Are Hill giants the way to go for cash during first couple weeks?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Sillyfish, May 23, 2022.

  1. Sillyfish Elder

    Was thinking about this. Went shaman last time, but struggled for cash early.

    Was thinking Magician for quick/easy leveling and then harassing HIll giants to get a jump on the early Krono market.

  2. Mithra Augur

    Shaman is superior to Magician for hill giant farming, as well as many other farming methods you might consider.
  3. aindriuc Elder

    Mithra, can you explain further, the strategy for shaman to farm hill giants? Thanks.
  4. Morrigan Bowjobs

  5. TheDohn Augur

    When a DoT is applied to a mob, the "credit" for the kill is incremented by the full value of the dot immediately - you don't have to wait for the dot to actually tick it's damage to get that credit. So when two people are trying to steal a mob from each other, applying a dot that is the full value of the mob's life means you win. Even if they do all the work killing it, you get credit for the kill due to that dot.

    This is why the people feeding at hillgiants will be necro duos, shamen, and angry people who intend to unsub forever until next year.
  6. Iyvy Augur

    If this is actually true it should be looked into.

    My understanding was that ebolt is just super strong, it hits for a nuke right away and burns through its entire very high dmg in 36 seconds. Follow it with an imediate string of nukes and its just a ton of dmg very fast.

    If it does actually give its full threat on landing that should probably be changed.

    I never hang out at hill giants but i hear that pawn takes queen in this because rogues can just steal everything.
  7. Moforyguy Elder

    Hill Giants is where you should never go. It will be perma camped by necro bots and druids. They drop so fast you sometimes never even seen a Hill Giant lol.
  8. TheDohn Augur

    This has been the mechanic since EQ launched. DoTs have always given their full "damage credit" from the outset. It's an intentionally designed mechanic.
  9. Yarteb Elder

    It's not nice to call for classes to be nerfed. Without dots being counted this way, shamans and necros would never win dps races
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  10. Yarteb Elder

    To answer the original poster, hill giants will be over camped as usual. Other spots may yield more pp.
  11. Slaytanik Elder

    And necros are superior to Shamans for hill giant farming.
  12. Slaytanik Elder

    This was recently changed two TLP's ago I believe and it was BECAUSE the dot classes were getting KS'd constantly. So the devs changed it so it's like having a wizard or magician casting. It balanced it out. Now when I necro casts, it does it's full damage as long as 1 ticket of the dot happens. It makes sense honestly. Now they're up to par with the other casters.
  13. Torrok Journeyman

    Enchanters can charm that female druid and a couple nearby sphinxes. Probably the most OP way to clear giants
  14. Wurl New Member

    It is true and has been the case for a long time. Necros and shamans can and do snipe mobs from full groups. There are calls to fix it at the launch of every new TLP.

    Remember that the people that are invested enough to post on this forum are the necro/shaman playing botters that plan to steal as many kills as they can. That's why they're posting against having the wildly unbalanced DoT damage calculation changed, and that's why they're telling everyone to not farm hill giants. Farming hill giants is fine, they spawn crazy fast and in a wide area and everyone usually honors FTE.
  15. Triconix Augur

    How do you think single melee classes feel, especially warriors? In just 3 seconds necros and shams are credited with 2k damage to a mob. You think classic era melee are pumping out 750 dps? Or any other class? 2k/3sec is more damage and quicker cast than any nuke in the game in classic to my knowledge. My non adps sustained solo dps is now just hitting those numbers in DoDH.

    You know how fun it was soloing Ancient Jarsath as a warrior without using any cheats? You see people high tail it from across the zone with zero tracking or sense undead ability swarming the mob. Luckily one spawned on my head as I was killing. Got it before anyone else could.
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  16. Arclyte Augur

    DoTs doing 3x their original damage while also tagging a mob for its full intended damage is pretty stupid
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  17. Triconix Augur

    I almost forgot about EBolt being one of the few pre 70 necro dots that were boosted. I guess they should thank sham revamp.

    Let's check out the notes!

    From 110/tick to 351. Seems fair and balanced that the DoT now gets credit for 2147 damage vs 986.
  18. Slaytanik Elder

    This was done during the Aradune TLP launch, and it was to prevent people from KS'ing dot casting classes.
  19. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Stopping people from sometimes KS'ing DoT classes by allowing DoT Classes to KS everybody all the time was the best EQ troll-move ever imho.

    Double necro on all named PH lol
  20. Dominate Elder

    Charming those mobs is wildly risky and opens up tons of PVP options for other players. You used to just be able to dispel the charm. Now players will follow you around doing everything they can to get you killed. The druid summons (she's like level 50/51), and due to memblur mechanic she will turn on evil races that druids dislike. She will also snare and root you.

    The Sphinxes are super MR, are enchanters themselves (they haste themselves) and have way too many HP for their level.

    Both options are good, but if the hill is crowded you will spend far more time re-charming and re-runing yourself than you will getting giants.

    ITT: People using the word botters without actually knowing what a botter is. If you lose a DPS race to a necro bot, you should probably just leave Rathe. You won't compete with people who are actually at their keyboard.

    PSA: Steal killing does not exist. Everything is fair game. Expect it. Most people will observe FTE, as was previously stated, but inevitably someone will not. If you are the type of person who wants to relax and have Hill Giants fed directly into your pipeline, you should probably find a more reasonable spot to farm plat.

    As a 3rd option, Bards will be there charming mobs previously dotted and running them away for easy kills. This is by far the most toxic behavior on the hill.