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  1. Arugan Lorekeeper

    You're totally missing the point. Yes, "fairness" is part of it, but more important is cultivating a player base that emphasizes group play. This thread is a heap of evidence that Truebox does a great job at at discouraging people from boxing. Huge success!

    The botters and RMT'ers will be there regardless of Truebox, as you pointed out. That's a wash. I will do my best to report them, ignore them, and avoid them as much as possible. I hope others will too.
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  2. Bullsnooze Augur

    If you want to box on the same machine then play on Rizlona... It's really that simple.

    I've noticed that your sole stance on Aradune (in every post), is that it's going to fail and you want to revel in that misery. May I respectfully ask why you feel this way? Additionally, do you even plan on playing on the server?
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  3. Stune Augur

    Your joking right? they still had botters going on a true box server 1 account and we still had group play. I still remember the 15 bot users floating around, then i went to guk and got into a group. So this argument only effects the play nice players. within the first week i expect the GM to give up with all the reports.
  4. Stune Augur

    No it doesn't, we have multi computers these days. This isn't 1999 when we could only afford 1 computer. Argument doesn't hold water, because each guild going to this server will have 1+ botters, boxers with more then 2 accounts. Just saying its going to happen, and good luck enforcing it.
  5. Spayce Augur

    The reason Aradune is Truebox is so that when this GM experiment fails and the plug is pulled on it (or doesn't even launch with GMs), the server will at least still have Truebox detection (for whatever little that is worth).

    This isn't any more nuanced than that.
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  6. Pawtato Augur

    When have I said Aradune is going to be a failure? It’s going to be immensely popular, and that’s going to drive the drama sky high. I’ll be on Rizlona, but I’ll be enjoying the FQ coming from it.
  7. Tacc Journeyman

    The number of copout replies in this thread is staggering. Whether there's truebox or not there's going to be people 2 boxing heavily. There's also going to be a good number of people that find ways to circumvent (as they always do) the rules of 2 box limit. If you want single box go play P99. This server despite what you choose to think isn't "designed to limit boxing as much as possible" otherwise it would be NO boxing. It's a server that does exactly what the description says it does. Limit boxes to 2 per person. All these people saying "If you want to box play Rizlona" are either dense or low-key insulting. There's an enormous difference between wanting to play 2 characters like the server rules state but not wanting to clutter my desk with 2 computers/keyboards/mice/more monitors.etc and playing on a server that almost explicitly allows 3rd party software to box your own groups/raids of characters. It's two entirely different worlds and to act like it's the same just cause I want to run 2 on 1 PC instead of 2 is one of the dumbest things I've heard all week.

    Just like the vast majority of future Aradune players. If Truebox isn't removed I'll just fire up a laptop and plug in a USB numpad and deal with it. It won't hinder me much and it won't reduce number of boxers any significant amount. It'd just be nice to not have to jump through hoops for once.
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  8. gladiatoreq Elder

    Instead of disabling Truebox altogether, they could actually adjust the code to allow for two logins per PC instead of one on this server.

    I doubt they will commit a Dev to this on such a limited timeframe before server launch. Although, Dreamweaver said that he would forward the feedback from the multiple threads related to this to the team, so there's still hope.
  9. Spayce Augur

    "They could just adjust the code".

    No, they can't. DPG probably didn't write the Truebox code, and they are almost certainly incapable of altering it in time for Aradune to launch.

    Furthermore, the mechanism works by detecting (nearly) simultaneous keystrokes from a single IP. There would be no way to determine if those simultaneous keystrokes came from 2 or 3 PCs.
  10. Tacc Journeyman

    It's a little more complex than that. I can log on 2 chars on any truebox right now with my desktop and laptop and spam 1 on 2 keyboards and not get kicked. Nobody (that I've been able to find) fully understands how truebox works and what triggers it. I can test for myself that your simplification of how it works is not correct. It appears to just randomly occur when lots of simultaneous keystrokes are happening. There's likely some additional logic to it that we're unaware of.

    Pretty sure the first truebox server was well after DBG acquired EQ. What makes you think they didn't write it and aren't capable of modifying it?
  11. Leifer Augur

    I think YOU are missing the point. Aradune is a true (two) box server. Why should they not allow 2 accounts on 1 PC if they allow 2 accounts on 2 PC's? How will "group play" differ if I have 1 machine or 2, with my two accounts?

    Truebox does not discourage boxers from boxing. It encourages people to buy more computers, use more home space, more electricity and it simply discriminates against those who wish to use just one PC. I'd wager there are just as many boxers on Mangler than there was on Ragefire or Lockjaw, so I disagree that Truebox has really cultivated more emphasis on group play.

    I think it is delusional to pretend that Mangler is better than Lockjaw was as far as abuse of the spirit of the game. It is just simply harder on Mangler for working class, family people to play on one PC and enjoy the game.

    I played on LJ, Agnar, Cornaiv, and Mangler and far and away LJ was the easiest to find groups with others (while I 3 boxed) and Cornaiv was the most difficult. I spent far more time grouped with others while 3 boxing and far too much time LFG and trying to put groups together on Cornaiv on a single account. Group play is far and away preferred and most two boxers will group up. It is just easier (as working adults with other responsibilities) to group with 2 other 2 boxers than it is with 5 other one boxers (for numerous reasons).

    All of these arguments, trouble, crying and whining about Truebox server rulesets happened because maybe half a dozen people on Ragefire completely abused the spirit of the game back in 2015. Newsflash - most of them are back on Truebox in other various forms. There has been a lot of banter, bickering and work to try and sift away a few bad apples. Loyal customers who box on just 1 PC will tell you it sure as hell hasn't been worth it.

    Most boxers will still play on Aradune - as it will have the healthy population numbers. One PC players may start on Rizlona but the player population will be sparse and 1 PC players won't easily be able to assemble groups and they will have to drift back to Live once again.
  12. Bullsnooze Augur

    I'm not saying you out right said anything of the sorts. I'm only interested in your stance towards Aradune, in which you're entitled to feel however you'd like about the server, but I'm just wondering why all the passive pessimism.
  13. Sikkun Augur

    Aka it makes it more of a pain and creates a hire cost of entry leading to less people doing it. That’s the point.
  14. Minpire Augur

    Tons of resources to reverse code the current truebox code that would/could tons of other issues etc.

  15. Accipiter Old Timer

    It's not impossible, it's just very, very unlikely. Sure, they changed the POP-lock almost immediately after all the outcry so it does happen.
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  16. sumnayin Augur

    There will be a non-truebox server...go there. It blows my mind how many people want a non-truebox server and won't go play on the non-truebox server.
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  17. Tucoh Augur

    Truebox isn't the true differentiator between the two servers.
  18. Sithil Elder

    Speaking of dense replies. Sure wanting to play 2 toons on 1 PC is EXACTLY the same as going play on a server where there will be 3, 4, 6, 12, 18 boxers. Exactly! GTFOH
  19. Machen New Member

    That's only one small part of the Truebox mechanism, and yes they could if they wanted. I can think of several fairly easy technical ways to accomplish this in short order.
  20. sumnayin Augur

    That must be why so many people are complaining that they can't play on 1 PC with 2 characters on Aradune...amazing find, detective.