Aradune <The Filthy Casualz>!

Discussion in 'TLP Guild Recruitment' started by Goburs, May 6, 2020.

  1. Goburs The Filthy Casualz Leader

    Bump, smashing content with ease. Room for about 10 more active raiders. ALL CLASSES OPEN
  2. Mattling Elder

    Back here about 6 months ago, I used to date a dude from this guild named Strohs. He always talked about how amazing the guild was and how they'd all bang out bosses together. He seemed to love it.

    From what I heard over Discord, they always seemed friendly enough. He used to say really good things about Goburs especially. Anyway, we broke up about a month ago and he moved away to start a roofing business. Miss that big oof. But yah, good guild, you should join em.
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  3. Morbys New Member

    I joined as a casual, at level 47 actually. Leveled my way up and was welcomed with open arms into the raiding scene immediately, very friendly group of people with a consistent schedule and a simple, transparent dkp system.
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  4. Goburs The Filthy Casualz Leader

    What a gentleman Strohs was. Reminded me alot of a lad named Wizzle, top notch. Certainly sketchy, but dependable!
  5. Baratu New Member

    Still going strong. Organized, nurturing, dedicated leadership group who are invested in doing right by all members and maintaining a great reputation. Patient, knowledgeable raid leaders. Members are a great mix of people ranging from casual non raiders to hardcore vets.

    This is the EQ family you want to go the distance with.
  6. Mattling Elder

    Have a friend that comes over to visit occasionally. He always used to call Strohs his broski and it always made him so mad. He would never tell me why but it came out. You guys were in that zone with all the 4 arm nun looking things, think it's VT? Strohs had just died to a blobb when this ranger came over and sat on his head. Sure enough, that ranger was named Brosky. Laughed so hard I spit out my iced milk.
  7. Goburs The Filthy Casualz Leader

  8. Grandma Elder

    Nice Job recruiting Kids! You really put in the effort for your guild. 7 pages from the time Aradune started right up until yesterday.
  9. Goburs The Filthy Casualz Leader

    I like to think that effort carries over into the game!

    Recruitment is currently closed, to only exceptional applicants. We are full, and have a bench that earns DKP and swaps into events. Can still bid on loot if on the bench!!
  10. Goburs The Filthy Casualz Leader

    Bump, need one dependable raiding cleric with high attendance. Offering a heavy DKP bonus at the end of the 14 day applicant period.
  11. Goburs The Filthy Casualz Leader

    Lookin' for 1 cleric!
  12. Goburs The Filthy Casualz Leader

    Recruiting a few, wtb necros and shamans!
  13. Goburs The Filthy Casualz Leader

    ahoy'hoy, necro filled, any shaman out there looking for a home? Open to a few other classes, check our discord.
  14. Cheet Elder

  15. BlobbsSmallHog New Member

    very cool guild
  16. Cheet Elder

    That's not what you told me when i asked about them??
  17. Kiaro Augur

    Very awesome laid back group who are always jumping to lend a hand with quests/XP etc..
    Even fresh rollers and returning players get caught up really fast.
  18. Goburs The Filthy Casualz Leader

    Bump, wru bards? Bonuses available for a few bards.
  19. Kiaro Augur

    Now recruiting Vampire slayers. (bump)
  20. Goburs The Filthy Casualz Leader

    Raid schedule has changed to two days a week! Tues/Thurs. Come hang with us, clear current content, and then hang with your family on the weekend.