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  1. AoEBox Elder

    As we enter the 2nd week of Velious on Aradune I cannot help but notice the non existent GM presence on Aradune.
    Pick a zone and you will find many individuals and guilds breaking the 2 box limitation and it is most noticeable in ToV.
    I highly recommend any GM with half a brain to follow the OW guilds around and see how many are currently breaking this policy.

    Can we expect any kind of announcement about the GM presence or the Truebox limitations on Aradune going forward ?
    Either remove the 2 box limitation so people can play at the luxury they want or enforce the policy you put forth to your cliental.
  2. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice

    The GMs for Aradune/Riz were only hired for 6 months. Time's up.
  3. AoEBox Elder

    That information was really not helpful nor did it answer my question :)

    I know the GMs were only hired for 6 months initially but they did state
    "We are targeting at least 6 months, post server launch, after which we will review the results and move forward from there."

    Which is why I asked if we should see some kind of announcement indicating the GMs are gone or that the Truebox 2 box limitations have been or will be removed.

    I just want them to either enforce the rule promoted for this server or to remove it so I can play at the same level as others I see with 5+ boxes on AF without the chance of suspension / ban.

  4. Fluid Augur

    I took a break from Riz and thought I would check out Aradune so I created a couple of characters to wander around. As of this morning the newbie areas are pretty much ghost towns. I ran one character from Butcherblock to Qeynos and didn't see more then a dozen characters. I had entire zones to myself.

    This is pretty much a death knell for any server. Kind of disappointed because I liked the history and reasons for starting a TLP server with the name Aradune. At this stage I look at it as just another server that will eventually if not immediately lose population down to a couple of guilds. Kind of a shame because I didn't witness any of the toxicity that Aradune is noted for. Quite the opposite, ran into a couple of people that were kind and sociable.

    You aren't going to get people to change the server. Remember there was a *HUGE* flame fest about how allowing boxing was going to make Rizlona toxic. If you play that card, the few people left that remember those flames are still of that mind set will rebel.

    Rizlona is OK. If you want to box there you will be welcome. I think we are on 6 month locks and 1) Just got an expansion 2) Maximum level is 60 and will be for 6 months. Maybe not easy to catch up, but doable. In the DB scheme of things, they should allow transfers from a tougher server like Aradune with no boxing to one like Rizlona where it is a leg up for those of us with multiple accounts. Double experience holiday right now so IMHO jump on it. If you need a pittance of cash to get started there, just post your character's name and I will get pp to you so you can get your first round of spells.
  5. Machen New Member

    You aren't going to ever see this, especially not with a parallel server that does not have Truebox restrictions that you can transfer to any time you no longer want to have Truebox restrictions.
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  6. Dythan Ban Lev in Plane of Fire guy

    Also, no one is "getting around" Aradune's true box restrictions. Those are legitimate families with 2 to 8 kids playing together and having a good time.
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  7. AoEBox Elder

    I do not want to transfer to an economy that is x3's that of Aradune.
    I want them to enforce the policy originally stated with this TLP and if they are not going to they need to remove the restriction of 2 boxes per individual.

    Yeah I truly believe Joedaddy has 6 kids and all of which are on Auto Follow in ToV ... YUP!
    Looks legit.
  8. Dooby dooby doo Elder

    Except for the 3 box armies that warp around and kill stuff, sure, no one is cheating the system. Ever seen the 12 toons killing high lvl sirens in Sirens Grotto? I'm sure it's just a bunch of friends who are there every single day.

    You're blind if you don't think people are bypassing the restrictions.

    There are at least 3 entire raid forces that consist of only 1 person each.

    The most funny thing to me is looking at home town cities at certain times of the day. You'll see 23 people in Freeport at 2am. When you look closer, it's just bots who are AFK spread across the zone doing nothing but standing there for 8 hours. Felwithe, Freeport, Cabilis. Just littered with lvl 60 AFK toons all in the same 3 guilds that no one has ever heard of.

    Sure is weird that 3 guilds no one has heard of, all seem to AFK at their origin/binds while AFK kick is still on... for 8+ hours at a time. Nothing unusual going on, at all.
  9. Machen New Member

    You're not going to get what you want, if history is any guide. It's been happening on every TLP since there have been TLP's.
  10. Dooby dooby doo Elder

    What people want is for them to just remove the 2box restriction. It's obvious the same people cheating the last 3 servers are still botting 30+ toons on Aradune. So, if you're going to allow people to warp, emque2, and box 30+ toons on Aradune, why are we restricting the normal people also? Just lift the restriction so everyone can box a 3rd or 4th toon or whatever they want. As long as they are going to allow these mass botters to operate and warp around to do their own thing, they need to just bite the bullet and admit defeat and lift the restrictions.
  11. Machen New Member

    Yeah, and there is a server that already has those restrictions lifted that you can transfer to any time you'd like. If you don't want to live under the restrictions, there's an easy solution that doesn't require dbg to do anything for you.
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  12. Shindar The Reaver Journeyman

    This is 100% NOT true. These guys with mini guilds are only hiding out in DZ's and farming targets like KT / Dain and a few other easier raid mobs and selling LR's/tradeable gear. I've even joined some discords of some of the powerlevel guys who openly admit in discord they box 3+ acts and one of the major guys powerlevels with 12 acts with 2 other guys helping him rotate acts... Then you have the small timers trying to get away with 3 boxing by having each toon in another guild or unguilded from w/e char is a main... I've even joined some of the guilds with noobs chars just to look at the roster when the players were boxing 3+ and showing them labeled as alts/boxes all on at the same time and yet no susps or bans.... its truely sad they that ruse people in with the rule sets then do nothing to enforce set rules of the server
  13. Shindar The Reaver Journeyman

    Pretty big insult to Aradune too but whatever just wait until this server is around PoP or so and a new ruse of TLP's will come out and the RMT's can rack in the bucks again from classic to PoP
  14. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice

    Lotta whooshing in here.
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  15. KrakenReality Augur

    This doesn't answer his question about GM presence on Aradune...
  16. Shindar The Reaver Journeyman

    I've seen Rizlona lately and not impressed, Sorry but 1 person running around with 12-54 accounts that all run automated programs that play for them isn't gaming and is a insult to real gamers who have had to deal with cheaters since day one and now they make it ok.............might as well make meth legal now too.............oh wait :(
  17. Machen New Member

    Yeah, that's just exactly like using software assists in a 20 year old game.
  18. Shindar The Reaver Journeyman

    software assist lmao, the new name for cheating
  19. Machen New Member

    You may not like it, but it's not cheating on Rizlona.
  20. Tweakfour17 Augur

    You gotta read between the lines, if the GMs were some great success and being extended another 6 months there would be an announcement commenting on how great they are. They won't make an announcement saying the GMs are gone because that would further embolden the botters. Also, there are GMs, all the other TLPs and Live servers also have GMs, just not dedicated ones, so Aradune gets to live in the schrodinger's cat version of GM enforcement, is it there? is it not? Who knows!

    Since the 2 box rule is not software enforced but is/was enforced by dedicated GMs responding to people telling on each other I highly doubt they will ever rescind that "rule" either, it will just slowly stop being reported/enforced.

    Truebox itself isn't coming off Aradune any time soon, there is already a thread dozens of pages long asking for it to be removed from mature servers where it is a hinderance, there is zero chance they remove it off their youngest server that also has a non truebox twin.
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