Aradune & Rizlona Launch Date! - May 27

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  1. Darro New Member

    hahaha - April fool's! I get it! Oh..wait, it's not? You're really making more non-progression Pop-locked servers? All the work you did to make phinny worthwhile isnt worth even one new prog server?
    Swing and a miss. The pop nostalgia is ridiculous. Glad phinny will get to keep going at least.
  2. Lateryn Augur

    I mean I understand why they are locking at pop/ldon. History has shown that is when the majority of people stop playing. For some reason a lot of EQ players only want classic > pop. Anything past they they view is not really EQ. With 3 month unlocks and 5 expansion that puts these servers at about a year of service , right in time to release new ones.

    If players want past pop they need to show that. Yet time and time again players quit in droves after luclin/pop and will happily reroll to classic over and over again, leaving servers that make it past pop mere shadows of themselves. Now players are suddenly upset that a server matches exactly what population numbers show.,
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  3. Kaelz New Member

    its worded wierd but i think its a truebox server not a 2box server ...aradune that is
  4. Whoops Augur

    Wait, what? I revoke my "Yay!" You edited the post from sounding like it went from 3-month unlocks to, presumably, the 8-week unlocks for the smaller expansions. Now it clearly says they both lock in LDoN? Why? Agnarr exists. :/ Yeah, there are a couple differences with what's allowed with boxing and w/ GM monitoring, but... why not do that on servers that actually go past LDoN? Ugh.
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  5. Jenarie Elder

    My friends and I have been waiting for this announcement looking forward for a chance to get together again but none of us are interested in a server that locks. Why would anyone want to go in knowing that it is going to die? I mean they all do eventually but this is like giving it an expiration date without letting it grow and evolve on it's own. I don't think any of us are going to bother to even play now.

    What we wanted was a new ruleset of some sort. What we would have embraced as not ideal but still happy to be playing on was a normal open ended progression server. This... just sad.
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  6. Faidaen Lorekeeper

    I was really looking forward to a new server, I mean I love live and I'm having a blast there each and everyday, but a change is nice. However pop locked servers? I find this very disappointing, the wait was a build up for another Agnarr x2 server? Both should be non-pop locked servers, just let them run through all the expansions. This announcement is a very disappointing, the realization of how the communication between the players and the developers are out of touch.

    I would like to say people who wanted a PoP lock server got Agnarr, which I'm happy for them that's great! I just really feel this current announcement is one of those giant???????????????

    Asking the Dev's to rethink the launch of these servers being PoP lock. Let them run through the expansions, that's what the players want.

    Thanks for reading.
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  7. ManglerDruid34 New Member

    It specifically says boxing isnt allowed for MORE than 2 characters. Up to two is fine..
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  8. Raneorn New Member

    Go look at server populations - Mangler (still releasing) is high versus Agnarr as low. No one wants POP locked 3 month releases.
  9. Nyxx New Member

    wow , i always cheer for and try to support this company and this game, but this is pretty dumb.

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  10. Kahna Augur

    I know we all quit after PoP, but we like to lie to ourselves and say "this time it will be different" Give us that hope DPG!
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  11. Task New Member

    Why not stop one of these servers at OoW/DoN.
  12. Pixelze New Member

    Yet another server where it's beyond clear that daybreak is only after profits, and care nothing about what their community wants. I see lots of posts asking for all sorts of rule sets, and literally no one wanted another pop locked server. There is no way that whatever focus group they actually base decisions off of wanted this. This is literally a marketing decision to have everyone start up on the two servers, have the initial launch surge on buying krono, and then incentivize them to quit once they've done time for the 4th month in a row. And something usually happens around that time frame.. oh that's right, it will be just in time for the next cash grab TLP server where you get to find out the rule sets you want aren't happening.

    Be better than this daybreak. You have many suggestions from the community on what they actually want. I'm not saying pick something I want, i'm saying pick something literally anyone wants, except your marketing team.
  13. Cainen Augur

    I was excited when I heard one of the servers was going to be a boxing allowed AOC server. POP locked killed all the excitement i had =(.
  14. krisys Elder

    DPG be like, after all these mangler crashes, let's announced the new TLPs so people won't be as angry. lmao fails
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  15. Basak Augur

    I'm probably going to rethink coming back to the game unless this changes.
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  16. Imukai Augur

    i'm curious how you intend to determine if someone is "boxing" more than 2 characters. Connections by IP address? How do you then tell boxing versus being in a house that has more than 2 players?

    But beyond the curiosity, this is a stillborn idea. Agnarr was fun, sure, but a few months after hitting that ceiling it became disappointing in its own right, as the amount of "stuff" to do became very repetitive. No point doing it again.

    Having a dedicated GM is a noble idea that you should backport to your other servers. Mangler - when it is not crashing - would benefit greatly from a GM. At one point servers all had a GM and a host of guides that could actually do things to maintain the now-dead Play Nice Policy among other things.

    This announcement / decision was a missed opportunity to provide an Omens locked server, or - personally - one that locked right before you added Mercenaries, as that is considered by some to be the overall destruction of Norrath.

    Maybe next year. And I do feel bad that you honor Aradune with an Agnarr clone..
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  17. Attila Augur

    I don't understand the outrage really. They already have a progression server that is going to GoD, OoW and beyond. It's called Mangler and most of you are already there. If everyone truly want's to go all the way, Mangler is your ticket. Why would you start over now if you don't like the Classic expansions? Me personally, I love the 2 box rule with live GM's for enforcement. They actually did something to make the game better with less griefers. Great Job DPG!
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  18. Kutsuu Augur

    IMO the problem is the level 70 dead zone of.... not so enjoyable xpacs. A lot of people come back to TLPs once they hit TSS. The 75-85 xpacs are great.
  19. PathToEternity The Janitor

    Well this answers any remaining questions about why Holly was ready to get out of town
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  20. Sumonerr_Tunare Augur

    Same here. I am absolutely disappointed in the rulesets.
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