Are ench/clr boxes prevalent on P99?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Traktur, May 24, 2020.

  1. Traktur Journeyman

    i've never played there and wonder if the OP is there too.
  2. Telora New Member

    IIRC P99 doesn’t allow boxing, so no.
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  3. Trevalon Augur

    What he said, you cant box on P99 and from what I hear they do at least mostly police that
  4. Glow Augur

    Like most casters, enchanters have been reworked, charm is not nearly as strong on p99 as it is on live. A duo enchanter cleric will not be able to tear through zones with a charmed hasted red mob like they can on the TLPs
  5. Alier Mystwalker New Member

    You've obviously never played an Enc on a TLP. Absolutely no way you charm a red mob and "tear through stuff". You can charm yellow stuff and if charm breaks with a haste you will get wrecked no matter how good a healer you think you have. Trust me, I have died many times having a Velium Hunter that can backstab from the front.... dark blue at 60 and if you lose it while hasted, your group will likely die. Maybe stop hating on a class you have obviously never played.
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  6. Glow Augur

    I've played an enchanter on 4 TLPs, you absolutely can.

    Obviously not at 60 due to level requirements, talking about leveling. Even so the damage a charm pet can do on live and the strength of charm on live is way higher than on TLP.

    Dying to a velium hunter... lol

    I used to charm rokyl, give him two weapons, a tol robe, and str jewelery and watch him top the naggy parses.

    Dying to a velium hunter lol.

    My healer is me, and yeah I'll be fine. Eventually the cleric will get aggro if I can't get a cast through, not that it matters a proper exp group will have more tahn one charmer and you use aoe stun to help one another.

    Just because you're not a great enchanter doesn't mean that you couldn't do more with the class.

    Dying to a velium hunter, lol
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  7. HoodenShuklak Augur

    About that...

    Server first enc on selo wore rags and never died to charm break...
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  8. Tacc Journeyman

    It amazes me that people still have this notion that charm breaks are super dangerous. You basically have to be asleep to die to a broken charm. Even if its a top tier pet fully buffed with tola robe and conflag dagger. I've held Velium Hunter with full buffs and all those items for like 12 hour sessions multiple times and never died. Charm used to be balanced by risk/reward. Now it's just massively OP cause there's virtually no risk if you're decent at the game.
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  9. WaitingforMoreEQ Augur

    It amazes me how people like yourself will run you mouths endlessly about this kinda stuff and none of you ever back it up it's crazy.
  10. Arugan Lorekeeper

    Yikes dude. You sound like a pretty terrible enchanter based on what you described.

    It is quite easy to charm a pet and tear through stuff for the first 4-5 expansions. Unless you are being lazy or have no skill, you will very rarely die.
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  11. auto21 Elder

    P99 is effectively a different game and no boxing is allowed. Close the thread.
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  12. Glow Augur

    Quick close the thread its calling attention to how OP enchanters are, eh auto =p.

    No but seriously that is basically it. There's no boxing, and even if you just were a duo it's way way weaker. The current servers have had almost every classes' spells reworked (see: buffed the out of) and the current state of charm is a bjillion times stronger than it is on p99.

    Now quick close the thread! Auto is worried about charm nerfs XD
  13. Moforyguy Journeyman

    I've only done Enchanter 2 times on TLP'S and for sure you can charm yellow and red all the way to 60. I did it without a healer for awhile but even that is doable. Enchanters are by far the best class in game. Honestly the mez game is fun enough to play enchanter so adding the charm to it just makes you always busy.
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  14. Skuz Augur

    Shouldn't a discussion about P99 be on the P99 boards?

    No idea really why it is being discussed here it isn't even the same game really.
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  15. Moforyguy Journeyman

    I am playing p99 atm and one of the big bummers I noticed on TLP is an Erudite has freakin night vision. It Looks like Dark Elf night vision from p99. On a tlp race advantages/disadvantages are almost gone it seems.
  16. Skuz Augur

    Dark Elves get Ultravision, Erudites definitely don't get that but I seem to recall that at some point the night vision was raised a bit for Barbarians, Erudites & Humans so that they could see a little bit better without vision boosting effects and not be almost completely night-blind.
  17. PVPme Augur

    Enchanters dominate on p99 too. Takes a little bit more skill and setup but they're easily one of the best classes for grouping.
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  18. PVPme Augur

    On p99 you can give a charm pet a 2hand weapon and a torch and it'll destroy everything. Charm has been godly since forever. Sorry you guys seem to be so upset about how this game has worked since its release. Maybe try another game or play EverQuest at and past Omens of War?
  19. Balderdash Lorekeeper

    You clearly didn’t read the original post before you went on your bragardly run about how leet you were on a raid one time. The topic is about a a cleric/Chanter duo not about an enchanter/raid duo or an Enchanter/great group duo. Having played an Enchanter for 20 plus years now I can attest how powerful an Enchanter can be in a raid or a full group but in a duo situation in classic there is way too much down time and death when you try to Charm and buff the highest level mob available. But it can be exciting for a while.
  20. RandomStrategy Augur

    They just have to know the right people and "have a wife/roommate, etc.". Much like many families of four to fifteen will be playing on Aradune from the same house.

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