Aradune <The Filthy Casuals> ALL CLASSES OPEN!

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Goburs, May 6, 2020.

  1. Goburs Augur

    <The Filthy Casualz>

    Important: As we have had a steady influx of members, we are only accepting 30+ or higher folks now.

    High need for a few good bards, clerics, and 2 tanks.

    - We are made up of some of the OG Fippy raiders, Avid TLP players, and current day <Silent Redemption> Raiders.

    Our Agenda:
    - We are an EST coast raiding guild.
    - Primary goal is to enjoy the perks of end-game raiding, while leaving the elitist attitude at the door.

    - Raids will be held 2/3 nights a week. Currently looking like Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday are solid days, if raids spill over into a third night.
    - Raids will begin at 8PM - EST sharp. Gathering spot TBD.
    - Approved raid boxes will be allowed on raids if the raid is not filled.

    Loot / DKP:
    - Loot will be done with an open bidding DKP system. Loot will be awarded to whoever bids the most after a set time, probably 45 seconds or so. No negative bidding allowed if other mains are bidding against you.
    - Spells will be awarded at NO cost. They will be prioritized the first few raids, then will be randomed.
    - There will be an on time DKP bonus, and then hourly DKP.
    - Approved boxes will be allowed to roll on rotting loot.

    Join us in Discord to chat us up, and see if we are a good fit.

    NEW website:

    This post will be edited and bumped often.
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  2. Goburs Augur

    Bumping, had another handful join up today. Continuing to grow!
  3. Goburs Augur

  4. Goburs Augur

    Bump: Edited OP with the new website address.

    Building forums and a DKP page soon.

    Edit: Tanks where are you?
    Need (2) more raid leaders
    (1) dkp officer
  5. Balkothe New Member

    Just joined, can’t wait to play with these awesome guys. Some of the best people I know.
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  6. TheRedBandit Elder

    Are you filthy enough? Join the discord and find out!
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  7. Baulkin Elder

    Very friendly group that wants to clear content but not kill themselves to do so.
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  8. Goburs Augur

    Bumpity bump! Handful joined again since last night!
  9. Lolthorn Lorekeeper

    Joined the discord and have been chatting with everyone. Seems like a great group of people. Cant wait to jump in and play with you guys!
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  10. Goburs Augur

    Thanks for the compliment, hope to see you on launch day!
  11. Tuskapoli New Member

    Joined up! Everyone is friendly on Discord!
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  12. Idget Journeyman

    Can you post an update when you get raid days figured out. Not going to commit to anything without that info at least. Thanks
  13. Goburs Augur

    - Have figured out the 3 days we will have reserved for raids.
    - Start time has been updated.
    - DKP is up and running.
  14. Goburs Augur

    Bumpy McBumperton
  15. Goburs Augur

  16. Goburs Augur

    Bump, decided to double check the name, which was my own mistake....and although I've never heard of a guild name this, it was either already taken, or someone decided to take it from us...

    So, I reserved <Those Filthy Casuals>....we are now "Those guys!"

    A bit disappointing if someone was low enough to do that. Kind of hoping it was just my own mistake and it's been a guild for some time, somewhere in EQ, but such is life, you move on!

    Back to recruitment, everything besides shaman is open right now!
  17. Burek New Member

    Great group of people!
    Can't wait to start leveling come join the fun swing by their discord.
  18. Goburs Augur

    Sir. Bumpington Von Uptop III
  19. Doranur_Aleguzzler Augur

    Sign me up! Already filled out the app on the website. This is gonna be great!
  20. Goburs Augur

    Hi there, not home at the moment, did you jump on our discord by chance? Feel free to get on and seek out someone from leadership to get you tagged as full member.

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