Are enchanters overplayed?

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  1. sadre Elder

    And this alters what the class was in the first decade of the game.

    They are incredibly overpowered, which means also very busy. Enchanters originally did cc and debuffs etc. Connections were too precarious for many groups to willingly say, "Sure! Charm and buff and give weapons to a pet, and also mez adds! I'm sure we'll be fine when you go LD!"

    Enchanters are now mages for people with an a*s of steel. You shall sit with that pet, for 5 hour stretches.

    So it depends on you! If you really want to get in it, absolutely great class, and fun. One of the best!

    But enchanters have turned into dps beasts because of the reliability of the universe these days. Charisma works, and charm is very reliable. How about that? I got stuck in a flat!
  2. Lineater Augur

    I leveled an enchanter to 65 on Mangler, Aradune, and Mischief - more hours played than I wanna know - and never once had a group discourage me from charming.
  3. Midnitewolf Augur

    I did two chanters to mid 60s on Corinav and I forget the other server since it is merged now and had it happen multiple times. I usually got complimented once I demonstrated me charming wasn't going to wipe the party and had tons of people tell me they had no clue a chanter could charm and dps as well as it could. I guess it is different experiences for different people.
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    Best group ever I had on a early TLP.
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    Now you can exploit so charm doesn't wear off even makes it better early on.
  5. sadre Elder

    From my post: "Enchanters originally did cc and debuffs etc. Connections were too precarious for many groups to willingly say..."

    It was ye olde year 2000. People used dial up. And charisma only helped you sell . Now? Of course you charm, I guess. It is a great class to play if you want to really get in it, as I said. You can be immersed. You will be embraced by a soft warm light and raised up to heaven like being held by a giant made out of pillows.

    A pillow golem. Who will get your grp killed at least once.
  6. uberkingkong Augur

    Do gnome enchanter, it will pay off in the long run.
    enchanting metals

    short run,
    good at stealing ancient cyclopes and selling ring of ancients for a krono or more
    I hear they can be great at dps early on too
  7. Overcast451 Augur

    On some raids, it can be a bit dry. On others, it's quite intense. It just depends on the raid. Same with charm, in some places you can keep a charmed pet for the whole raid, other times - nothing to charm, or it can be too risky.

    You will spend a bit of time buffing, more so in the pre-luclin raids. But it's not overboard, like a Shaman can be sometimes. Once you get KEI and Vallon's, they last long enough that you are mostly just getting rezzed people or buffing up at the start, with a few refreshes on groups here and there. Don't forget to toss out resist magic too. Once you are a bit higher level, Necros love 'Gift of Brilliance' as it stacks with their lich line.

    On Mischief - by the time I was raiding, enchanters were in fairly short supply. So it was easy enough to get a guild. Actually, I joined a guild with another class, but the need for chanters was enough that I decided to play mine as a main.

    Super nice to have their buff line, easy to trade a mana regen buff for a port or rez. If you tradeskill they are probably the best overall class. Can enchant metals, make stat jewelry, do research, and with the gear having +Charisma and a Charisma buff, it helps to save on PP a bit.

    Downsides are mostly no real spell DPS to speak of. Charmed pets make going AFK a pain in the tail. Not so much for solo, but in a group if a mage just gave your pet a couple weapons/items and it's all buffed up.. you kinda want to keep it. The best you can do sometimes is to break charm, mez with your longest mez, recharm and hurry up! :)

    A side note too - when charming, if the pet gets low health - break the charm, mez it, then mem blur it. When you fall out of combat with it, it will regen health super fast. I always keep up low level mez to quick stop charm breaks. At least until 55 or so, then you might have to use higher level mezzes. Color stuns work ok I suppose too for that.

    But then on the same note - guilds practically drool for main clerics too.
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  8. sadre Elder

    I am kind of surprised they allow enchanters to be so powerful through the classic-mid era now. For TLP's, which live and die in that era, I would have thought they would have done something.

    It's like every TLP will always have this tank pet-haste/slow/mana buff-cc beast class now.

    Give them the ability to charm cleric npc's for rezzes. I dare ya!
  9. FadedshadeTLP New Member

    It depends on the spot of course, but having a charm pet takes out a valuable exp spawn from the rotation too - If a chanter cant get a charm, from a spot thats outside of the rotation that my group pulls, so they need to charm one of our exp mobs, their pet is unwanted - everytime. Now, imagine having 3 chanters, all taking a charm pet - Its not efficient and most players fail to realise this. Overall, charm pets in dungeons are usually not worth it due to limited spawns and competition to find enough exp mobs. Just my 2 coppers
  10. Midnitewolf Augur

    Long story short. There will probably be more chanters than any other INT caster but even if that it the case, Chanters aren't going to be overpopulated.

    As for the class, it is a ton of fun but it is a very easy class to play badly. To be even above average your going to have to actually work at learning to play your class to the fullest. Also, if your going to be charming, you are going to have to get used to zero downtime as it is hard to even get a moment to go take a leak when playing one. You need a strong attention span as well as great situational awareness to play one and it can be a bit high stress at times. it is definitely not a class you play if you want to relax and chill out. Finally when you get up around PoP, maybe at little bit later, the classes overall power level really takes a decline, especially once they nerf charm, and that can be really discouraging after playing 60+ levels un-nerfed. Around level 66, I found that I stopped enjoying my Chanter and eventually abandoned what previously was the most fun class I have ever played in EQ.
  11. Wordor Journeyman

    Hell ya they are OP. There will be alot of enchanters at first yes, but still totally worth playing. The more the merrier....Nice that you can go do your own thing, specially with a healer box, or easily put a group together.

    Raids are ok, you still mainly hella buff and debuff, charm some, but there are def more fun classes to raid with. Overall they are very fun, make or break the group, can be annoying to afk and still have to tend to pets or wonder if you're coming back to a wiped group.

    There will be a load of monks, and more clerics is always a good thing.

    Edit: Oh and always boot that one enchanter that doesn't want to charm
  12. Lejaun Augur

    Weird. In any group I'm in, if the enchanter doesn't want to charm (and have a good reason like connection issues, ect), we start immediately looking for a replacement.
  13. Triconix Augur

    The faster you kill, the more spawns you'll get. It's common sense. Taking 1 mob out of a rotation and cutting the clear time by multiple minutes means you're going to get well more than one extra mob per hour. Let's put this into an example

    Zone with 20 minute respawn. Camp with 100 mobs.

    Clear time without enchanter is 15 minutes:
    Minute 0 - Start killing
    Minute 15 - Cleared
    Minute 35 - Respawn
    Minute 50 - Cleared
    Minute 70 - Respawn

    Clear time of 10 Minutes with enchanter:
    Minute 0 - Start
    Minute 10 - Cleared
    Minute 30 - Respawn
    Minute 40 - Cleared
    Minute 60 - Respawn
    Minute 70 - Cleared

    We just got 3x100 (-3) = 297 vs 2x100 = 300 in the same time lapse.
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