ARGH... needing patch for old xp folk

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by toodlem, Dec 12, 2017.

  1. toodlem Elder

    Finally got one win 10 machine but made a mess of the old files on the xp machine. repatched up thru last patch. Any assistance on today's patch... thanks
  2. Bigfan Augur

    I said in April, I would only do this until October, or expansion time, since I did for November as well, I consider I did a fair go.
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  3. Yojimbo New Member

    I can build a zip file easily enough if I know how/where to get the patch files themselves and the game edit file, and since I run XP I have a vested interest in doing it continuously.

    Teach a man to fish...
  4. Moege Augur

    There is a file .downloadinfo.txt
    Note it starts with "."

    It lists all the files that were updated/replaced/deleted.
  5. toodlem Elder

    I tried and just made a total mess on the older machine with xp... when I select a server, get disconnected.
    So irritating. I surely see what a job it is.
  6. toodlem Elder

    Do a search of the Everquest folder for "downloadinfo.txt"... I'd say more but my method has not worked.
  7. Kyzvs Elder

    Is it not time to let XP go? It's totally unsafe on the web (there is a legacy closed-network scenario where it's okay I guess. Bank ATMs still use it for example), much as I loved it in 2004, it may be time to shake it off and move up?

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  8. Moege Augur

    Linux users also use these patches /shrug
  9. Yojimbo New Member

    The last entry in that file for me is Oct. 19, which I assume was the last patch included in bigfan's large update. I seem to recall him including the additional edits with the new zip.

    I could figure it out manually if I had a Win 7+ box to run the update on. Unfortunately, I don't have one at the moment.
  10. spankyyy New Member

