Are ALL Heroic Adventures Affected by the Recent Change?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by minimind, Jan 21, 2018.

  1. Quatr Augur

    For what it's worth, back in the day I was an IT project manager and a team lead (nothing to do with games, though.) There were times when I got to listen to my clients speculating why we had made certain design decisions. Every single time their theories were completely off the mark. Not only were they wrong, they weren't even in the ballpark. The root of the problem was that they didn't have enough information about the internal workings of my MegaCorp to even begin to guess what was going on.
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    Really? You're gonna make THAT comparison? Really?
  3. Sheex Goodnight, Springton. There will be no encores.

    You didn’t try very hard. Or....can you quote where devs are laughing, taunting or telling people to go play other games?
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    I'll briefly agree that the recent up-tuning of HA instances is over the top.

    However, I'll remind some of the more angsty folks that Rox recently responded to the feedback, saying they're discussing the nature of scaling internally. In the meantime, we have some other content that hasn't scaled.

    I hope they dial the scaling back a notch as well.
    Simply put, old content should get easier as we become "more powerful"
  5. Corwyhn Lionheart Guild Leader, Lions of the Heart

    While they are discussing it I encourage more players to post their feelings on it one way or another.
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  6. Jetslam Augur

    Yes, that's the classic thought process. But at what point does easier become just straight boring. If the Hero AAs weren't there, why would people go back to do progression? They'd just find the best exp spot and go there. Well until now, some of the best/easiest xp was in DH HAs.

    I think what they're trying to do is make it so that just because content is "old" doesn't mean it's irrelevant or boring. By allowing scaling, they're making it so that older content is still a challenge.

    What they failed to do with that challenge though is to make it have a corresponding reward for the increase in difficulty. I guarantee that if they made it so HAs gave the currency for the level range of the encounter instead of the expansion it was released in, there would be alot less outrage. With current currency, people could gear up better, and eventually they would be less of a challenge.

    That being said however, I still think that the current tuning is slightly overdone. Knock it back 20% so that a casual group isn't wiping to every other mob.
  7. Tornicade_IV Augur

    I just don't see it. the static TDS mobs hit a lot harder and had quite a few hit points at 100 compared to the level 100 tier 1 and tier 2 COTFS.
    I seriously doubt the 105 COTF mobs were as or more difficult than the 105 TDS mobs.
  8. minimind The Village Idiot

    Will do!
  9. Goodn Augur

    This statement shows why you are out of touch with the vast majority who are upset with the change. We don't do this for the rewards (some are nice though)...we do it because we play Everquest...and we quest. That's what we do. It may be finishing an epic started 10 years ago and no longer useful, but that doesn't matter. It's there to be completed and we do or at least try.

    Most people want to finish the content on their terms...whether it be brand new (and lots of death, struggle, and big rewards at the time) or 4 years later (a task a night, with various level friends or own their own, enjoying the sights, sounds and text of the npcs). Neither group of people are wrong or more right. If I purchase the expansion, I have the right to enjoy it now or 4 years from now (assuming the game is still running). And it should not change.

    As for easy being boring...maybe, for you. Go raid. Go do current content. Why to you care what happens in a 2 or 4 year old expansion? This is what drives me batty from all the folks posting "gee, I don't know why you are so upset" guys are the ones that keep bring up Gribbles. No one who is upset gives a hoot about the changes in Gribbles...those are still doable. We care that the named at the end of a TBM mission is one rounding fully geared 110 group tanks.

    So...old content is irrelevant and boring...why do you play this game?

    I will let you in on EQ's dirty little secret that past 7-10 years (since the last mass exodus at Underfoot)...most groupers I know think the devs have no idea what they are doing. That they have been out of touch with normal players for so long that they have just given up complaining. They don't complain that you might get one new mission for groupers an expansion and that all the others will be raid copies slightly dumbed down, but only so current raiders (or friends of raiders) can finish. But they love the game, love the history, love the friends and new people they meet, love to show and help others experience different parts of the game. And they know (had known) eventually that they will gain enough power to finish the content that they have paid for. So they keep buying new expansions, even though they might not get anything out of them but some tier 1 zone killing and loot rots when current. They purchase krono with real money to turn into plat to buy the items that the high end players sell in the bazaar to make their characters that little much better from the new expansions. All because the promise of eventually being able to handle the content in the future

    They have paid all this money over the years to keep the game they love going. And what do the devs do this idea?

    And here we have the raider takeover...see the raiders like the raising of difficulty so now they can go ask the devs for rewards they want from the content. The people upset don't want new rewards.

    I WANT TO FINISH TBM!!! (I did finish CotF...but only after TBM came out) I don't care if I will turn the gear into the tribute person. I don't care that even the type 5 augs might not be use. I want to finish the content I paid for. The fact that the devs one day flipped a code switch and now things are much more difficult after 2 years than they were in the first place makes me feel angry and lied to.

    Really? 20%? Are you sure it's not 14.75 percent? Or maybe just 10 percent? And hey if it's only 10 percent, then really, you don't need to change anything back...

