Aradune Update 6/10/20

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by dreamweaver, Jun 10, 2020.

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  1. Minkin New Member

    168 minutes queue. 4 hours later I can finally play. This is ridiculous!
  2. Umdebus New Member

    247 min queue? sorry not going to happen not going to pay a monthly sub for something I cant enjoy, Live servers are dead at low level and I wanted to come back and enjoy the leveling with real people again. so guess ill just take my Money to another game.
  3. Sa Da Tay New Member

    Tried logging on at 7pm, 256 minute queue. No thank you lol
  4. Shakeef New Member

    Server issues have been fixed, but you need to wait 6 hours to play on them ...

    Amazing work ... :p
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  5. Name2 Augur

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  6. Raurk Zorander Journeyman

    Can we please get some details about how this "work on the outstanding issues" is proceeding?
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  7. Razulon New Member

    256m queue. Big surprise, Daybreak drops the ball again. ADD A NEW SERVER cause the queue is gonna be around for a while.
  8. phaeril Augur

    You blamed the customer for being pissed off that the product malfunctions on a regular basis while being used as intended. Then used that as part of your argument that the queue was better. I defended myself against the notion that crashes are on me to fix and then demonstrated that I have already done that anyway.

    The crashes are real, the queue is bad, I will not chill (on this)

    wow, that's harsh
  9. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    I sooo want them to announce 3x exp bonus on aradune only....just to see the crashing and 12 hour queues!
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  10. Acidjunkie New Member

    Common boys and girls - let's try and break yesterdays queue record. 256 mins+ let's gooooooooo

    current status: 10am EST - 7 min waiting time
  11. Fiddling New Member

    The people that work for this company should be embarrassed to even put it on their resume. It is a joke.
  12. hieroz New Member

    THIS IS LITERAL UTTER . 7AM - 20 minute QUE. $4,000 Computer cant even stay connected without disconnected all the time between zones. Get passed the 20 minute que and says my EVERQUEST isn't updated? What the ? Finally get in, come back with my 2080ti SLI computer CRASHES AGAIN AND NOW HOUR QUE. You guys are a disgrace to brad running a server in his name and conducting it like this. ANYONE WOULD RATHER HAVE A 5 MINUTE ZONE TIME THEN WAIT 340 MINUTES.

    WAY to STAIN BRADS GREAT LEGACY AS GARBAGE WITH THIS PISS POOR SERVER. Hardcore Everquest fan sense the first day of release. You guys are a DISGRACE.
  13. hieroz New Member


  14. hieroz New Member

    Oh yeah. then theres half the population using AFK BOTS to not get disconnected. Love how you have to accept to not using any out of game third party programs but half the server is blatantly using AFK bots and clogging up the server but the devs can give a .
  15. Mawnee New Member

    I've been unable to log in for most of the week because the wait times are longer than my available time to actually play.

    I finally got in this morning(AT 4AM) and thought "Maybe I"ll use a Krono to get some gear for a little boost to make up some time." I purchase a Krono and AFTER I click buy I'm met with a disclaimer that it may take up to 2 days to receive it? *Facepalm* o_O
  16. Psalmz Elder

    Despite Dreamweaver trying to put a nice spin on things, it amounts to this:
    DBG is failing to provide adequate capacity for its subscribers. The company offered a service (the game), accepted subscriptions, and is not providing access to all it's customers.
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  17. zevel New Member

    10 am pt with 2-3 hour queue, and if i crash like yesterday that would mean i cant get on till 10 pm. remove krono and make everything no drop to stop the farmers short term, they will get around any wimpy nerf u do and you will actually hurt normal players if u do anything else. 2nd server is mandatory.
  18. hieroz New Member

    this is incredible. I QUE THE EXACT SAME TIME ON BOTH MY ACCOUNTS. But yet only one has made it in the que. Which was 30 minutes passed the time stated. Its been hour and half and my other account still is waiting in the que and I qued same time on both accounts. What the hell is going on?
  19. Danx New Member

    Finally have a day off, thought maybe I could spend the day trying to catch up to friends who have had a lot more free time and been able to out level me too much to group. It's Sunday morning, how bad can the queue be? Oh hell... Maybe I'll be in by tonight sometime.
  20. Adagia New Member

    Absolutely frustrating. Get in the queue at 9am pacific and it looks like it will likely be a total of 3 hours waiting. Guild leader yesterday was in a 4 hour queue.

    Btw, the "average wait time" you see is not your expected time, it is the time the last person, who just got into the game, waited. I have found that the time I see shortly before I actually get in matches pretty well. This is why I take a look at the new average now and then, to help me estimate how much longer I still have to go. So far this morning I've been in line for 2 hours, and the avg time shows 144m, so I might be at the front of the line in another half hour. It won't surprise me if it's longer of course.
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