Fixed Internally Arch Lich Rhag'zadune

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Sarepean, Feb 11, 2021.

  1. Sarepean Journeyman

    My raid will be running this on Wednesday night. If a GM/Dev wants to observe, please let me know and we'll make sure to key you in on the time. We're 2/2 reproducing this issue and are going to change our kill order to try to get around it unless someone needs us to try to reproduce.
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  2. a_librarian Augur

    welcome to an unintended side effect of them attempting to fix DoT killing mobs in DZs to respawn them.
  3. Sarepean Journeyman

    This actually caused me to look back at my logs. Looks like an auto attack from a beast lord killed him for us last week, so no dice. Something else is going on.
  4. Jalad New Member

    Same issue with our DZs two times in a row no AL spawn.
  5. Ratalthor Developer

    We have not been able to reproduce this yet. Can anybody provide exact reproduction steps for us to try?
  6. Xoner Baby Joesph Sayer

    For me this has only happened on Aradune. The first time we killed Rhag 1, then Rhag 2 spawned and we killed him. Arch Lich did not spawn. The second time we killed Rhag 1 and Rhag 2 never spawned. I tried to reproduce this on test server but Rhag 2 and Arch Lich spawned appropriately.
  7. Gheed Augur

    Seems random but I only have a sample size of 2. The only common theme I have seen is when the cycle functions properly, the mob is killed by melee damage. When the cycle does not continue to spawn, the previous mob was killed by DoT or spell damage.

    Other than that no idea
  8. Duder Augur

    What reproduction steps have you taken? This is so regularly and reliably occurring that it seems like it would be an easy one to look into.
  9. Sarepean Journeyman

    If anyone knew what was causing it, we would just stop doing that, so.. No, I doubt anyone has reproduction steps. This could even have a timing element to it and that's why no one knows what the problem is.

    When you tested on test, did you pop your DZ and kill in roughly the amount of time it took your raid or were you able to fly through it?

    My logs indicate Rhag died last week in our DZ to an auto attack from a Beastlord, so that doesn't seem to be the issue for us.
  10. Sarepean Journeyman

    I'll take a deeper look at my logs tonight and share info here. Maybe there are some commonalities between the failed spawns between all of us that we can narrow this down. Losing out on multiple GRCs is no good.
  11. Xoner Baby Joesph Sayer

    It was on test server. It was in a DZ. I suppose I went through it rather quickly. But they died to dot damage. Maybe it has something to do with motm since it no longer exists on test server?

    02/12/21 05:03:42 PM You have entered Ssraeshza Temple.


    02/12/21 05:04:46 PM You hit Rhag`Zhezum for 62284 points of magic damage by Arms of Holy Wrath IV. (Critical)
    02/12/21 05:04:48 PM Rhag`Zhezum has taken 36312 damage from your Horde of Polybiads Rk. III.
    02/12/21 05:04:54 PM Rhag`Zhezum has taken 189199 damage from your Horde of Polybiads Rk. III. (Critical)

    02/12/21 05:04:54 PM You have slain Rhag`Zhezum!


    02/12/21 05:15:22 PM Rhag`Mozdezh has taken 39474 damage from your Horde of Polybiads Rk. III.
    02/12/21 05:15:16 PM Rhag`Mozdezh has taken 163849 damage from your Horde of Polybiads Rk. III. (Critical)

    02/12/21 05:15:22 PM You have slain Rhag`Mozdezh!

    02/12/21 05:17:48 PM You have slain Arch Lich Rhag`Zadune!
  12. Sarepean Journeyman

    OK, so here's what my logs have:
    February 3rd--- Rhag 1 dies at 7:24PM from Winged Death; Rhag 2 dies at 7:47PM from Touch of Night; No Arch Lich, but we do get hit by what appears to be a trap with his name at 8:50PM. This would have been well after we hit his room and didn't find him there.
    [Wed Feb 03 20:50:27 2021] Glixz has taken 125 damage from Curse of Rhag`Zadune by Arch Lich Rhag`Zadune .

    February 10th--- Missed Rhag 1 due to being late; Rhag 2 dies at 6:59PM from a Beastlord's auto attack; No Arch Lich, but we do get hit by what appears to be a trap with his name at 7:18PM.
    [Wed Feb 10 19:18:05 2021] Rizher has taken 125 damage from Curse of Rhag`Zadune by Arch Lich Rhag`Zadune .

