Are Zone Experience Modifiers still a thing?

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  1. IblisTheMage Augur

    ...and if so, where can I see them?

    Found an old table from 2013, so no use...
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    Who knows for sure:confused: Everyone thinks Arcstone is a negative one. But here is some light reading for you reference a patch in 2018 where they stated they changed the ZEM and when asked which zones and if it were up or down the response was for the players to go explore and find out.

    More recently 2019

    So, like most things in this game you have to draw your own conclusions. I don't see it mattering much with the alternate ways to get bonus exp thru hot zones etc now.
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  3. IblisTheMage Augur

    Thanks a lot!

    Due to the lockdown, I have started a group with 4 RL friends, all old EQ’ers returning. We are playing a group up from lvl 1, so that they can be reaquainted with their classes, some of them will swap in their old toons, as we catch up to them. We are on AB, filthy casual euroscum ;-). Cool thing is that biggest children are teens now, and also wify might be ok with us “seeing” some friends several evenings a week, instead of entertaining her :-D . I hope it lasts beyond lockdown, I think it could.

    For this purpose, I must say that Almar’s guides have been FANTASTIC. I think I will go bug him about making a ZEM and Hot Zone ZEM analysis for his guides. Not the easiest thing to do, though, any ideas are very welcome... Maybe something about some mobs being in several zones from the same expansion.
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