out. We'd love to help you along your way, as this server will be new to everyone with the random loot and such.

    Raid Nights will be as follows ( but never required ):
    Monday - 8pm EDT start
    Wednesday - 8pm EDT start
    Friday - 8pm EDT start
    Sunday - 6pm EDT start

    The four nights are setup to allow for raids to be over before most people will need to log. These times and nights are not mandatory or set in stone right now, but allow us to get a starting point.

    Our goals are to make friends and help everyone in the guild out with questions, fights, or even if they just need to get away from the problems that real life has thrown at them. We ask you be respectful of your fellow members. We encourage a more laid back joking chat, it's all for fun and to get laughs. Loot is still being talked about as we want to pick a path that leads to a betterment of the guild.


    We are just getting the guild started up and looking for other helpful people to join us. If you feel you have knowledge you can pass along and willing to take on a more officer role in the guild, please let us know. We have room for more officers and class leaders as it begins to grow. Even if you just want to join and be social, that's fine as well. Any and all are welcome to join us on this new server. Play what you want and enjoy your time throughout the lands of Norrath.
  2. Tharvog Lorekeeper

    Sounds like a good addition to the community. Enjoy the ride!
  3. BigdaddyPapa New Member

  4. **Dragonslayer New Member

    Well I’ll dam thornblade should be fun! Invite darr so he can be afk all day in the tunnel
  5. Dragonslayor New Member

    Where you at Bow crew all over of and new folks welcome come have fun and catch up on how you guys have been doing and that goes for any see you soon I hope. Don’t worry I promise to murder your name as always haha
  6. Bonez New Member

    Still looking for players more interested in a social, fun, and enjoyable experience rather then a fast track through the expansions. We hope to build friendships and get to know anyone that joins the guild. Gear our members and assist with anything we can in the game. If you have a full time job, family needs, or you can only play for a few hours at a time. Come see if we are a good fit for you.

  7. **Dragonslayer New Member

    “Victory is reserved for those who are willing to pay its price.” ― Sun Tzu
  8. Bonez New Member

    Just under 2 days left until the adventure begins on Thorneblade. If you are still looking for a guild to join and have fun with. Come and join us, log in and have fun will you level up.

  9. Dragonslayor New Member

    Server starts tomorrow would love too see more folks before launch, ill be in voice all day tomorrow before launch and tonight some jump in and give us a look around. this is another chance for us to enjoy FV loot with Agent im super excited..
  10. Bonez New Member

    < Art of Conflict >
    (Thorneblade - EDT Guild)

    We are a family, casual, social guild with the mindset of enjoying our time traveling throughout the lands of Norrath. Looking for anyone that is willing to help out their fellow guild mates. As we start to get more and more members, we would like to start our hand at raiding. This is, and never will be, required as it's only ment to help our members get better weapons, armor, or even spells. We plan to take our time on this server, rather then just speed through each expansion. Even if this means we are a bit behind the curve.

    If you are friendly, just play a few hours here and there or more, or if you like to socialize while you play...come give us a try. We would love to have you with us and help you out if needed.

    We hope to be able to set up a raiding schedule that hits multiple night and ends within a few hours as we know some members need to head out or other things to tend to. Again, this will not be required.

    If you would like to join, you can send a tell to any of our current members. If you would like more information, you can contact (in-game) Selena, Bonez, or Kidd.

    Thank you and enjoy the random loot on this server,
    Selena Gnomez
    ( Gnome Enchantress )

  11. Bonez New Member

    Still looking for more players to join us as we are starting to raid through content in Classic EQ. If interested or for more info. Send an in-game /tell to Selena, Bonez, or Kidd
  12. Bonz New Member

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