Are Zerkers able to tank group content at higher levels?

Discussion in 'Melee' started by Azmandius, Jun 26, 2019.

  1. Azmandius New Member

    I want to make a zerker on selo's but the GF and I kinda messed up our boxes a bit. Can a good geared zerker handle tanking group content down the road. He would be grouped with a cleric, mage and beastlord.
  2. Tanols Augur

    short answer is no.

    You would be better off with a real tank SKs are popular for survivability, dps, etc. or use mage pet as a tank and toss in an Enchanter, Bard, Druid for adps, dps, healing, tracking, utility or second mage into the group.
  3. Proximoe Lorekeeper

    make a rogue and youll be fine tanking
  4. feeltheburn Augur

  5. Arceus-Mend New Member

    I'm a zerker (on Phinigel atm), and I'm fine tanking lblue/even con mobs (lvl 90, 4k aa, raid geared), need to find mobs you can stun, and continually keep them stunned as your discs refresh (as opposed to dps click discs).. it makes a big difference, and I'm just killing with my j5 merc. No slower, or additional dps etc.. the mobs die extremely quickly. Grouping, there's no issue holding agro at all.. haven't experienced higher lvl content though than where we're at (House of Thule), tanking/molo in 'The Grounds', Upper House or Fear Itself.. can't tank SS or MC without a slower/druid healing.
  6. Tanols Augur

    I duo'd Zerk / Shaman before mercenaries existed ... Almost always raid geared max or near max AA'd. Before the introduction of mercenaries I was usually OK with content at least 1 expansion older than current. Small portions of current content. Later added a bard for a 3 box crew, then mercenaries were added to game.
    Why the bard .. because when tackling current content 1 mob at a time was almost a must have. Damage spikes from current content mobs when multiple in camp usually equalled a dead zerker trying to tank them.
    Only time I really used a tank merc was when I was killing a named and 9 times out of 10 it would die and I would end up tanking on zerker. NP's as long as shaman had spam heals rolling but usually would take several tries to get it dead.
    Bottom line is at higher levels, more recent the expansion, the more glaring the limitations of using a zerker as a MT become. Depending/relying on healer mercs just made things worse. Oh it can be done, but I wouldn't recommend it.
    To make it work I usually stuck to content 1 expansion behind until at the least AA were maxxed and I was mostly if not fully current expansion raid geared. Then I would get to work on current content to the best of my ability. It almost always included a lot of wipe recoveries.
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  7. Xatt New Member

    With a mediocre healer seeker can tank howling mission easy
  8. Tanols Augur

    I would not call GMM current content ... especially mobs in Howling mission. The may con DB but they have the hps and dps of mobs from 3 or 4 expansions ago. They just happen to award current content loot.
  9. Ibudin Augur

    No, they can tank a couple mobs when certain discs are up but for very short periods.. Make a warrior, they can tank, and output the DPS a zerker can. This is provided they are al hitting the warrior, but if they are tanking they should be.
  10. Whulfgar Augur

    Trash yes. My alt berserker has raid 2hndr raid arms that's it. Gmm off slots and all TS armor slots ..

    He has no issue tanking 1 trash mob in TBL. None slowed with my alt 100% grp geared shammy healing him.

    Named.. never tried nor had to use him for a named before. But based off of what I know an see on trash with this toon I'd say nameds would be outta the question.

    Short answer .. Trash mobs 1at a time yup np. Nameds nope..
  11. Brohg Augur

    Blood Sustenance is a hell of a thing. How hard can you burn? :p
  12. Moege Augur

    Zerker tanking is entertaining. it is a race between can you kill it before your disc and hp runs out or not.
    Highly recommend it for a shot of adrenaline.
  13. Tucoh Augur

    Zerkers can tank in the same way a cleric can DPS. It's possible, it can be done, but you're really just jamming a square peg in a round hole.
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  14. Dewey Augur

    Every 40 aas the zerker can tank whatever for 5 minutes in current content.
  15. Brohg Augur

    ^ there's that, too
  16. Whulfgar Augur

    My alt raid arms, raid weapon (rest 100% grp gear) just tanked Ancient Air Warden (Maeratas) cause Tank went down. Merc healer was the only healer.

    So looks like at the very LEAST some named can be tanked via Berserkers.
  17. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Augur

    You have a mage and beastlord, and you want the Zerker to tank????

  18. Tucoh Augur

    derail: How much dps increase is there for a zerker with raid arms / weapon vs group arms/weapon?
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  19. Brohg Augur

    My new raid force includes a berserker that has ornamented 3 wildly different weapons (Ascending Sun Staff, somethingsomething, and the actual epic2.5) to look like her epic 2.5, and uses them interchangably on raids because it's funny to her to make people guess which one she used in each event, parsing top10 every go. Buttons, yo.
  20. Whulfgar Augur

    When i get a chance to parse ill hit this thread with what i find bro.

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