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  1. c313 Elder

    <The Ta'Veren> Is recruiting for more!

    The core.
    We are a mixed of both seasoned and new to classic era members. We don't play at a cutthroat high level elitism. We understand this is a game and intend to have fun at our pace while experiencing everything the game has to offer. Every type of player is welcomed to the Guild. We don't expect you to play at the top of your class. We can all learn a few more things. The only requirement we have is to pay attention and follow instructions during raids. Discord is a requirement, not to speak, but to listen.

    The loot
    We use a silent bidding ebay style DKP system. You will only spend what the previous highest bidder bids +1. So if you bid 25, and the previous high bids 11, your bid will be 12. This way you can safely spend all your points, without actually spending all your points. New recruits are allowed to spend their points as soon as they earn them. We currently do not restrict new recruits from spending points as they earn them. We don't require a attendance % to be eligible for loot. If you earn the points, bid away. Points are earned at the start, and for every boss kill. Number of points vary based on the difficulty of each boss mob.

    The schedule
    We currently raid 4 nights a week starting 7PM PST (10 EST) ((Sunday 6PM PST 9pm EST)) lasting 3 hours. (Sunday 4) Raid days are SU-TU-WE-TH. # of Days and targets are subject to change. We started off as a casually focused Guild. We still hold our views and progress as a casual base Guild, but we're pushing harder and focusing a lot more on Raiding. Our schedule is not that of a traditional Casual Guild. But we do not play or raid at an elitist type of mind set. We value Life and Family first. And understand this is only a Game and the goal is to have fun in it.

    Sunday - Full clear Sky
    Tuesday - Full clear Fear
    Wednesday - Vox+Naggy then split raid for Phini+Yael
    Thursday - Full clear Hate.

    Join us today!

    For more specific details about us and to fill out an app or ask more questions check out our discord below.

    Update 8/4/20 CURRENT CLASS NEEDS

    #Bard <LOW>
    #Cleric [CLOSED]
    #Druid [CLOSED]
    #Enchanter [CLOSED]
    #Magician <LOW>
    #Monk [CLOSED]
    #Necromancer <LOW>
    #Paladin [CLOSED]
    #Ranger [CLOSED]
    #Rogue <LOW>
    #ShadowKnight <LOW>
    #Shaman [CLOSED]
    #Warrior [CLOSED]
    #Wizard <LOW>

    Note -
    On a strict case-by-case basis exceptional apps with the following qualities may still be considered:
    Max level
    TLP Experience
  2. c313 Elder

    Great turn out for Sundays raid nearly 40 attendees compared to previous weeks under 20. Still working out our core roster getting everyone leveled up. No closed classes as of yet however may be limiting classes soon.

    Hitting Fear today for class specific gear. Still a great time to join us before we hit our full roster.
  3. Trizek Augur

    Dropped all trash and Minis in Hate last night. Still working on getting everyone their levels, geared up for the Dragons and Plane bosses.

    Sunday we're hitting Phini again (maybe splitting it pending initial turn out) heading for hopefully our first Naggy kill after!

    Still plenty of room on our raid roster. No classes currently being turned away. Hope to see you all in game!
  4. c313 Elder

    Making progress! Nearly 50 attendees on last nights raid compared to under 20 barely 2 weeks ago. Getting all members leveled and geared up.

    Went into Sky for the first rounds of keying for the Guild. Officially making Sunday are PoSky night.

    Still accepting all classes. At the rate we're growing we will soon be limiting classes. Get in now while we're still growing! Make friends, enjoy EQ.
  5. c313 Elder

    Near 60 attendees in last nights raid! Pretty crazy to think little over 2 weeks ago we started our first raid with barely over 10 attendees and now we're where we are now.

    We're pushing harder than ever getting all members Geared with Resist gear, pots and structuring our core to get all content on farm. We're pushing for our first Dragon kills this coming week.

    Next scheduled raid tomorrow 7PM PST. Hate trash + minis.
  6. c313 Elder

    Cleared Hate all but Inny. Gave ourselves a test pull to end the night. Got him down to 20%. Underestimated our forces strength. Next hate run we will focus, and kill Inny first before Minis.

