Aradune TLP <Rampage> Euro Hardcore guild

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Knobrot, Apr 30, 2020.

  1. Knobrot New Member

    EU based raiding guild with the aim to be a top contender. We are comprised of various members well known guilds from across all the previous TLP's who have been successful such as <Fallen Council>, <Darkwind>, <Europa>, <Rosengard>. We have starred in many movies, many world firsts, The people who controlled when sleeper woke to the world of Norrath, twice! (links below)
    Sleeper 1
    Sleeper 2
    We're looking for people who know how to play the game and turn up for raids. Snowflake mentality isn't welcome

    We aren't running forums so join the discord link below, use our recruitment bot to complete to app and we look forward to seeing you.
    Discord Link

    Loot System = DKP
    Raid Times/days = Tuesday & Thursday 6:30 PM GMT. We WILL utilise a batphone
    Boxes allowed = Yes. Boxes can also earn loot

    Any questions or curious on who we have, check out members list on discord or hit me up
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  2. Botlhan New Member

    Europa has no affiliation with this guild and any member joining them does so on there own accord Europa will still be on mangler
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  3. Knobrot New Member

    To be clear these are the guilds our members have been in on previous TLP's not specifically now.
  4. CokaSZ Elder

    I didn't take that Europa was affiliated with them? It just says they have players from Europa?

    So this statement is quite frankly bizarre.
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  5. Zipe The Healer

    Rosengard has nothing to do with this. I don't know if the stockpile of ghosters or selfish beings that have played sporadically with us during the last 5 years will be there but as far as I know there isn't any long-standing member that is going there.

    Good luck.
  6. Mafaka_incharge New Member

    Helo Helo Lesss GOooo
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  7. Lurka New Member

    Love the sound of this, I'm in! Warm up that batphone...

    At the above posts it says members have been in those guilds, not that you're endorsing this new guild.
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  8. ABDW2002 New Member

    Thanks for the statement guys, that nobody needed, because we can all read English.

    Good luck on Aradune.
  9. ThenaEQ Augur

    Did Astral give you permission to make a guild on Aradune, Mafaka?
  10. Gilamas New Member

    Good luck!
    Hope it goes well! :)
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  11. Mafaka_incharge New Member

  12. Starshape Elder

    22 days... Not long to go...
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  13. Froglegs New Member

    Knobrot is lying, we like Snowflakes.
  14. Kurway New Member

  15. Starshape Elder

    Who doesn't like Snowflakes...
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  16. Relentless Doxxed Grizvok

  17. Smackage3 New Member

    Looking forward to it!
  18. CokaSZ Elder

  19. Smackage3 New Member

    Launch is going to be epic
  20. Warrior007 Augur


    Happy hunting, fellas!

    I'm visting Maf in Dubai after this Corona thing blows over.
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