    08ec-00:00:03:Checking game installation...
    08ec-00:00:04:Removing Atlas/default/Kunark_Empires.xml
    08ec-00:00:04:Removing Atlas/default/Kunark_Empires_01.tga
    08ec-00:00:04:Removing Atlas/default/Kunark_Empires_02.tga
    08ec-00:00:04:Removing Atlas/default/Kunark_Empires_03.tga
    08ec-00:00:04:Removing Atlas/default/Kunark_Empires_04.tga
    08ec-00:00:23:Found 110 file(s) to update.
    0f9c-00:00:23:Replacing Atlas/default/Default.xml
    0f9c-00:00:23:Creating Atlas/default/Kunark_EoK_RoS.xml
    0f9c-00:00:24:Replacing Atlas/default/Luclin_Underground.xml
    0f9c-00:00:24:Creating Atlas/default/Ring_of_Scale_01.tga
    0f9c-00:00:24:Creating Atlas/default/Ring_of_Scale_02.tga
    0f9c-00:00:24:Creating Atlas/default/Ring_of_Scale_03.tga
    0f9c-00:00:24:Creating Atlas/default/Ring_of_Scale_04.tga
    0f9c-00:00:24:Replacing Resources/Achievements/AchievementAssociationsClient.txt
    0f9c-00:00:24:Replacing Resources/Achievements/AchievementCategories.txt
    0f9c-00:00:25:Replacing Resources/Achievements/AchievementCategoryAssociationsClient.txt
    0f9c-00:00:25:Replacing Resources/Achievements/AchievementComponentsClient.txt
    0f9c-00:00:25:Replacing Resources/Achievements/AchievementsClient.txt
    0f9c-00:00:25:Creating Resources/Layers/VELIOUS_CHAIN_IKF_IT.txt
    0f9c-00:00:25:Creating Resources/Layers/VELIOUS_CHAIN_IKM_IT.txt
    0f9c-00:00:25:Creating Resources/Layers/VELIOUS_CLOTH_IKF_IT.txt
    0f9c-00:00:25:Creating Resources/Layers/VELIOUS_CLOTH_IKM_IT.txt
    0f9c-00:00:26:Creating Resources/Layers/VELIOUS_LEATHER_IKF_IT.txt
    0f9c-00:00:26:Creating Resources/Layers/VELIOUS_LEATHER_IKM_IT.txt
    0f9c-00:00:26:Creating Resources/Layers/VELIOUS_PLATE_IKF_IT.txt
    0f9c-00:00:26:Creating Resources/Layers/VELIOUS_PLATE_IKM_IT.txt
    0f9c-00:00:26:Creating Resources/Layers/VELIOUS_RING_IKF_IT.txt
    0f9c-00:00:26:Creating Resources/Layers/VELIOUS_RING_IKM_IT.txt
    0f9c-00:00:26:Creating Resources/Layers/VELIOUS_SCALE_IKF_IT.txt
    0f9c-00:00:27:Creating Resources/Layers/VELIOUS_SCALE_IKM_IT.txt
    0f9c-00:00:27:Replacing Resources/actortaginfo.txt
    0f9c-00:00:27:Replacing Resources/loadscreen.jpg
    0f9c-00:00:27:Replacing Resources/NewArmorTagData.txt
    0f9c-00:00:28:Replacing Resources/OnDemandResources.txt
    0f9c-00:00:28:Replacing Resources/requirements.txt
    0f9c-00:00:28:Replacing Resources/skillcaps.txt
    0f9c-00:00:28:Replacing Resources/spellrequirementassociations.txt
    0f9c-00:00:29:Replacing Resources/SpellStackingGroups.txt
    0f9c-00:00:29:Replacing uifiles/default/
    0f9c-00:00:29:Replacing uifiles/default/
    0f9c-00:00:29:Replacing uifiles/default/
    0f9c-00:00:29:Replacing uifiles/default/
    0f9c-00:00:29:Replacing uifiles/default/
    0f9c-00:00:29:Creating uifiles/default/
    0f9c-00:00:29:Creating uifiles/default/
    0f9c-00:00:30:Creating uifiles/default/
    0f9c-00:00:30:Creating uifiles/default/
    0f9c-00:00:30:Creating uifiles/default/
    0f9c-00:00:30:Creating uifiles/default/
    0f9c-00:00:30:Creating uifiles/default/
    0f9c-00:00:31:Creating uifiles/default/
    0f9c-00:00:31:Creating uifiles/default/
    0f9c-00:00:31:Creating uifiles/default/
    0f9c-00:00:31:Replacing uifiles/default/EQUI_CastSpellWnd.xml
    0f9c-00:00:31:Replacing uifiles/default/EQUI_CharacterCreate.xml
    0f9c-00:00:31:Replacing uifiles/default/EQUI_CombatSkillsSelectWindow.xml
    0f9c-00:00:32:Replacing uifiles/default/EQUI_DragItems.xml
    0f9c-00:00:32:Replacing uifiles/default/EQUI_ItemDisplay.xml
    0f9c-00:00:32:Replacing uifiles/default/EQUI_MercenaryManageWnd.xml
    0f9c-00:00:32:Replacing uifiles/default/EQUI_MerchantWnd.xml
    0f9c-00:00:32:Replacing actoremittersnew.edd
    0f9c-00:00:32:Creating bloodiron_blue_raid.eqg
    0f9c-00:00:34:Replacing charasisb.emt
    0f9c-00:00:34:Replacing charasisb.eqg
    0f9c-00:00:41:Replacing charasisb.zon
    0f9c-00:00:41:Replacing charasisb_chr.txt
    0f9c-00:00:41:Replacing charasistwo.emt
    0f9c-00:00:42:Replacing charasistwo.eqg
    0f9c-00:00:51:Replacing charasistwo.zon
    0f9c-00:00:51:Replacing charasistwo_chr.txt
    0f9c-00:00:51:Replacing charasistwo_EnvironmentEmitters.txt
    0f9c-00:00:51:Replacing credits_current.txt
    0f9c-00:00:52:Replacing credits_previous.txt
    0f9c-00:00:52:patching dbstr_us.txt
    0f9c-00:00:52:Replacing environmentemittersnew.edd
    0f9c-00:00:52:patching eqgame.exe
    0f9c-00:00:53:patching EQGraphicsDX9.dll
    0f9c-00:00:56:Replacing eqlsnews.txt
    0f9c-00:00:56:Replacing eqlsstr_us.txt
    0f9c-00:00:56:patching eqmain.dll
    0f9c-00:00:56:Replacing eqnews.txt
    0f9c-00:00:57:Replacing eqstr_us.txt
    0f9c-00:00:57:Replacing gorowyn.emt
    0f9c-00:00:57:patching OptionsEditor.exe
    0f9c-00:00:59:Creating overtheretwo.emt
    0f9c-00:00:59:Replacing overtheretwo.eqg
    0f9c-00:01:13:Creating overtheretwo_assets.txt
    0f9c-00:01:13:Replacing overtheretwo_chr.txt
    0f9c-00:01:13:Creating overtheretwo_environmentemitters.txt
    0f9c-00:01:13:Creating ros_kunark_weapons.eqg
    0f9c-00:01:14:Creating ros_kunark_weapons_raid.eqg
    0f9c-00:01:15:patching sku25actortags.eqg
    0f9c-00:01:15:Replacing skyfiretwo.emt
    0f9c-00:01:15:Replacing skyfiretwo.eqg
    0f9c-00:01:29:Replacing skyfiretwo_environmentemitters.txt
    0f9c-00:01:29:patching spells_us.txt
    0f9c-00:01:30:Replacing spellsnew.edd
    0f9c-00:01:30:Replacing spellsnew.eff
    0f9c-00:01:30:patching tka.eqg
    0f9c-00:01:31:Replacing veeshantwo.emt
    0f9c-00:01:31:Replacing veeshantwo.eqg
    0f9c-00:01:40:Replacing veeshantwo.zon
    0f9c-00:01:40:Replacing veeshantwo_chr.txt
    0f9c-00:01:40:Replacing veeshantwo_EnvironmentEmitters.txt
    0f9c-00:01:41:Creating velious_chain_ikf.eqg
    0f9c-00:01:41:Creating velious_chain_ikm.eqg
    0f9c-00:01:41:Creating velious_cloth_ikf.eqg
    0f9c-00:01:42:Creating velious_cloth_ikm.eqg
    0f9c-00:01:42:Creating velious_leather_ikf.eqg
    0f9c-00:01:42:Creating velious_leather_ikm.eqg
    0f9c-00:01:43:Creating velious_plate_ikf.eqg
    0f9c-00:01:43:Creating velious_plate_ikm.eqg
    0f9c-00:01:44:Creating velious_ring_ikf.eqg
    0f9c-00:01:44:Creating velious_ring_ikm.eqg
    0f9c-00:01:45:Creating velious_scale_ikf.eqg
    0f9c-00:01:45:Creating velious_scale_ikm.eqg
    Finished downloading 113,804,498 bytes in 82.885 seconds (1,373,040 bytes per second)
    Saved 10,427,971 bytes with delta patches
  11. spankyyy New Member

