Army of level 50 mage afk killing giants in Rathe mountain zone in Rizlona Server

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by davnegsep, Jun 4, 2020.

  1. Nolrog Augur

    Yeah, not even close.
  2. Nolrog Augur

    No, it's not allowed within the rules to AFK kill stuff. That is not remotely the point of the server.
  3. oldkracow Augur

    I don't know but I'm guessing they had BOTs in mind when Riz was created.
    Hence why everyone I know stayed the hell away.

    • [14-Jan-20 06:04 PM] windstalker#2532
    • Okay. Here's what I'd like your input on: 1) Is the community who likes to "bot" large enough to sustain a full server 2) what rules are most appealing to this community to keep it thriving as long as possible 3) What would dissuade "botters" 4) How do we keep this server healthy, i.e. we don't want this to be a server rife with RMT and hacking, but passionate players who like to challenge themselves and the game by being ridiculously awesome. Shall we start with those? Your thoughts on 1) to start with?
    • [14-Jan-20 06:51 PM] windstalker#2532
    • Let's move to 3) What would dissuade you from playing on the "Bot" server?
  4. Derka Power Ranger

    Looks like a classic case of interchanging "box" and "bot". From the new TLP server announcement:

    Rizlona Ruleset -
    Mangler Ruleset for XP Progression
    Agents of Change Enabled
    Pick Zones Enabled

    By playing on Rizlona you agree to:

    Absolutely No Automated/Unintended Game-play, any incident of automated gameplay is immediate suspension, second offence is a ban including all Rizlona associated accounts.
  5. kjempff Elder

    Gasp NO WAY !!
    A bot in Rathe .. on a progression server .. that never gets banned no matter how many times people report and petition ?
    Like every single progression server ever ?
    It can't be.
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  6. Fraggly Augur

    Wow, a box team farming giants. That has never happened on any of the truebox servers, ever. "Get what ya signed up for on Riz!". o_O
  7. Kittany Augur

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  8. Yara_AB Augur

    They made that clear several times now (if we like it or not): "automated" means your toons are doing something while you are not at the computer. If they do something and you are around, all is cool.
    AFK play is about everything - including your pet defending you while you being not at the computer.
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  9. Adonhiram Augur

    And in Kunark /tar a bone /tar a bury :rolleyes:
  10. Vicus Augur

    Just because he was there when you talked to him doesn't mean he isn't afk. He's been there for nearly 40 hours, maybe hes hyped up on caffeine but I am gonna go with the other thing...that hes afk. Personally doesn't effect me because hes not taking from anything. Because all the mobs share spawns, there are three times as much giants up and hes only killing them when they wander in the circle, like 8+ outside of his circle.

    Classic is easy...Dreamweaver has already stated that many of the programs you can't speak of are legal and they just don't want afk automation and hacks. This guy is doing 1 of the 2...if they get caught they get a small short ban.

    Rizlona has been amazing to be little people trolling ect. People keeping to themselves or their guilds and having fun when conversations do start up. I'll sign up for that 10x over then what is going on at Aradune atm.
  11. Machen New Member

    Define AFK. If they respond to tells, or reply to GM interactions, they are not afk and it is legal. If you're suprised by this, you chose the wrong server.
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  12. Machen New Member

    I completely agree. I've been in every high end camp in the game since launch, and never had any six boxer+ try to move in, take a camp, or create problems in any way, despite it being legal to do so. People from other guilds in nearby camps have communicated, a LOT, and helped each other out. Overall it's been the most enjoyable classic experience we've had, and we've played quite a few of them and often in server first type guilds.
  13. Kahna04 Journeyman

    I've been in every high end camp in the game since launch, and never had any boxer/group try to move in, take a camp, or create problems in any way, despite it being legal to do so. People from other guilds in nearby camps have communicated, a LOT, and helped each other out. Overall it's been the most enjoyable classic experience I've had, and I've played quite a few of them. Difference is I am on Aradune. I truly think that the separation of the two playstyles has erased the majority of the personal conflict in the game. They should do this every time they try a new server in the future.
  14. Machen New Member

    That's funny. We've had two dozen threads of people complaining about people boxing six+ toons on Aradune in the last week. Meanwhile on Rizlona, where it is legal to six box, we've hardly seen anyone actually doing it... Seems like any so called separation is an illusion.
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  15. Lumiens Augur

    No we haven't and the GM's have been very strict and promptly suspending anyone trying to. I even know of a bard that got a 7 day suspension for skilling up his locking picking over night with an autoclicker.

    I've only seen two 6 man box crews trying to level up in really out of the way places, both of which the GM's responded to my petition regarding them and I haven't seen either crew online since.
  16. KimchiGoddess Augur

    Yeah it's just a big loophole tbh, you automate your gameplay and then tab out and do other things or watch movies but hey GINA triggers that you have a tell so you tab back and respond to it. Technically you're still AFK playing if you're not actively playing the game beyond your scripts running. But hey you can respond to a tell and it's a-ok.
  17. Kahna04 Journeyman

    If by two dozen you mean 3 or 4 threads mentioning 1 or 2 groups the person saw running around, then you are correct. On Mangler you couldn't swing a dead cat without hitting a boxed group. Aradune is a vast improvement on the boxing front over previous TLPs. It's not 100%, but little in our world is, nor did I expect 100% compliance. They are being dealt with as they are caught. It is effectively keeping boxers to a minimum.

    Now if you had said we had two dozen threads complaining about the queue on Aradune, you would have been correct. Perhaps you are lumping all the Aradune complaints into the same box.
  18. TheChosenOne Augur

    Everyone always cites mages as being so powerful/ez mode, but im level 28 on Aradune as a mage and honestly their pets are pretty weak... pet dies real fast

    However they do some nice damage with their nukes, as long as the mob isnt fire resistant... but i just dont see the super duper power of a mage like people always suggest, and i have him duoed with a Shaman
  19. Intenso Augur

    Fire pet is trash level 46 earth pet made me 20krono so far lol
  20. kjempff Elder

    What is funny is ...

    - Rathe bots have nothing to do with Rizlona. Bots have been on every truebox or not server ever, and they have never been banned as far as I have observed (and trust me I have reported and petitioned, even tried to have 20 players petition the same day). I think you need to understand that they are indirectly making money for SOE Theybreak Darkpaw by creating demand for krono, so banning them is just not good for business.

    - Rizlona has actually been relatively nice (compared to previous progression servers) in terms of ks'ing, camp stealing and disrespect from box teams. Actually in general on progression servers, it is usually (dual box) enchanters that do this sh.t.

    - On Rizlona it is less likely that we will see the same level of 24/7 botting for krono drops as on Aradune, simply because there are more boxing and boxers don't need to buy stuff for krono, they go farm it themselves (aka play the actual game).

    - If you think they are actually going to ban players for botting, playing more than 2 boxes on Aradune, or otherwise breaking the rules (ks, training, harrasment), I think you are fooling yourself. Maybe a few will be banned after a long investigation period, which at that point won't matter anymore for your sense of fairness. Just about any experienced player here will be able to recognize a bot in 2 minutes just by looking at its patterns - If they really wanted to they could get rid of those bots in a few days. In my experience the only way to get a ban is to get back at a streamer who has harrased you.

    Again notice the difference between BOT (automated characters) and BOX (multiple characters controlled by one person) - Of course people with an agenda keep trying to make this sound like it is the same.