Army of level 50 mage afk killing giants in Rathe mountain zone in Rizlona Server

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  1. Kahna04 Journeyman

    Folks on Aradune have already been suspended for violating the rules. Box groups have already disappeared. Folks automating gameplay have been suspended, and there weren't long investigations. Dude went to bed automating lock pick and woke up suspended.

    I am seeing a lot of Rizlona players who feel the need to speak ill of Aradune. You don't need to tear down the other server to justify your choices. It's not a competition. (Same goes for those Aradune players trash talking Rizlona.) You're not even playing on Aradune yet you are making claims about the status of gameplay on the server. Both servers cater to different play styles and both servers appear to be successful in meeting their stated goals so far.
  2. kjempff Elder

    As for the automated lock pick, this is the server doing an auto ban, not a GM.
    On all progression server forums I have seen these claims that cheaters are getting banned, but they never are; it is just forum blahblah. So I choose to use my eyes. When I can run to Rathe and not observe a bot, when I can go to efreeti camp and not observe a bot, when I can see a 6 box that is using /autofollow instead of emmqtwo /stick, then I will believe you.
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  3. MaestroM Augur

    Mages aren't ez mode because their pets are ridiculously powerful compared to white+ mobs (although they are compared to other summoned pets). As you note, a mage pet will not really be able to tank yellow/red con mobs in a leveling situation. But a mage with a pet will be able to easily solo blue mobs by just hitting /pet attack. Are there other classes that can solo blues? Of course. Are there classes that can solo blues faster/more efficiently? Sure!

    What makes mages ideal for farming is that they can do so more or less automatically or by pushing one button. Enchanters will need to keep charm up. Necro pets are too weak to solo mobs on their own. Druids would also need charm. Maybe a monk could just /auto and win? But that might require some buffs and hitting special attack buttons.

    If i'm 10 boxing. I don't want to keep 10 charmed pets. Or buff 10 chars. I want to hit /pet attack and maybe do DS and go back to watching the other screens. Maybe come back and nuke if something needs to die quickly so I can pay attention to something else.

    If you don't have a cap on the number of accounts a single person can control, then someone who wants to lock a bunch of content down needs only to park mages on the spawn points and mage is the best class for that choice.

    Edit: Hopefully the 2-Truebox nature of Aradune will see less of this from 10-boxers, but I bet we still see mages parked on HG spawns in Rathe. Just instead of 1 person controling them all, it will be a handful or so of people.
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  4. Kahna04 Journeyman

    I was in Rathe the other day. Had conversations with the folks there, everyone was running around killing giants and placeholders.

    I have been at Efreeti multiple times, popped through several picks finding an open camp. Guild groups and mixed guild groups held all the camps I saw.

    I have seen 1 group of people using follow in any manner what so ever. That was on day 1. Haven't seen any since.

    You don't even play on Aradune, and you are happy to proclaim it a botter's paradise when you haven't logged into it to even see what the real situation is. How are you going to see these things to have your mind changed if you are on Rizlona? If you aren't going to give Aradune the evaluation you admit it would take to change your mind you aren't giving it a fair shake, and should probably stop saying it's just more of the same.
  5. zenless Journeyman

    Same group of folks still afk farming Rathe mountains on riz. @dreamweaver can we get an explaination why this sort of behavior isnt being addressed by the new GM services?

    These folks log in 20 mages and ring the entire hill and just sit there every night
  6. Protagonist Tank

    If only absolutely everyone could have predicted that this would be nearly the sole purpose of this server.
  7. zenless Journeyman

    predictable sure, but we were sold GM enforced servers. @dreamweaver, are these issues going to balanced out?
  8. KimchiGoddess Augur

    Are people petitioning with evidence of AFK gameplay?

    Also doing @dreamweaver here doesn't notify dreamweaver of the @.
  9. WaitingforMoreEQ WaitingforTBC

    GM enforcement against what? none of what they're doing has been treated as if it were against the rules. Plenty of people like myself told you this would happen. This is EQ with no restrictions on boxing. There is a reason Aradune has 10x the players of Rizlona
  10. Protagonist Tank

    Then you didn't read the official discord when they repeatedly called Riz "the bot server" I take it.
  11. Lionari Elder

    There's one guy doing this and the whole server is talking about it. Even my guild was talking about this particular guy in gchat earlier today.

    What's funny is even if he had 3 million platinum he would not be able to spend it all on Krono because the RMTing here is minimal and there aren't hundreds of willing buyers/sellers. People aren't paying big bucks for items they can just farm with their boxes themselves.
  12. Lionari Elder

    Plenty of interaction happens on Rizlona. I have a friends list of people I talk to each day. People whom I met when I was out grinding with my six box.

    We talk about how our grind is going, what items we've gotten, what we plan to do, life, how we will help each other with epics during Kunark, etc. . .

    I'd compare it to having 10 best friends rather than dozens of acquaintances. The community is knit tight, and we're already starting to get a sense of who the rabble rousers are.

    As I write this, the server population is still 'high' and its like 4 A.M. People are everywhere and it's great. I'm having more fun than I ever have had playing Everquest.

    It's hilarious people like you are all over these forums trying to make Rizlona seem like a negative experience when you don't even play here.
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  13. Angered Augur

    so the lords work is being done? geat
  14. jeskola Why no Erudite Female avatar?

    Protagonist has gone full troll mode on his Rizlona hating. We can all pretty much ignore any Rizlona post he makes, he has an unhealthy obsession going.
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  15. Fluid Augur

    Please! If you follow the assumption Rizlona is nothing but bots, then the conclusion has to be nothing but bots selling Krono to other bots.

    I get that this is a hot ticket item for people. That doesn't mean you can't work around the problem or should stop thinking. Just bring an Enchanter with you, wait until the Hill Giant is mostly dead, then charm it. Take it to some out of the reach corner and kill it there. The Mage armies would actually be your friends in that they knock off 80% of the HP and you get the easy kill and loot.
  16. mark Augur

    there are botters yes but the majority of groups are boxes or made up of single players and boxers on rizlona.
  17. Bard2019 Elder

    This is why Aradune is so popular. This happens on every TLP that doesn't police boxers and DarkBreak has never done anything about it. The players know this so they went to Aradune to try to avoid this sort of BS. No amount of forums posts, petitions or directly speaking to GMs in game is going to help this situation because they make more money from those boxers than they do by intervening. Simply do a search for last year when Mangler launched and you'll find about four dozen threads about this very same issue(among other locations) and nothing was done, ever. Search further back to when Lockjaw and Ragefire launched and you'll find even more threads about the very same issue. All ignored by Daybreak.
  18. Tweakfour17 Augur

    It's on Aradune too, they are just a bit more covert at the moment. If the GM experiment ends at 6 months/end of Kunark it will only get worse, the 2 box rule will be out the window as soon as the GM is gone unfortunately.
  19. Hinastorm86 Augur

    I was stunned when I found an open efreeti camp like a week ago, I thought that was a myth, but it turns out that farming hole with a high dps setup is probably alot better money than Freeti.

    I remember on phinny when gebs were like 5 krono, and the ring was a similar price. Now they're selling for 2000 plat or so on Riz, under a krono.

    Seems like TLPs are getting less and less profitable as time goes on, which im stoked about. When things are selling for so many krono, even normal players like me feel really pressured to find a way to farm them. Now I can take a few days off if im burned out and not feel bad.
  20. Aegir Augur

    Well 6 picks of SolB constantly pumping out GEBS ( They are common drop ). I guess eventually everyone that was willing to buy them for big bucks has already bought them.