Aradune TLP <Rampage> Euro Hardcore guild

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Knobrot, Apr 30, 2020.

  1. Relentless Doxxed Grizvok

  2. Chikkin Augur

    lol, it was either that or a bard and a bard just be zzz's now with melody since people don't manually twist anymore.

    What's funny, is my internet was cutting out, so this old animated gif was going in super slow-mo like frame-by-frame. lol
  3. CokaSZ Elder

  4. CokaSZ Elder

  5. Starshape Elder

    One more week...
  6. Iove Lorekeeper

    Few questions here:
    Raid time set yet?
    Boxes/Alts also earning DKP?
    What classes you currently have / needed?

    Hard to find any info about it in Discord, as I understand you will not have any forum/site?
  7. TLPman Augur

    haha what is this 1990 again no one uses website and forums anymore lol
  8. CokaSZ Elder

    Come into Discord and message the leaders or officers for more information.
  9. CokaSZ Elder

    Still looking for more, European players this is the premium home for you (also have some ragtag Americans/Australians and Middle Eastern friends joining us)

    Don't be a Chikkin jump on Discord and lets get ready for loot.

    Over 300 people and lots of chatting

  10. Starshape Elder

    Is this a premier guild?
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  11. Chikkin Augur

    haha, rl lol'ed at this. Shots fired!

    Good luck with your stuff, I know you guys will do very well.
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  12. CokaSZ Elder

    The premier most premium of guilds sir. Aradune will feel our Wrath.
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  13. CokaSZ Elder

  14. CokaSZ Elder

    We need EU

  15. Arclyte Augur

    do you accept american neckbeards

    i can bring hot dogs
  16. Starshape Elder

    Bring it.
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  17. CokaSZ Elder

    Of course! we have Australians, Arabs, Euros, Canadians and Americans (who also break down into their own sub ethnic groups such as Scottish American etc)

    You were probably European too once upon a time right?
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  18. Froglegs New Member

    Hello there Ladies.
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  19. Kalipto Augur

    Okay fine. I'll join. But only because Arclyte is bringing hot dogs. I'm an American after all.
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  20. Starshape Elder

    We are also going to need some buffalo wings.

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