Armor merchants in PoK are a mess.

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    Keefe Stearns (5 to 50) and Iason Yureska (50+) gear merchants in PoK need to be fixed.
    I think originally, they were to be set up so that you would see and be able to buy gear within 5 levels of the gear specs. So, at level 26, or a few levels before you could see the Ornate Defiant Gear (level 26-40) on the merchant to buy and then start using at level 26. But you can’t see to purchase Ornate (26-40) until you are level 35. So, it’s impossible to use the gear tagged usable at 26.
    All the defiant gear is the same mess on both the vendors. Flawed is level 37 to 50, but cant buy it till you are 45 I think, plus it’s sold by the over 50 merchant. So again, can’t use gear tagged usable at 37 ay 37.
    I think the mistake was targeting the required level of the gear, and not the recommended level, otherwise the Flawed gear would be on the 5-50 merchant not the Over 50 merchant.
    Before I can use ornate stuff from this merchant, I will be 2 levels from using Flawed, hardly worth buying ornate at that point as it is almost obsolete for the toon?
    This has been this way forever, time to fix it maybe huh?
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    This is not consigned stuff that you get from doing various quests and tasks.
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    Its not just within 5 levels period. Its 5 levels below the recommended level.

    Working as intended. Since 2009.

    There are other places to get the armor to wear at min level via killing. The game always gives options and many times the option to purchase items in the game is not the best or wisest.
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    If you want the armor from the merchants I suggest paying them in the requested currency