Are the old noob zones all ghost towns now?

Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Krakknarr, Apr 21, 2020.

  1. Krakknarr New Member

    Ive been away for many years. It seems that the only default starting place now is Crescent Reach? Why did they stop having you start in your real home city, like Kelethin if you chose to be a wood elf?

    I did recover an old toon, which by the new standards is only mid level at 61. I traveled to some old cool zones only to find tumbleweeds and dejected and bored NPC characters. I went and visited Unrest and the ghouls seemed happy to see me. ha Such a sad state of affairs. I guess you really cant go home again.

    So I guess unless I solo, I need to stay in the CR area?

  2. Qbert Augur

    You can start in any race/deity-appropriate city, if you are an all access member before you create the character. All free-to-play characters that are created have only the singular option you noted.

    You can go wherever you like, but yes, you are likely to find almost all zones in lower levels empty (below House of Thule content probably? due to heroic characters).
  3. Skuz Augur

    There are a couple of new TLP servers planned for late spring/early summer which will start in classic, so if you were to fancy starting over those could be a good option.

    On any live server the population is going to be concentrated at the very top levels of the game & low level & mid level players will be very rare.

    If you plan on sticking around on live I would hire a mercenary to help you moloing your way up, and if you aren't already in an active guild look at joining one.
  4. Krakknarr New Member

    Ok great thank you! Ill be on the lookout for the new servers.
  5. SmoochyOfWolfington Augur

    Yes, it's sad really. I tried to hoof it on foot back to my home town as I do not like the blasted books, but it was a death sentence on multiple tries. I finally used the book and have tried to force myself not to use it again. I rationalize that had it started me where I should of from the start, the book was never to be needed in the first place. If you are ever in the swamps come say hello. I will invite you for dinner... ^^!

    It may start in Classic, but how long will it stay in Classic? Starting from the very beginning, but seeing it devolve as more expansions get added doesn't do some of us old fogies any good. We need only the Trilogy, maybe Shadows of Luclin and that is it. And if it goes back to Trilogy, but has most or all the basic mechanics of the new, that also is not very Classic and defeats the purpose.
  6. Skuz Augur

    Also worthy of note is that if you are all access you get a free "Heroic Character Upgrade"* so long as you log in as all access prior to the 10th of May when that offer expires.

    *Heroic Character Upgrade boosts any character below 85 up to level 85 with related aa & a basic set of Tier 1 group-level equivalent gear*

    If you want to check out what a Heroic Character is like before choosing on your live server (or a TLP server that has unlocked House of Thule) then log into the Miragul server, you start as an 85 Heroic there by default and you can create any class you like as heroic & try it out (all-access required to access this or any other TLP server), might give you something to do until the new TLP open up.
  7. Skuz Augur

    The new servers are based on Mangler for XP & unlocks so they will be in classic for 12 weeks, Kunark for 12 weeks & Luclin for 12 Weeks, after that it will be 12 weeks for each expansion with a level raise & 8 weeks for expansions without a level raise.

    The only "Expansion-Locked" server is Agnarr, which stopped unlocking expansions at LDoN - it does still have a handful of active players & a couple of guilds I think, I wouldn't hold out much hope for any future Expansion-locked TLP servers, for that "Trilogy Era" locked you'd be better off exploring what the P99 servers offer.

    Ever server has seen populations fall, even Agnarr did, any new "Trilogy-locked" server were it ever to happen would suffer no differently going from the track record of every other server. Contrary to popular misconception there's no big drop-off point on most TLP, they start seeing players leave even during classic and at every expansion there are more leaving. By planes of Power they are all often lower than half the population they had at the start, it pretty much mirrors how the vast majority of live servers evolved.
  8. SmoochyOfWolfington Augur

    You can not explore P99 with out Titanium and that is hard to acquire legit or otherwise, unless something changed with Daybreak's approval of P99.

    Have they tried to just keep it Classic Era only though and see where it stands? If more and more keep leaving the more expansions they add, stop adding expansions. Planes of Power was the demise of (Classic) EQ in my personal opinion to begin with. I'd leave from that server as well when that expansion opened up. A lot go to P99 or even less reputable ones, because they want that "classic" feel. They would of never have left EQ to begin with if it had always, or at least by server wise, presented it self as such.
  9. Skuz Augur

    As I understand it P99 can only go as far as Classic to Velious expansions & some revamps after Velious but will never have Luclin available.

    They recently unlocked a P99 "green" which is designed to replicate the journey from Classic launching through to just prior to Luclin launching by mimicking the patch history EQ originally had back then.
  10. SmoochyOfWolfington Augur

    When I said "they", I meant Daybreak. P99 is off the table for many because a copy of Titanium is next to impossible to find. Even going to less reputable sources you can still come up negative or worse.

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