    : followed by P must make that pink smiley face )
  12. toodlem Elder

    Spankyyy I love you! after working literally 10 hours yesterday, and looking at my (downloadinfo-notepad)... I seriously had 23 pages of files when I copied it to word. Used your list and BANG I am in. Please please tell me how you found/made that list. many many many many thanks!
  13. spankyyy New Member

    thursday mini patch - I went to my File explorer which is accessable from the bottom left windows button you also use to turn the computer off then program files - everquest. while in everquest i typed in the search box downloadinfo.txt then i just copied the most recent file check after the patch on my windows 10 machine scoll down to the bottom then go up until you see the most recent file updates. I have 1 xp machines and the win 10 machine, so i leave this downloadinfo box open then highlight each file updated- copy - paste in search box with everquest always open - find it copy it and then go to the network and click on my other computers eq file or resources- etc and paste it. takes a few mins but it works fine and no need to ask for assistance.

    These guys who post the remedy patches here are far better at computery stuff than i am and much appreciated for the work they have done for all of us old comp users. Thanks much!

    so .. yeah they patched the patch
    1388-00:00:02:Checking game installation...
    1388-00:00:12:Found 6 file(s) to update.
    1148-00:00:12:Replacing Resources/ACMitigation.txt
    1148-00:00:12:Replacing Resources/basedata.txt
    1148-00:00:12:patching dbstr_us.txt
    1148-00:00:13:Replacing eqlsnews.txt
    1148-00:00:13:Replacing eqnews.txt
    1148-00:00:13:patching spells_us.txt
    Finished downloading 42,722 bytes in 2.896 seconds (14,752 bytes per second)
    Saved 2,395,858 bytes with delta patches
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  14. Yojimbo New Member

    So...anybody got the files from the patch of the patch? Not having them appears to disconnect me every time I try to get to the character screen. I would've thought that text files wouldn't affect the installation, but it seems they do.
  15. Moege Augur

    Look at my signature
  16. Yojimbo New Member

    Molte grazie. :)
  17. Moege Augur

    Updated 19 December 2017
  18. Jaxxy New Member

    Any of you still using an old OS, you can clean install (i installed Windows 10 Enterprise) Windows 10 WITHOUT a CD Key. The only negatives I have is a watermark on lower right of my screen and being unable to customize my desktop(unbelievably there no having Windows, for this MS should be commended), but I can run eq without needing a patch

    Its unknown how long Microsoft will allow this to happen of if at some point my OS will stop working, I found out about this from reputable websites and none of them say there's any other limatations
  19. Dailor Augur

    Bump for when patch goes through. There has got to be some other angel out there.
  20. Valv New Member

    Bump, anyone that could do this would be much appreciated.

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