    Dragons will die this coming week. Next raid Sunday, continuing PoSky keying.
  7. c313 Elder

    We're transitioning into a more serious oriented Raiding Guild, while still holding our views as a casual focused life comes first based Guild. We won't get mad at you for being new to the game. A large number of our force are actually new to the TLP/Classic era.

    Sunday - Full clear Sky
    Tuesday - Full clear Fear
    Wednesday - Vox+Naggy then Split raid for Phini+Yael
    Thursday - Full clear Hate

    Open recruitment is now closed. Check out our Discord and fill out an app. Alternatively you can do the same on our website, Discord will result in a faster response.
  8. c313 Elder

    Finished up our first "Quick night" last night. Gave us our first Naggy kill!

    Regular 3~ hour Raid tonight. Going in to fear. Original post updated reflecting current class needs. Drop on in the discord to submit an application.
  9. c313 Elder

    Lady Vox down on our 2nd Quick Night. Both Dragons now on farm status, grats Ta'Veren!

    Tomorrow regular raid night. Doing Hate. Very likely our first Innu kill. Come join us today!
  10. c313 Elder

    Anther first kill for Ta'Veren. This time on Innoruuk, grats guys!

    Fri, Saturday our days off. Next raid Sunday, continuing keying the force, 1 sky raid at a time...

    Check out the Discord and submit an app for an invite today.
  11. c313 Elder

    We're starting our Sunday (Sky night) an hour earlier from now on. 6pm PST / 9pm EST. All other raid nights starting at previous normal times, 7pm PST / 10pm EST. Still lasting until 10pm PST / 1am EST. Quick Night raids lasting 1-2 hours.

    Hope to see you guys soon.
  12. c313 Elder

    Pushed near 70 attendees tonight's raid. Nearly capping out slots for instances.

    Multiple first kills on tonight's Sky raid. Keyed the force up to Island 6. Still another 2 weeks of Sky raids before enough for a full Sky clear.

    Tomorrow night our next raid. Monday "Quick Night" doing Naggy+Phini.

    Check out the discord for more information on us and to drop an Application today.
  13. c313 Elder

    Just a tad bit over an hour to kill Nagy and split Phini. See if we can be quicker on our next Monday "Quick Night" raid.

    Tomorrow regular night hitting Fear. We've yet to kill CT lets see if tomorrow is the day we've been pushing hard for.

    Check out the discord for more information and to drop an application:
  14. c313 Elder

    Cazic Thule down, only Sky remains left on progression. Grats TV!

    Tomorrow our next raid, Wednesday "Quick Night" doing Vox+Yael.

    Check out the discord for more information and to drop an application:
  15. c313 Elder

    Same old business going on in T'V.

    Tonight doing our full clear of Hate.

    Check out the discord for more information and to drop an application:
  16. C3lowz Augur

    Wrapped up our Hate clear in slightly over 2 hours.

    Friday and Saturday our official days off. Next raid Sunday, 6PM PST / 9PM EST. Continuing our progress in Sky.

    Check out the discord for more information and to drop an application:
  17. c313 Elder

    Keyed a majority of the Force to Island 7 in Sky last night after getting Island 6 down. Still another week or 2, 3? Before we can officially call Classic cleared in era. Lets see if we can finish Sky before Kunark launches.

    We're adding our Monday line up to our Wednesday targets. Wednesday is now Vox+Naggy and splitting the raid to do Phini+Yael splits.

    With this, no raid for Monday (Today) while we decide what to do on Mondays from now on.

    Next official raid tomorrow (Tuesday) Full clear Fear.

    Check out the discord for more information and to drop an application:
  18. c313 Elder

    Updated post reflecting current class needs.

    Raid slots are nearly capped out. Still a few classes left opened. We will always favor mains over boxes.
    With that in mind there is still plenty of room for our opened class spots.

    Next raid Today. Doing Naggy+Vox and splitting the raid for Phini+Yael.

    Check out the discord for more information and to drop an application:
  19. c313 Elder

    Still pushing along. Tonight doing our full clear of Hate.

    Check out the discord for more information and to drop an application:
  20. c313 Elder

    Sky tonight 6PM PST / 9PM EST. Going into Island 7. Another night or 2 of Sky and we'll have enough keyed for a full Sky clear. Come join us as we finish off Classic.

    Check out the discord for more information and to drop an application:

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