    EDIT: February 3rd, I think we actually determined Arch Lich wasn't up using track outside the room while trying to get summoned through the door, so the trap may have actually hit us during that effort. Doesn't really matter, though--- things were pretty well on point on the 10th.
  13. Sarepean Journeyman

    We're running this now. This time we're going to start by disarming the trap that seems to bear Arch Lich's name, then go kill things. I'll post kill order, times, and results here after.
  14. Sarepean Journeyman

    No Arch Lich. 3/3.

    We came in, disarmed all the traps in front of the Arch Lich room. Then we killed Rhag 1, disarmed the three traps on the ground floor, and then killed Rhag 2. No Arch Lich.

    February 17th: Popped DZ at 5:30PM. Rhag 1 killed at 5:54PM by Draught of Ice; Rhag 2 killed at 6:17PM by an auto attack from a Ranger; no Arch Lich. We skipped cursed cycle to do this first and eliminated the traps as a possibility before spawning Arch Lich.

    Devs, this really sucks. What information can we give you that we reasonably have access to? It's not like we can spawn infinite DZs on Aradune to try every condition we can think of and, honestly, at this point, the process just looks broken. There's nothing that happens between Rhag 2 and Arch Lich--- he just does not pop off of Rhag 2.
  15. Lhus Journeyman

    This has also happened to our guild on Aradune. Rhag 1 & Rhag 2 down. No Arch Lich spawn in DZ.
  16. Sarepean Journeyman

    And, again, just to be clear about the impact, this is 3 weeks with no loot: that means 3 orbs of luclinite we don't have to give our members for VT keys and 3 chances we didn't get for a greater remove curse spell. It's not exactly a low impact issue, especially when Luclin runs for 3 months.
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  17. Suyeong New Member

    Had this bug on Aradune also. We did get Arch Lich first week of Luclin on Aradune without issue. Not sure what we did differently (if anything). But we haven't got him the last two weeks.

    [Wed Feb 17 21:54:54 2021] Atombomb hit Rhag`Zhezum for 4569 points of magic damage by Elnerick's Electrical Rending.
    [Wed Feb 17 21:54:54 2021] Rhag`Zhezum's body is rent by vicious arcs of electricity.
    [Wed Feb 17 21:54:54 2021] Rhag`Zhezum has been slain by Atombomb!
    ^ Rhag1 killed by Wizard nuke

    [Wed Feb 17 22:00:11 2021] Namadirolf punches Rhag`Mozdezh for 1 point of damage.
    [Wed Feb 17 22:00:11 2021] Namadirolf punches Rhag`Mozdezh for 15 points of damage.
    [Wed Feb 17 22:00:12 2021] Rhag`Mozdezh has been slain by Namadirolf!
    ^ Rhag2 killed by Beastlord auto attack

    Arch Lich did not spawn.
  18. deano187 New Member

    Repro Steps:
    1. Open DZ
    2. Clear 1st and 2nd floor trash mobs to Rhags
    3. Go to basement and clear, do Cursed cycle
    4. Approx. 1-2h has surpassed since DZ was open and trash clearing began
    5. Do Rhag 1
    6. Do Rhag 2
    7. Go to AL

    Result: AL not there
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  19. Hamshire Augur

    Its still broken after the patch
    Requested dz at 6:30pm est 7:00pm start it
    Clear to basement & do cursed
    Kill rhag1
    Kill rhag2
    No AL
    Just happened now.

    Why not just make AL & the cursed cycle just be up in the dz so this goes away. These two events not spawning has been an issue for years. have rhag1, rhag2, and AL just be up and the basement has so much unused areas just throw glyph and exile in a corner and cursed on the spawn pad.
  20. Machen New Member

    Our ssra dz this week was exactly the same as this. We spawned, cleared to basement and did cursed, probably in ~30 minutes total. Then cleared rhag1+2 pretty quickly right after. No AL spawned after rhag 2.

    Looking at the various reports, I don't think there is any common thread in terms of order of mobs killed. Doesn't seem to matter what you kill first, or how quickly or slowly. Disarming the Arch Lich trap or not disarming it doesn't seem to matter either. If there was something easily reproducible, we'd all have figured it out and be not doing that thing by now.