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    That's only because Holly picked a poor person to select a group of people to give idea's on the next TLP's that took place on Jan 14th and most of them were users themselves, one of the guys was even a developer for one of the major hacking sites and using a quadriplegic as a reason to let everyone else bot. Yes, someone who is disabled to that degree should be aloud to use software to help them play as long as its not abused and they provide the company proof of the disability.
  2. Dooby dooby doo Elder

    My problem isn't the restriction. It's that they aren't enforcing it on people botting 30 characters.

    Why don't these people go to the server that was created for them?why doesn't the company do anything about these people blatantly cheating on aradune? Why does everyone else have to follow aradune rules except 3 special people warping their armies around?

    The solution is that these cheaters should be dealt with... But, since they are not being dealt with... the rules need to be changed. It's that simple. You shouldn't have just a few people botting 36 toons each while everyone else is being told to only play 2 characters. It's extremely unfair gameplay that people are botting 36 toons on the aradune server.
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  3. Tweakfour17 Augur

    Because their customers are on Aradune. The teams on Rizlona can farm their own gear. Why doesn't DBG do anything? Thats a conspircy theory for another day..
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  4. Xeris Augur

    They're as likely to post an update about GM presence on Aradune as they were to post that intro to the GMs they promised when the server was announced... Aka: never.

    I don't play on Aradune anymore, but there was no 2box restriction ever in place. I logged on 4 chars at once during classic just to see if I could, and nothing happened.

    There were def GMs during classic, can't speak for anything now. But it seems to be mostly a farce.
  5. Accipiter Old Timer

    So? What difference does it make how Rizlona came to be? Third party software is allowed on that server. The end.
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  6. Fluid Augur

    Well, I ran a couple of characters up to the teens for this holiday on Aradune and I have my main play on Rizlona. Your meth comment is telling in that you seem to be more then passably familiar with it while having zero knowledge of Aradune or Rizlona.
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    :eek: WTF?!?

    You cannot be serious....