Aradune Unplayable (Error - A timeout occurred, Server isn't cetera)

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Jhinx, Jul 1, 2020.

  1. Jhinx Whimsical Chinchilla

    Zones took forever, people crashed, chat lag, et cetera et cetera.

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  2. Lolthe Journeyman

    been in a loading screen for 10 minutes now... are the people that left because of the long queue times coming back for the exp bonus and breaking the server?
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  3. Abhorsan New Member

    Lag crashed my entire group on zoning - now can't log back in. Getting the error that the server is not responding for multiple players. Server has been so bad for Chat and Zoning today :(
  4. Danse Master Flex New Member

    Unable to log into Aradune, server not responding and you have been disconnected error. And now I am unable to log into a different server to try and play elsewhere as I am stuck waiting for the currently logged in player to be removed from the world. Occasionally I get an "unknown error occurred" with this.
  5. Lolthe Journeyman

    I hope the Devs get wind of this and try and get a fix going soon
  6. Hadce Cleric of Aradune

    No reason to believe they're not aware of it. The problem is there are two fixes. Option 1 costs DBG money, option 2 requires less people to play.

    It'll all be over in a week and back to 'normal' so they aren't going to spend money now for only a week's worth of traffic. As soon as I saw it was 76% bonus exp I already knew the servers were going to be unstable at best and completely down at worst.

    You don't have to be a dev or even work for DPG to be able to predict this is exactly what was going to happen.
  7. Sithil Elder

    Congrats on you hardware update that you, we, and everyone knew was going to break . Bravo.
  8. Hottcakes New Member

    God I am so fed up... everything was working great for a week no issues
    and I see "Server update" today
    and just knew we'd have issues tonight.
  9. Hadce Cleric of Aradune

    For what it's worth - if you're online and _in a zone_ the game is running great.

    It's the logging in, zoning, and chat that's broken - and it's not specific to Aradune.
  10. Lolthe Journeyman

    in that case Hadce, what was the point in the Hardware update to make the server more stable and playable
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  11. Jhinx Whimsical Chinchilla

    Much more stable today, though sending a tell currently has a rather lengthy time period before it lands.

    And zoning times are still measured in minutes.
  12. Panikker Elder

    Server is slow ....even creating a character is slow. Can DPG replace the old mice at the server wheels for new ones??? ;)
  13. SithWizard Elder

    Game is still not playable on Aradune, spent 20 minutes trying to zone from neriak commons to neriak foreign quarter.
  14. BETA99 New Member

    Leave it to DBG to fail at everything they do!
  15. Sithil Elder

    Oh look its post 7pm EST, Server is completely un-usuable. BIG SURPRISE! Why do yall suck so bad at you jobs?
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