Fixed Internally Arch Lich Rhag'zadune

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  1. Xoner Baby Joesph Sayer

    I don't see anybody joining the raid during the time you inquired about. These are what my logs picked up between 6pm and 8pm that night.

    03/08/21 06:04:41 PM Byob joined the raid.
    03/08/21 06:04:46 PM Battaboom joined the raid.
    03/08/21 06:05:35 PM Padalin joined the raid.
    03/08/21 06:12:10 PM Robnice joined the raid.
    03/08/21 06:15:29 PM Shin joined the raid.
    03/08/21 07:04:39 PM Donnan joined the raid.
    03/08/21 07:08:43 PM Warickk joined the raid.
    03/08/21 07:40:42 PM Fingerguns joined the raid.
    03/08/21 07:45:43 PM Tarbuk joined the raid.
    03/08/21 07:52:44 PM Gladius joined the raid.
    03/08/21 07:52:54 PM Gladdius joined the raid.
    03/08/21 07:57:31 PM Rollain joined the raid.
  2. Aziuno Augur

    After Multiple weeks of not having Arch Lich Spawn for us, we got him to spawn for our first time.

    The ONLY thing we know that we changed this week, was we waited to pop the DZ until everyone was in the Raid. We then Popped the DZ, and entered and then refused to add anyone to the DZ until we knocked down Rhag 2.

    -We entered the DZ
    --half raid cleared to Rhag 1
    --half raid cleared to Rhag 2.
    Killed Rhag 1.
    -- Rhag 2 group reported Adds spawned for the first time for us, we killed dem snakes
    Denied a bunch of people invites to DZ that showed up late, told them to wait on their hands. (We did add them to raid window / groups)
    Killed Rhag 2.

    Arch Lich man spawned, we added all the stragglers to the DZ, and enjoyed our first RGC spell, over a month into Luclin.

    --Devs, I would try to reproduce by popping DZ, killing Rhag 1, Adding someone new to DZ, kill Rhag 2
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  3. Xoner Baby Joesph Sayer

    We got Arch Lich tonight in a DZ.

    We cleared first floor trash and did Cursed cycle first. Didn't aggro the Rhags until after Cursed was dead.

    03/15/21 05:37:37 PM Vyzh`dra the Cursed has been slain by Tuffgong!
    03/15/21 05:45:45 PM Rhag`Zhezum has been slain by Rynaki!
    03/15/21 05:51:37 PM Rhag`Mozdezh has been slain by Venio!
    03/15/21 06:14:54 PM Arch Lich Rhag`Zadune has been slain by Tarbuk!
  4. Soltara Augur

    Exact same thing this week.
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  5. Aziuno Augur

    There have been additional updates with steps we believe will reproduce it, are you guys able to give the testing another shot?
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  6. Aziuno Augur

    We had our weekly SSRA Run

    -Popped DZ
    -Split Raid 1/2 to Rhag 1 - 1/2 to Rhag 2
    -Someone DC'ed on Zonein, and Relogged in (Never left DZ, but left raid/rejoined)
    -Killed Rhag 1
    -Killed Rhag 2

    -No Lich Boy, he be hiding again.

    ----- Can some other guilds post their order of operation so we can try to help identify this bug for the developers?
  7. Aziuno Augur

    Currently in a DZ on Phinny with the Issue reproduced. Staring at Rhag 2 -- No adds spawned, so Arch Lich will not spawn.

    5hrs left on DZ, hopefully a GM can join and witness and do whatever tests they need.

    Server: Phinigel
    Character: Aziuno
    DZ: Ssraeshza Temple 8910
  8. Aziuno Augur

    At this point I must log off for the day and can no longer stay in the DZ hoping a GM responds to this, or the Discord Messages. Please let me know if you need me to try to assist in reproducing this during your work day tomorrow.

    This issue is impacting multiple guilds who use the SSRA DZ. This was present on Selo's and still exists and is the only way to obtain Greater Remove Curse until LDoN. This issue has impact to the player base.
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  9. Xoner Baby Joesph Sayer

    We got AL to spawn again last night. Here is our kill order and times. We didn't do anything funky to spawn him.

    03/22/21 05:21:42 PM A glyph covered serpent has been slain by Tyger!
    03/22/21 05:26:07 PM Vyzh`dra the Exiled has been slain by Vamp!
    03/22/21 05:33:38 PM Vyzh`dra the Cursed has been slain by Morzan!
    03/22/21 05:37:28 PM Rhag`Zhezum has been slain by Tobiasfunke!
    03/22/21 05:43:51 PM Rhag`Mozdezh has been slain by Dadicus!

    03/22/21 06:02:34 PM Arch Lich Rhag`Zadune has been slain by Vargr!
  10. Gheed Is not reading your response

    How many likes to get someone with two hands to look at this issue?
  11. Vexn Elder

    We are about 2/3 of the way through the Luclin expansion and still no fix. Pretty sad. Maybe go hire some EQEMU devs.
  12. Soltara Augur

    First raid
    Kill Order = Cursed > Rhag 1 > Rhag 2 > XTC > HP > Blood/EMP
    Arch Lich did not Spawn
    We added characters after Rhag 1.
    We do this same kill order every week and have had it not spawn twice now.

    Second Raid
    Kill Order = Rhag 1 > Cursed > HP > XTC > Rhag 2 > Arch Lich
    Arch Lich did spawn in second instance.
    We did NOT add characters after Rhag 1.

    This again on 4/1.
  13. Sollix Journeyman

    Our guild hasn't gotten him to spawn a single time....

    Almost the ENTIRE Luclin expansion, and still no Dev update other than you can't reproduce something many guilds do regularly every week?! Pathetic!

    What is even the point of these forums. Does this game still have people working on it or what?
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  14. Duder Augur

    Ran into this gem. This captures the spirit of the thread well.

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  15. Boze TLP complaint factory

    Still broken. Only two weeks until PoP, so it's going to stay broken until the next TLP I'm guessing. I hope y'all enjoy getting this same thread in a year or so from now. Several people have posted reproduction steps, possible causes, and invited y'all to observe our DZs.
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  16. Sebbun Augur

    And additionally, this is a super quick easy idea for DZs, just have them spawn on DZ up! Zero reason that Rhag1/Rhag2/AL can't all be spawned when you request a DZ.
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  17. Ratalthor Developer

    We have a potential fix for this in the upcoming update! Please let us know if you see the issue again after Wednesday's update.
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  18. Ratalthor Developer

    Is anybody still experiencing this issue?
  19. Zapsos Augur

    With Aradune and Rizlona no longer in Luclin I'm not sure many (if anyone) has bothered even attempting the Rhag Cycle since the fix.