Archaeologist Quests/Broken Effects

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  1. Ishbu Augur

    Its time to fix the broken effects on some of these quest rewards.

    The rewards for these quests are tied to your race, many races have great items with unique effects that are quite beneficial, but some of them are flat out broken and not working as intended.

    The arcane orb of the dark has its effect disabled because its labled as being a focus effect when it is not one of the disabled focus effects til luclin. Its a slap in the face 1-5 damage added onto a spell and it simply is disabled to not work. The FV race counterpart has a mana free clicky nuke that works just fine. The focus effect should NOT be disabled, especially since its grossly underpowered compared to the counterpart anyways.

    Then the Shield of the Dark is supposed to be an increasing DoT like the Shaman Epic or Splurt, starting at 110 damage and ticking up. Instead it does 110 damage when it is cast and then starts the dot ticking at 1 damage. This is completely garbage, and the FV counterpart item has a mana free Primal Essence targetable clicky.

    It is not too much to ask to just make these items work correctly. Leaving them broken or disabled is just lazy at this point.
  2. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Lazy or unknown? Submit a bug report imo.
  3. Ishbu Augur

    Thats been done multiple times going back over a year by myself personally and I highly double Im the only one. Lets not try and downplay real issues on threads by assuming the people havent already taken the obvious steps please.
  4. SunDrake Augur

    The only ways that this would be unknown to DPG is if they simply never read bug reports, or that current employees just literally know nothing about the game. Neither is good.

    In the grand scheme of things, these item effects don't matter at all. Problem is, its not an isolated incident involving just these re-introduced Kunark era quests, it would seem. :p
  5. HoodenShuklak Augur

    I think its entirely fair to assume whatever crew is left at dpg that kunark era (let alone quests) are not in their wheelhouse.
  6. yerm Augur

    Just turn all focus effects back on if that's still possible and not a permanent code change with mangler. Disabling focuses do nothing with regards to charm and little for most dotters while only further widening the damage gap between monks and everyone else.
  7. jimmysands New Member

    Very disappointed. First time playing Kunark and just finished Arcane Orb of the Dark to see the effect disabled. There are working focus effects in classic (pet focus) which have a much larger impact on DPS than 1-5 dmg on spells.

    Meanwhile there are functional Archaeologist quest rewards which have clickable Luclin-era spells. Kunark Clerics casting a Luclin Shaman buff (Primal Essence) giving 20 to STR STA AGI DEX to anyone in range is a lot more powerful than 1-5 damage on spells.

    I understand this may not be a high priority but it is shocking to see the hard work of this itemization developer get butchered less than two years later with the poorly implemented "focus nerf". The pet focus items were not included in the nerf, why was the Arcane Orb not given the same treatment?

    If only half the races get an awesome reward while the other half get a broken reward or no quest whatsoever, please be consistent with the prior "focus nerf" and disable all of the clickables until Luclin.
  8. theRTG New Member

    confirmed. completed on mangler in era, petitioned through CS and got an email back to /bug it in game, which i did, and it was blackholed. there are dozens of us!
  9. jimmysands New Member

    This is not a bug, it is an oversight.

    It shouldn't need to be explained. Luclin spells are not available out of era. Luclin focus effects are not available out of era.

    Why does Defender of the Faithful Heart and Shield of the Primal Mind allow casting Luclin spells? It feels intentionally imbalanced to sell more race change potions through the market.

    I can only imagine how any evil Cleric or Shaman feels after they see a good-aligned counterpart cast an amazing buff 6 months earlier than intended.
  10. jeskola Why no Erudite Female avatar?

    but did you submit a bug report?
  11. Xunil Darkwood New Member

    PE is the effect on the Shaman insta-click hammer out of Veeshan's Peak. Not quite Luclin

    Hammer of the Dragonborn, dropped by Silverwing in original content Veeshan's Peak, just to clarify
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