Aradune & Rizlona Launch Date! - May 27

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  1. Kaneras Augur

    I don't believe it's possible to do with the technology they use. From what I've learned about networking and IP/Port translation, it would take a tremendous amount of work and packet sniffing on their end to try and figure out what you are doing behind your own router.

    On the other hand, I could see them being able to enforce true box easily. If the EQ client has to share the hardware with another EQ client, it will know. You are caught.

    I think that enforcing 2-boxing will rely on players to help out. If you are sitting at zone in, and you see 3 characters just pop all the sudden, there is a good chance they are being boxed. Report it.

    You could have 5 computers behind your router, connected with 5 different accounts. That's perfectly fine and there should be no problem.
  2. Minpire Augur

    how will they combat things such as Corsairs ICUE Macros and special keyboards etc running simple macro ? w/ random intervals of pressing?
  3. Idget Lorekeeper


    Most people who play 1 main and box 2-3 others are not the issue, unless there using a macro program to run there toons while they are not there. The only other thing that I am glad this should help with is the AOE power leveling in Seb and the Deep. I guy should not be able to be controll the zone so others can not enjoy there experience in those zones. I am looking forward to seeing how this turns out. I know when this game first came out very few people boxed and those who did boxed 1 other toon like myself. The game was a lot more fun and grouping with other players was a thing. Now even in a guild so many people box there own crew and never group with anyone in the guild. I think if this goes as they advertise and if people actually follow the rules it will be the closest TLP to what original EQ experience was like.
  4. Vicus Augur

    Nice Dream. I think it's good when DPG stands up for itself. The Pop lock was not the best decision and it was vocalized...but you guys fixed it and are players are still trying to push everything into one server. People need to be happy and stop trying trying to make every moment of these TLP's a grind on the devs.
  5. Minpire Augur

    Fairly stupid isn't though? 2 Accts Per 1 PC, People would flip their and Darkpaw could be printing money & this seems what people WANT. otherwise they are just being foolish unless their GM teams will be 24/7 and employ atleast a team of 12-20 people for this position which would be COSTLY say @ minimum 25k A year? I mean 3million for CS on 1 server? Boxxers and Botters will win and since its a WAIT and see scenario as stated on recent update from DARKPAW, they may just cancel the whole GM thing if they prob see " Community following rules " in their eyes and have 1 person doin minimal work like DBG did.......People want 2 ACCTS per 1 PC, Cuz we tired of laptops we own and most people dont have enough $ to go out and buy a PC.

    Yea some of you will say ANY PC will run FINE! ;) SMILEY FACE, but lets see u raid time on a 250$ laptop when is goin down. gonna have to go full YR 2000 and stare at floor.

    Seems Marketing did a play on words and people were misled on 2box, BOX =1 PC
    oh, and dont go and say RIZLONA THEN ........

    Rizlona will be a complete clown show.
  6. Idget Lorekeeper

  7. Idget Lorekeeper

    Not sure were you got BOX meant 2 toons on 1 PC. I think this may be your definition of it but I would be interested if you could find something that stats this anywhere. I do agree with each person having there own idea of what it means they did a poor job initially of being clear on that but they have since made it pretty clear.. They by far have given the community a pretty good range of what was asked for here. Many have asked for a boxed server and now they have it. For those that do not like having 28 man automated box crews running around killing everything waking the sleeper we got that now too. The GM presence will be great too. Original EQ had plenty of GM's, guides over several servers to help out. There are only a few things that I wish would come back from the old days but DPG can not help with that. Respect used to be a thing but that is long gone. Contested boss spawns were not who ever did the most damage got the kill.
  8. Magic Augur

    If Aradune will be 2-box per person, will be great be able to do so on one computer for me.
    But seems here big problem with this 2-box rule, as everyone will box as usual 3-6 or more accounts and everyone will say its my brother/sister/sons etc, them need go to Rizlona.

    Early as only one new TLP server launch truebox code was fine, but this time it must be truebox NOBOX and BOX servers. Want to box? Have 10 members of your family playing with you at same time or just want 2-box = Rizlona is your new home.
  9. Machen New Member

    Err, I raided with an alt on cheaper hardware than that for years on Phinigel. This is a 20 year old game, a whole lot of cheap laptops will run it just fine. And even if you need to, sstaring at the floor is no big deal when you are boxing a bard or a cleric.
  10. Chikkin Augur

    True story. It was years before I saw what Trakanon's Teeth or Seb looked like since I was always on minimal clip plane.

    And during all ToV battles, to include trash, I staired at the floor. 2 drakes in the camp and I couldn't twist my songs! lol. Sorry, off track. Memories from staring at the floor. That's with nospelleffects etc as well.
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  11. dmccollum Elder

    I was looking forward to the original Aradune ruleset and PoP lock. I won't be playing now.
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  12. Dragon Jockey Lorekeeper

    Yeah, I was pretty excited about a new PoP lock server. They should have left one of the servers as PoP locked, rather than changing them both.
  13. Sevelinia New Member

    I don't see how they are going to be able to say you are playing more then 2 accounts or say you are playing 1 or 2 and your wife is playing 1 or 2 accounts.
  14. Whydidtheydoit New Member

    First off, great job DPG on taking action based on the input, big thumbs up! I'm with Jenarie on this one, maybe I just don't understand, but the way I see it, why would DPG or anyone care if you play two accounts on one computer or one account on two different computers. Unless I'm missing something, the revenue stream will be the same.
  15. Captain Video Augur

    I find some of this very confusing. I only have one subscribed account. Am I going to be able to 1-box on Aradune? Will I be allowed to ask other players to join me?
  16. Herf Augur

    Or you can come to Agnarr, where you will be welcomed.
  17. Herf Augur

    They won't be able to, reliably, as long as you're all trueboxing.
  18. xmPradah Not a dude

    TLP = Time Locked Progression. Subscribe to this mindset, and you will not be disappointed.
  19. Azurefrost Elder

    A GM could ask someone claiming their multiple boxes are family members or actual people to preform simultaneous actions on characters that are supposedly being played by actual people. Have one character run zig zags while jumping at the same time have the other person in say count to 20 pressing a number and then enter each time. One person onky has so many hands so having them do actions that require multiple button presses and take up both hands is hard to do simultaneously on multiple accounts, but is totally doable if each person is controlling an account. At least to my knowledge this would be very hard to do if someone is 6 boxing and then needs to control different actions on 3 characters at same time to prove they are 3 different people :p
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  20. Smallhands Elder

    Yeah and then have to do that everytime someone reports you for having a full group of real people.

    Sounds like fun, can't wait! \o/