Aradune Update 6/10/20

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by dreamweaver, Jun 10, 2020.

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  1. dreamweaver Community Manager

    We wanted to update players on Aradune with some changes made recently. Since launch we have been working on solving the issues with server performance that has affected game play for many of you. In the interim we have reduced the server capacity slightly as a short term fix. Disconnects while zoning have been greatly reduced, and some of the sources of crashes while zoning will be addressed in the upcoming June update.

    While the server is at a reduced capacity it is likely that you might see a queue during peak times, we know this can be frustrating and thank you for your patience while we continue to work on the outstanding issues.
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  2. EternalNewb Journeyman

    Thanks for the information and update. I don't personally play on the server, but I imagine most people would prefer stable server with a queue to one without one that is virtually unplayable.
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  3. Bomce New Member

    Thanks for the information but, what is the point of giving us bonus exp because of the server issues and then restricting our access to the servers on which we get said bonus exp? Seems sort of counter to the objective don't you think?
  4. Tucoh Augur

    PR Protip: equivocating in front of customers you're providing embarrassing service for is really annoying and doesn't help you in any way because it makes the customer feel like you're unaware of the current situation and need to be told what's going on via whining.

    When "it is likely you might see a queue during peak times" means "there was a queue starting at 1:30 PM PST on a weekday" you really should say "this will result in a queue".

    Instead of "we know this can be frustrating" just say, "we know this is frustrating".

    PS: Welcome back. You should let your bosses know that muzzling you during catastrophes doesn't help you do your job.
  5. Dogwizard New Member

    I hope you're being well compensated for all the garbage pings you get on discord. You would think, considering the average age of an EQ player, that people would be more considerate. But nope, they all suck. Just garbage posting manchildren.
  6. Saionce New Member

    Maybe because not everyone feels the same way - I for one am happy with a medium queue and stable servers and do not find this frustrating at all especially when compared to the unplayable servers we've been experiencing. Actually being able to zone, send tells, interact with my group in chat and play the game is a good thing.

    Thanks for the hard work y'all - I know it's not easy dealing with some of these personalities but happy to see strides towards stability and acknowledgement of issues.
  7. Lumiens Augur

    So if you are EST and you come home from work to log in you will have a short queue but if you are PST and come home from work you are going to be stuck in the queue again for hours until all the EST people go to sleep?
  8. Dogwizard New Member

    I have two active paid accounts, but thanks for trying.

    I'm not mad because it's nothing to be mad about. It's annoying, sure, and I would rather be playing. But constantly pinging and insulting someone in discord over it does nothing but show maturity levels.
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  9. Orzulth Journeyman

    While I agree that it is inconceivable that after so many years that the game doesn't work, I for one am glad to finally hear from Dreamweaver. We've heard nothing but crickets since release (That post from Jenn Chan was almost useless) and to have this Aradune specific update is great. Am I frustrated? You bet. But I am little more willing to be understanding now that we've actually been acknowledged.
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  10. Raurk Zorander Journeyman

    I also am just glad to see a post specifically addressing Aradune. Any update would never satisfy everyone, but at least we are hearing something. Sounds like they are still working on the issues - right now, with how the server is set up, we either get a queue or awful performance, so they have currently elected for the former. Let's hope they can fix both of these, along with the crashes, in the near future. Thanks for the update Dreamweaver.
  11. scaethach Journeyman

    Yeah this will be back to inaccessible completely for some folks again. They really just need an aradune 2.0 with a planned merge once the populations drop. Probably too late for that now though.
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  12. Getafix New Member

    Really... 45-60min queues.... unacceptable... sorry.
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  13. Wamthump New Member

    I usually remain silent but increasing, persistent ques are maddening when they continue to plague people (38 minutes) who are west coast with a job. In addition the kick right after getting in due to attempting to use the LFG tool resulting in an even longer que (48 minutes) makes for class action wishes and litigious intent.
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  14. Lumiens Augur

    I've been petitioning people that I find who are botting, especially all the packs of 2 afk necros and mages. GM's say they will look into it, 24 hours later the botters are still online in the same spot. I updated my ticket with more screenshots of other packs of botters, GM's keep closing my ticket with no response.

    Maybe get your GM's actually starting enforcing the rules and suspend all the botters that are clearly also running more than 2 accounts and it would make more room on the server for people trying to log in?
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  15. Leoden New Member

    1. Log in early for raid since zone times were so bad yesterday
    2. Sit in 30 minute queue
    3. Run to CL for a port, crash to desktop
    4. Log back in,
    5. Sitting in 49 minute queue
    This is the first time my game has crashed since the server went live. I hope it isn't a new thing to come...
    I get the queues to combat the zone times, while you figure out a strategy, but sitting in them time and time again after crashes. Not sure how much more I can take.
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  16. Kastore New Member

    60+ minute queue when I get home from work today. I usually only have a 2 hour play window unless its the weekend. Releasing a TLP named Aradune and the ruleset is perfect... you knew how large of a player base would come. Everyone is coming out to show support for Aradune. Shame on you. You should have been prepared and provided your customers a great EQ experience. On top of that, it sounds like the GM's are worthless.

    I'd rather be able to login, play, and have 5 minute zoning times than a 60+ min queue. I'll be cancelling my sub. It's a shame as I know I'm not the only one. What a missed opportunity for Darkpaw Games.
  17. poutyface New Member

    Closed all accounts and no longer play on aradune. There is no excuse for tightfisted screw the customer attitude. I simply refuse to pay for this dogturd of a server.
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  18. Orzulth Journeyman

    I'm still not convinced that they actually exist.
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  19. Odjin Tyr New Member

    There just booting people who sit too long now, I got Removed from the Game for Organizing my Inventory while sitting/talking to a guildie about helping me Get an Item, I was explaining the Details of our adventure and Crash whole game exits, around the same time a lot of guildies where reporting their friends where having this problem as well. we thought it was memory issues. I pay for this service, I don't pay to be Forcefully removed from the game because you feel I've logged in Long enough.
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  20. Name2 Augur

    Reinstating the queue was the best possible move Daybreak had. Yes, the queues suck again. Yes, the bonus xp is going to be enjoyed more by some than others. However, given the choice between a playable experience for the players that can get in, vs an unplayable experience for everyone, the right call is to limit the server capacity and make it available on a first come, first served basis. They tried both ways, and chose the less impactful inconvenience. It will be interesting to see in the coming weeks if there is active effort toward making a stable Aradune available for more people than current capacity.
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