    The start of this thread had real numbers (about a 33 percent increase in mob hps and dps output) for folks who are UNDER the level cap of the TBM expansion. The fact that you didn't know that and didn't bother to find that proves my point about you and your comments being out of touch.
  10. Millianna Augur

    They got HP buff and small damage upgrade. I could easily tank a 3 pull at 105. They were not on par with TDS mobs.
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  11. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    My CotF progression has ground to a halt, I cannot go any further until I complete the final HA from Captain Russell Cooper. My next quests are partisan in Neriak but I cannot get those until I have completed Dead Hills.
    TMB is all HA/Mission based which have been scaled up. EoK is still a bit rough for me. I'm considering TDS but again that has a few HAs which will cause me problems.
  12. roth Augur

    Somehow, I missed this when it was first posted ...

    Prathun, please tell me where in TDS you went back to then further update CoF HA’s? Because I don’t remember it.

    ALL HA’s increased in level with the players, this was expected. Prior to this change to HA’s, I could go into a Kor Sha Laboratories HA and face level 109/110 mobs. The level of the mobs did not change. What changed was the strength of those mobs.

    They got stronger based on my level before. They were tougher at 110 than they were at 105. Now, they’re so much stronger its like I’m facing level 120ish mobs rather than 110-ish mobs, on the old scale. Most people just want their “old scale” 110 mobs back ... some would settle for rewards commensurate with the increased difficulty.

    And from what I’m reading in the threads about it, was it really necessary to bump up the mobs for level 105 players? Level 105 players occasionally face off with 106 mobs in the HA’s - should someone with COF group gear really be expected to survive some level 106 RoS mob’s abilities? That seems rather out-of-whack to me.
  13. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    Actually, it does. It gave the same XP 5years ago - at that difficulty level.
    It probably still does, at RoS difficulty level.
    XP per HA is fixed.
    I have no figure for regular XP, but it was kind of disappointing to me. (still, some grinded out lvl109 there too)
    AAXP however, which does not scale with levels, Gribble's were good for.
    The first mission gave 16AAXP, the 3rd 19 and the 2nd 17 i think - basevalues.
    To that, Lesson was added and if available a bonus Task and to all that the bonus-XP for a weekend or holiday-season.
    So with all that, and a group (or box team) good enough to chain 4HAs, you got 150 to 200AAs rather quickly - and that's been beyond the scope of what i was able to do in RoS in the same time.
  14. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    And i couldn't blame them for not to...
    Who likes much to deal with snares on pulls, dots that kill a puller (with 200k+ HPs) unless he's healed on the way and so on - and that's just speaking about OT.
    On the other hand, while they are also not dealing with any of the new mechanics, they are also not doing any progression or TS task...
    So why not?
    It should still be the player's choice how and where he spends his time.
    This is a MMO, not Railroad Tycoon.
  15. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    Well, that's not a compromize, it's still a nerf.
    A different one that what we see now, but still a nerf.
    I do not do CotF HAs for XP anymore (not for myself, but i have helped some apps run through for some quick AAXP)
    Whether or not it's "acceptable" depends much on the explanation that has not yet been given on the "why".
    Going by what has been said, it even looks to me as if the XP it gave hasn't even been part of the decision to beef up the mobs.
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  16. Tornicade_IV Augur

    When people talk about HA's not having mechanics.. I just wonder if they ever actually did ha's or just task added before locked and joined in for the marks of valor.
    You cant win the neriak missions without dealing with the mechanics.
    as far as DT/ Guard Elle in TBM peppers you with a 104k blast every 30 seconds.
    The gribble ha's are the outlier not the rule.
  17. Bandien Elder


    Granted the 80 posted above is a special case, 3 was hardly the number I would say could be safely tanked at the time being talked about. Tanks were pretty OP at that time and I was in raid gear, so your experience may have been different. #magepetslivesmattertoo

    XP from mob kills was eliminated and xp was changed to the end of the HA's at a very adjusted rate because hardly anyone leveled to 105 in TDS zones due to how much easier the mobs were in the HAs from CoTF and how much xp they gave. They scaled to even con at 103 and stayed DB til 105. It was like free xp flipping HAs. People had alts piled up at the quest giver for the HA mentioned above... people are like electricity and will always find the path of least resistance :)

    Maybe that is what Prathun was referring to when he said the same thing happened when TDS was released?

    *goes back to hibernating in his cave /bye
  18. Hurrikane Journeyman

    yeah I don't agree with one single thing you just said. Its good for daybreak to have a customer like you. Unfourtunetly for them most don't agree. They will lose business from this. Maybe they are trying to phase the game out for something else? if They are its better we get out now before we invest more time in the game.
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  19. Lily Augur

    This makes no sense. Why would a raider ask for increased difficulty and increased rewards for old content? Why not just do new content?
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  20. Tiggold Augur

    "Evolve with the game" has probably never crossed the minds of the people complaining so hard about HA's. Rallos H. Zek people, move on!