Archery and Haste:

Discussion in 'Developer Roundtable' started by ARCHIVED-Dev-Ngreth, Jul 8, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-Dev-Ngreth Guest

    QA has confirmed that Archery and haste have an issue. It is now a bug in Code's Queue.
  2. ARCHIVED-Wildeone Guest

    Oh, wow. Better late than never.
  3. ARCHIVED-Reoak Guest

    Dev-Ngreth wrote:
    Thank you !
    This was a topic of discussion in guild for the past week.
  4. ARCHIVED-Ishtass Guest

    Holy cow! Lol well at least it's being fixed :)
  5. ARCHIVED-Hatsee Guest

    Oh, thanks.
    Better than the ghetto fix I guess, eta roughly?
  6. ARCHIVED-Voodoman_BB Guest

    In before the move to the paladin forum!
  7. ARCHIVED-Cedar Guest

    what's the bug? heard this mentioned but no details...
  8. ARCHIVED-CazRa Guest

  9. ARCHIVED-EranaD Guest

    Would be a good time to give a bit of a boost to archery dps by fixing the artifical autofire delays. The autofire delay isn't really needed is it? Bow dps isn't that great... Rangers are supposed to be great archers... except in EQ.
  10. ARCHIVED-kullster Guest

  11. ARCHIVED-Ishtass Guest

    EranaD wrote:
    I don't think this fix will really help a whole lot, it's not very noticable, AFAIK that is...
  12. ARCHIVED-kullster Guest

    Ishtass wrote:
    Noticeable enough I had to get a luclin quiver.
  13. ARCHIVED-Delbaeth Guest

    Dev-Ngreth wrote:
    Well, that is a step forward.
    I think I saw Code's Queue in the movie Beetlejuice.
    A fix will be most welcome, thanks for the update.
  14. ARCHIVED-Wildeone Guest

    It is probably because the new Underfoot quivers coming.
  15. ARCHIVED-Grringo Guest

  16. ARCHIVED-Kelandi Guest

  17. ARCHIVED-Tadenea Guest

    newest quiver is 10 slots
    Fleeting Quiver was 6 slots
    Is it about time for Quivers to hold more then just arrows? or else its mostly waste of extra space
    thats one major response from rangers who heard new quiver, cant place anything else in it
  18. ARCHIVED-beryon Guest

    Can we get a clear statement on how quiver haste is supposed to work?
  19. ARCHIVED-Oakenn_Tigerspirit_TZ Guest

    CazRa wrote:
    how about a summery for us who don't want to read the book of data....

    EranaD wrote:
    seriously this is why I never could bring myself to play a ranger.. Sure they seem interesting (+ they are part druid yet. useful) but I'm sorry the class who is sold as being the sharpshooters with a bow who do more dps with melee than with a bow is just wrong. If I make a guy who supposedly specializes with a bow I want to stand back and kick ____ with a bow.. and no the nub rangers who stand back and bow for a fraction of the dps they could do melee don't make it an option.
  20. ARCHIVED-Hatsee Guest

    The thread explains it better, but it's easiest to just say that too much haste with a fast bow was making you shoot slower. So people had workarounds like using old quivers/OH clicks or clicking off bard OH, etc. Just to not get so much haste that it ends up slowing you down.
    But it's passed on to code I guess, I have no idea what that means for an eta but it's acknowledged and will hopefully be corrected somewhat soon and rangers everywhere will rejoice.

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