Fixed Internally Arch Lich Rhag'zadune

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Sarepean, Feb 11, 2021.

  1. FrustratedNorrathian Apprentice

    We have not had a successful full run in Ssra yet on Aradune. Rhag 2, Arch Lich, etc.. something always bugs out. This is disappointing and incredibly frustrating for guilds that rely on loot from these raid targets (i.e. RGC) to progress through content.
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  2. Sarepean Lorekeeper

    Week 5, no Arch Lich.

    I'd love an update from devs or QA or something because, at this rate, I am just starting to feel like we won't be seeing AL in this era.
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  3. xmPradah Not a dude

    For what it's worth:
    The past 2 weeks we've gone in to Ssra DZ with a smaller force (4-6 groups) and AL has spawned.
    First week: Killed Rhag 1>Rhag 2>>AL Spawned but we did not attempt due to low numbers.
    Second week: Hit General/Advisor/Arbitor>>Rhag1>Rhag2>AL (spawned, attempted, failed).
    Tonight: Immediately cleared to and completed Rhag 1>Rhag 2>>AL did not spawn. We moved to HP/Creator, there was the trap named "Arch Lich Rhag`Zadune" - no idea if this could cause conflict or not? But, AL never spawned. Moved on to Cursed.

    For the Devs: This was on Rizlona Server, Ssra DZ #9063 (if you're able to look at the specific DZ details).
  4. xaga Elder

    We noticed we get the AL DZ Timer as soon as Rhag 1 Dies - does that have something to do with it?
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  5. Ratalthor Developer

    We are having difficulties reproducing this.

    For anyone affected, were there failures in the past? How often does it fail (the next time, every time, etc.)? Did you get lock out timers?

    Please PM me the date/time, 1 of the affected character names, and the server you experienced the failure on.
  6. Boze TLP complaint factory

    It's failed for us four times "in the past". We're doing it again tonight, so it'll likely fail between 7 and 7:45 Central on Aradune. Fails to spawn Arch Lich every time.

    Observe any Ssra DZ from any guild on Aradune and there's a good chance you'll see Arch Lich fail to spawn. Whatever internal tests you're doing aren't working the same as live. Please get on Aradune or Rizlona and watch some raids, as many people have offered in this thread.

    Character: Boze
    Server: Aradune
    Approximate dates and times (Central):
    Feb 3, 7:08pm
    Feb 15, 7:58pm
    Feb 22, 7:47pm
    March 1, 7:08pm
    In all cases we received lockout timers for Arch Lich.
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  7. Sarepean Lorekeeper

    I've posted the date and times of deaths in each of our instances so far (except last week's). Donnie would be the character name.
  8. Boze TLP complaint factory

    Killed Rhag2 at 7:12pm March 8, Arch Lich did not spawn
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  9. Herf Augur

    This is the problem on Agnarr as well. I believe there's a comment on Zam somewhere about this, saying that the only way to get him to spawn and stay up is if you kill two other mobs nearly simultaneously. Otherwise you lose him. It sucks. My guild has done multiple clears and he's never up.
  10. Lhus Journeyman

  11. xaga Elder

    just log into aradune on any day some one is doing Ssra and ask to watch :p i am sure you will see it reproduced over and over again....
  12. Xoner Baby Joesph Sayer

    Auto Followers did not get Arch Lich to spawn on Monday 3-8-21. The time you see is Arizona time, so pacific would be 1 hour behind.

    03/08/21 06:46:44 PM Vyzh`dra the Cursed has been slain by Tuffgong!
    03/08/21 06:54:40 PM Rhag`Zhezum has been slain by Fortuno!
    03/08/21 07:03:38 PM Rhag`Mozdezh has been slain by Donan!
    <Insert No Arch Lich Spawn Here>

    For comparison reasons, here is the week before when we DID get him to spawn.

    02/27/21 05:14:30 PM Vyzh`dra the Cursed has been slain by Tuffgong!
    02/27/21 05:22:13 PM Rhag`Zhezum has been slain by Joner!
    02/27/21 05:31:27 PM Rhag`Mozdezh has been slain by Falrik!
    02/27/21 05:57:25 PM Arch Lich Rhag`Zadune has been slain by Dolorr!
  13. binaryBrandon New Member

    Here is video footage of <Why The Fuss> killing Rhag 1 + Rhag 2 with Arch Lich not spawning. This was in a dynamic zone (DZ, instance) zone number 8909. DZ was opened at 6:34 PM EST/3:34 PM PST on Wednesday, March 10th 2021. We got an Arch Lich lockout as soon as Rhag 1 died at 7:20 PM EST/4:20 (nice) PM PST. Unsure whether or not this is the expected behavior. Rhag 2 died around 7:22 PM EST/4:22 PM PST. I would have recorded the whole thing but I was a little bit late. I started recording as soon as I got there.

