Are Guide Story Events Considered Part Of Main EQ Lore?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Goodn, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. Goodn Augur

    Just curious.

    Sat through the tale of Sillsia the Bewitching, who is not in Alla's database at least, for tonight's Xegony guide story event. I like the story and it tied into the Buried Sea and the Darkened Sea lore. If these are considered main EQ lore, I'd save them and upload them to Alla...probably should anyway.

    And if you were curious what I got for some milk and cookies. And some cake and timeless drink. A few loyalty tokens and a 5 charge potion of siren illusion. And I think because I have attended a few of these, a quest reward popped giving me a 5 dose skinspikes XVII.
  2. Knight-errant Journeyman

    If you have the text saved in your log file, can you please paste it here? I'd like to read it.
  3. Kolani Augur

    I'm guessing not, several of the guide events have lore inconsistencies as it is,
  4. CatsPaws Augur

  5. Goodn Augur

    Well, at least now I know why nothing came up...the guide used Sillsia, which I searched for, but the statue has Silisia.

    And the guide told a longer version of the lore that is on Fanra's page. I only have screenshots of it, but I will try to transcribe it at some point. I should be able to find an OCR program somewhere...

    Thanks for the links CatsPaws.
  6. Jaylin Augur

    So are Sillsia and Silisia the same or different people, or is the lore just conflicting then? The one on fanra's site mentions Sillsia falling in love with a man and blaming other sirens and stealing their voices. In game lore also mentions Silisia ensnaring a woman and stealing the voices of the other sirens. So is conflicting lore, or is she just a hussy? lol. Or is it supposed to be unknown true lore because its oral lore passed down from siren to siren

    In game
    Nilsara wraps her arms around you. 'I welcome you in the embrace of Silisia, queen and mistress. I trust our sisters treated you gently and brought you here unharmed? True, your song is no longer your own, given to Silisia as are you. As are we all.

    Nilsara says 'Do you know why you are here? The story changes depending on the teller, but this is how I know it:'

    Nilsara says 'A young siren sang in a voice so beautiful it reached the ear of an adventurer sailing upon the sea. The adventurer abandoned her quest and swam to the arms of the siren.'

    Nilsara says 'That the feminine could hear the song -- this surprised the siren. She thought it was love, not song, that bound the adventurer to her. But as you must know, love is not a gift given to sirens.'

    Nilsara says 'The siren fled to this grotto, escaping the disapproval of our kind. She ceased her song, trusting in love to keep the adventurer by her side. But love failed.'

    Nilsara says 'The adventurer recovered her wits and escaped, taking the siren's heart with her. And so the siren began to sing again.'

    Nilsara says 'She sang for her lost love, sang that the adventurer might return. But love did not return. The siren grew jealous: Had the adventurer been ensnared by another?'

    Nilsara says 'Others might be more beautiful; others might be more sonorous. The siren could not stand it. The songs had to be hers. She would sing a chorus that would not fail to win back her love. She would sing until the sea dried up and there was no one left to hear. '

    On fanra's
    Long ago, the fair siren Sillsia, whose silvery flowing hair shone like the moon, sang the song of her people. This was much like any evening, really. Hoping to ensnare some half-witted pirate or hapless merchant, she sung as beautifully as ever. That night, however, a man came. He was unlike any she had ever met. His willpower allowed him to be unaffected by her song. This perplexed the watery maiden. She was the one ensnared by him! Overjoyed with this new sensation that washed over her, she expected that they be wed immediately. The handsome stranger agreed to marry, but only after he returned. That day never came.
  7. CatsPaws Augur

    Guess it is up to the guide since the one we had told the same story as on Fanra's - about the handsome stranger who turned out to be a jerk. We were expecting to go on a raid or similar since the last line our guide told us was " If things aren't set right in the Caverns of Endless Song all of Norrath could be cast into darkness. Will you travel here and lend your assistance?" But that was the end.

    Just wish they would hand out something other than illusion potions and cake - a piece of heros forge would be cool.

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