Argin-Hiz #2: The Reclusive Collector

Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Sprooce, Aug 29, 2021.

  1. Sprooce Journeyman

    Hi all,

    Been having a heckuva time completing this task.. there's a step where you have to throw a snack at a fire imp and drag him back to a guy's house... usual Saturday night stuff.

    The problem is the fire imp constantly paces back and forth and just won't follow properly. I've tried it a bunch of times, cleared the whole way, did it invis, did it not invis, can't stay ahead of him, can't walk slowly with him.. You only have 5 snacks to entice the imp all the way across the zone and I can barely get him to follow me around the corner.

    Anybody remember any tips for getting the imp back to Vasser's house? On Alla somebody suggested using a campfire to make it easy but I'm doing it molo. (111 Druid on Drinal)

    Thanks for any thoughts about it!
  2. Grove Augur

    I found this event very hard also. Some tips:
    Make all of the food combines in zone.
    Quit the task after collecting the food. Do it again (and again). You can collect 20 or more food.
    Do not be invisible.
    Group with some friends to clear the path and keep it clear.
    In theory, at least, you can get a considerable distance in front of the imp. He will get there.
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  3. Sprooce Journeyman

    Ohh that's a good tip, thanks, I hadn't thought of that.. dropping the task and rounding up a pile of steaks, that's what I'll do. Much appreciated!
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  4. Thunderkiks Augur

    You dont even have to drop the task to get more stuff. Just dont loot it so your quest doesn't update that step and the stuff will keep dropping.
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  5. Thunderkiks Augur

    Other stuff. Always clear the path you will be taking. Do not invis ever. Either take off levi or keep as low as possible, and I just ran a head of him a bit. You have time to throw another steak when he gets hungry. I have done this task at least 30 times and never had an issue getting him there with 4 or less steaks
  6. Alnitak Augur

    As a druid you can try this: set secondary bind point with Stone of Marking in Vasser's house, feed the steak to an imp and then use Secondary Recall AA.
    The imp will start running toward you but it will eventually loose the stake-charm. Nevertheless it will continue running to you, this time being "ready to attack". You can meet it outside Vasser's house and feed it another stake, or just open the door and stand next to Vasser. The imp will come into the room trying to attack you and will poof on task update.
    This exact scenario I do for my alts, although I use the mage to CoTH to Vasser's room the non-porting classes.
    Also, you can not use inviso after the stake, or the imp will forget about you.
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  7. Sprooce Journeyman

    I liked this idea a lot but I can't bind in Argin-Hiz. I tried doing an egress which takes you to the zone in, not far from Vasser's house, but the imp didn't follow me back. Thanks though!

    I've done it invis and not invis, no lev, no mount, and the imp always behaves exactly the same.. he paths forward a bit, then back a bunch, sometimes farther back than forward, and progress is really slow.. but tonight I got him nearly halfway with 15 steaks, while invis, then had a blip for some reason, he aggro'd, aggro'd a bunch of baddies, end of attempt.

    Thanks for the tip about stacking up the ingredients, now I've got 36 steaks stacked up for next time haha.. I'll get it!

    Thanks for the thoughts, I appreciate it.
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