    Prior to the video starting they had cleared up to (but not including) Rhag 1 room + Rhag 2 room as well as completed the Cursed event.

    To address the questions Ratalthor raised above, we have killed Rhag 1 + Rhag 2 every Wednesday since Luclin opened (6 times now) and Arch Lich has not spawned once. We have tried differing strategies (doing Rhag 1 + 2 before anything else, doing cursed first, disarming traps, not disarming traps, etc.) to no avail. We got an Arch Lich lockout as soon as Rhag 1 died. My character name is Moog. Beguiles was the raid leader as well as the DZ leader. Aradune server. Sarepean is also a <Why The Fuss> member, their posts earlier in this thread are the same raid force recorded here, so their comments should be considered.

    I work as a technical support rep for a software company, I'm more than happy to help isolate a reproduction on a test server if you need somebody to try a bunch of permutations. It's literally my job! :)

    Any other questions, please feel free to ask. I can provide logs if they would be helpful.

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  14. Wulfhere Augur

    Question to all. Does your DZ leader have Zazuzh's Key or not?
  15. Sarepean Lorekeeper

    Raid leader has Zazuzh's key.
  16. Aziuno Augur

    My Current theory, that we will be testing on Monday, is that people WITHOUT ANY SSRA LOCKOUTS, are being added to the DZ between Rhag 1 death and Rhag 2 death.

    As you see in that video, at around 4:30 Infemi was added to the raid.

    The Lockout for Rhag 1 is called Arch Lich Rhag`Zadune

    So I am thinking Rhag 1 is downed, someone is added and they hit yes to the lockout to join the DZ, the lockout is then preventing Spawning of Arch Lich on Rhag 2 death. (Maybe it is refreshing the DZ possible bosses or messing with the script in some way)

    --Can other guilds who are having issues with him check their logs to see if between Rhag 1 dying and Rhag 2 dying they have anyone being added to the DZ?
  17. Sebbun Augur

    Nope, we had this issue several times and did not DZ add someone. I am also doubtful that this would prevent a triggered mob from spawning. The issue is likely the script. Instead of researching the issue, the easy solution would be to make all 3 spawn in the DZ.
  18. Soltara Augur

    We did two SSRA's today.

    First raid
    Kill Order = Rhag 1 > Cursed > Rhag 2 > XTC > HP > Blood/EMP
    Arch Lich did not Spawn
    We added characters after Rhag 1.
    We do this same kill order every week and have had it not spawn twice now.

    Second Raid
    Kill Order = Rhag 1 > Cursed > HP > XTC > Rhag 2 > Arch Lich
    Arch Lich did spawn in second instance.
    We did NOT add characters after Rhag 1.
  19. Aziuno Augur

    Can you check your logs if any players joined the raid between 6:54 and 7:03 on 3/8?
  20. binaryBrandon New Member

    I like where your head's at Aziuno, but unfortunately I don't think that theory holds water. I reviewed my logs, hoping you had found the solution. Unfortunately, I found multiple instances (there may be others) where I have no "joined the raid" messages between "Rhag`Zhezum has been slain" and "Rhag`Mozdezh has been slain". We have not once had Arch Lich spawn in all six weeks that Luclin has been available on Aradune. Here is one such example:

    Timestamps of people joining the raid (there were no joins between these two):
    [Wed Feb 03 19:49:16 2021] Socal joined the raid.
    [Wed Feb 03 20:59:22 2021] Rosili joined the raid.

    Timestamp of Rhag 1 dying:
    [Wed Feb 03 20:25:09 2021] Rhag`Zhezum has been slain by Novack!

    Timestamp of Rhag 2 dying:
    [Wed Feb 03 20:47:28 2021] Rhag`Mozdezh has been slain by Necron!

    A week later, same deal—no joins between these two:
    [Wed Feb 10 19:38:28 2021] Jaskier joined the raid.
    [Wed Feb 10 20:23:22 2021] Snout joined the raid.

    Rhag 1 death:
    [Wed Feb 10 19:48:31 2021] Rhag`Zhezum has been slain by Mythraz!

    Rhag 2 death:
    [Wed Feb 10 19:59:31 2021] Rhag`Mozdezh has been slain by Littlerscatt!

    With that said, only the DZ leader gets messages when someone is added to the DZ, so there's an outside possibility that someone was already in the raid who got DZ added after Rhag 1 died (or someone got DZ added who was never added to the raid). As unlikely as this is, it would have had to have happened multiple weeks in a row.
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