Aradune & Rizlona Launch Date! - May 27

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by dreamweaver, Apr 28, 2020.

  1. Renegade.Fiend New Member

    I am sorry if this was already asked. However, I wanted to ask what expansion is the aradune server is going to starting at? Just so I know which race and class to with.
  2. Agony Elder

    I have a Aradune Question I box a warrior and chanter and my wife plays a cleric. 3 accounts would that be considered a violation of 2 box standards for server?
  3. Nolrog Augur

    Answered many times already. That is allowed under the rules.
  4. Killians Journeyman

    what time on the 27th?
  5. Myrrdyn New Member

    On Rizonna you can box as you want .. go for it :)
  6. Derek Lorekeeper

    hours.. trying to log in.. friends playing.. wait time between 2 and 78 minutes.. keeps changing.. opposite of fun.. thanks
  7. Exekute New Member

    It's 4:30AM and the queue is half an hour long. Are all paying customers going to be able to use this new server or just a few? What's the cap on maximum capacity?
  8. Napharious New Member

    Tribute. I don't think that means what you think it means.
  9. Trinost Journeyman

    Is there really a point to STILL have that queue? can we not all just get into the servers now? It has almost been 24 hours of server down and up and down and up and now we have all cried slept and woken up went to work or taking day 2 of work off to ACTUALLY get a chance to play but still in a dumb queue and for what??
  10. Trinost Journeyman

    WOOT get disconnected and 90 minute queue that people have said they've been in for over 3 hours. Solid. Ya know I get the need for queues but with it being now 24 hours since launch or close enough I think it is time to end that trash all it is doing is upsetting ppl. The naming thing okay sure fine. Well that is done. How about our dedicated GM? every time I logged online checked GM's nope nothing. So no actual support in game or on forums. Can we get some support please? I know you guys bust butt to help when servers crash but common they stable now. kill the queue please. My girlfriend hasn't even gotten a chance to get in game for more than to make her characters names. Then she got Dc'ed and had to go to work. Lunch time was in queues had to leave. She is depressed that she won't even get to play tonight because these stupid queues.
  11. Raevael New Member

    It's absolutely ridiculous.

    I actually resubbed to check this server out. I couldn't get on yesterday. I started trying to get on around 8:30am EST today and aside from about 10 minutes before I got DCd, I haven't been able to get on. Over 3 hours in queue now.

    I resubbed yesterday, I cancelled the sub today already.

    I wonder if I'll have any luck contesting the charge on my CC, as they did not provide the product I paid for...
  12. Borneheld1 New Member

    So the que is to enforce social distancing?

    140 min que /cry

  13. revivin Journeyman

    Not sure how much they care about my 2 subs but I also canceled after this nightmare. I was sitting
    at my computer 2 hours before launch I clicked on the server the very freaking second it went up and still did not get in. I then waited almost 7 hours before I got in every single name I wanted was taken cause the people who got in first got to make up to 9 characters... total freaking joke this is so unacceptable,they should of let people make only one character per account at least for the first couple days. RESET THE SERVERS GIVE EVERYONE A CHANCE OR MAKE ANOTHER ONE!

    I admit I'm not sure how much a server cost to start up or run but I feel confident in saying they are losing more money by not starting up another server
  14. eaglehart New Member

    I understand you wanted to give people a server to box on but aren't there already so many servers you can box on? what I don't understand is the fact that you have to TLP servers going live and all of a sudden 1 takes like 3 hours in que to try and get in and that don't even happen. the other you can box on and I can log right onto that server. sorry I don't box and being on a server that is set up for boxing sucks
  15. Arog Augur

    163 minutes wait according the the queue when I tried to log in tonight after work. :(
  16. Redone913 New Member

    @Dreamweaver How about addressing the issue of all the players stuck in que's for the past 30 odd hours, Twitters say everything is fixed yet we continue to experience massive wait times and still never get in the game. Kind of funny how all the twitch and you tubers managed to connect immediately after each server crashed. Tonnes of players are not logging out so they can maintain a spot on there while afk all night. Boxers have multiple accounts online while others are still left without access. my Que time started at 1 min right when server opened and it has not gone down or even let me into the game. This morning it was at 5 minutes and it has not gone down it currently sits at 168 minutes
  17. Thygrym Elder

    One less paying account. Not a peep from DPG is just bad customer service.
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  18. zevel New Member

    I've been a eq player since the beginning, this is the worst I've seen it. I have no idea why the "pick" zones are not jumping to servers, so there shouldn't be any limit. For new things like this, the "buzz" is important to get new players. To have these kind of issues when the buzz is high is horrible.
  19. Derd Augur

    How are you seeing your que time, once you log in your spot is reserved, if you hit it again it shows current que NOT your current que time. If your quitting and relogging your moving yourself to the end of the line.
  20. Arog Augur

    Day three and after work today I tried to log in and got the 143 minute wait on the queue. So far its been 160 minutes and still not in.
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