Aradune & Rizlona Launch Date! - May 27

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  1. Jenarie Elder

    Ok sorry, two accounts per person. I'm done adding to the spam hopefully someone who actually matters will see the post and pass it on to the devs for consideration.
  2. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    My apologies for engaging in a discussion on a discussion thread.:rolleyes:

    If you only want to hear responses from the staff then you would be advised to PM them directly, don't expect an answer though.
  3. dreamweaver Community Manager

    That is unlikely to happen, but I will pass the feedback along.
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  4. Smallhands Elder

    I personally don't box a lot of characters(a couple sometimes if needed in groups), but I would personally draw the line at "unattended" gameplay(eg. the 24/7 Sirens Grotto botter teams whose overlords obviously aren't at the computer physically).

    There are other examples I don't like, like the 24/7 AFK PL groups who do have people at the helm, but they change hands, so there's always someone there to respond, etc.

    In the end, it's going to be what is cost efficient for the company. Determining if someone is AFK botting is (probably?) easier to detect than the other "problems" that might crop up.

    If I were in charge I would realize that botting/boxing isn't going away, and you have to weigh the cost versus resources when dealing with it, as well as public opinion to an extent.

    My bet will be they focus on AFK gameplay as the "line" soon.
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  5. Mashef Augur

    This makes sense and I appreciate a real answer from someone in the community. Probably not the answer we want to hear but hopefully a dev will respond with an updated version of the Rizlona rules on what they will and will not tolerate. Automation is clearly defined as a suspension and you can be present with 1 button automation.

    I can't box with multiple machines right now because my entire computer area has been overwhelmed with work from home computer and monitors. So they may lose a chunk of us until 2021 if they don't come up with some answers / clarifying remarks.
  6. Smallhands Elder

    Well, automation as I understand the word would be something along the lines of a script reads the chat log or reads a pixel on the screen & automatically responds to it, by having the character cast a spell for example, which by the way is very easy to do, and with simple random delays added in, makes it indistinguishable from a human being. As far as controlling multiple toons from 1 key, that technically isn't automation, as it requires physical input from the user. Yes, you are controlling more than 1 toon at a time, but you are still required to give input to control, and anyways I could use 4 numpads to make 4 casters cast in only 1-2 seconds longer than a single kepress anyways.

    But I'm not in charge of the game. :) If the company decides they want to expend resources to fight an uphill battle on controlling more than 1 toon at a time with a keypress, it's their money.

    I personally think their money would be better spent on the afk botting crowd as well as people that go out of their way to harass others in-game(botting or not).

    Will be interesting to see how it all unfolds after Rizlona starts up. But yeah, I'm betting they go with policing AFK/harassment mainly, and kind of treat everything else as the Marijuana of America.
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  7. Azurefrost Elder

    How will per person be enforced? I can see 6+ boxers stating that they have 3 people in their household playing and that they are all playing together. It should be like p99 where you have to apply for an ip exception if you want more than the allowed, to verify that they are separate people.
  8. Smallhands Elder

    Yeah just send in your Drivers License, birth certificate, may be a couple of bills and then wait a month or so while they go through all that paperwork everyone is sending in so you can play a video game.

    Hope you never play away from home for any reason, or in areas with more than just yourself.

    Seems reasonable.
  9. Zorkath New Member

    Since my comment was deleted, pass this along.

    Start developing community and nurturing the loyal playerbase rather; than being steered by a few casuals.

    It is not difficult not giving people what they want. This was done so previously in spades. I understand some people want to rinse and repeat/start over. Give them a specified server that resets after PoP.

    Right now, what has happened is that the community established at Mangler might take a population hit, when you had already done a good strategy with the F2P by bringing more people in and refueling the server. That strategy now seems in vain; I hope I am wrong but I seldom am.

    I will leave this at that since I am unsure what will happen to my post but if DPG is hiring, send me a tell so I can assist you in developing strategies that will aim for the playerbase to get what they want while equally mantaining a high level of profit.
  10. Vorlex New Member

    Wow you seem pretty full of yourself.
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  11. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Thank you, Simon Sinek :rolleyes:
  12. A player New Member

    Just once I'd like to see a progression server go the distance or atleast 2 years before a similar tlp launches. People claim that these servers die off around God but I would disagree that they wouldn't if new servers kept launching around the may time frame.

    It's sad, Mangler had a good run like Phinney did.
  13. KimchiGoddess Augur

    I don't even understand how you're going to enforce that. If it's per person it just opens up a huge avenue for abuse. I have 3 of my own PCs and my boyfriend, who doesn't play EQ has his own PC. By this logic I could box 4 myself if I wanted to and just have him available to jump onto 2 of the boxes if I needed to prove anything. (I feel like I should point out before anyone jumps on me that I do NOT plan to do this, I plan to run only 2 at a time on this server and not try to circumvent the rules myself. Just pointing out it's too easy to abuse.)

    I mean what? I'm shaking my head at this one.
  14. Tucoh Augur

    Am interested to hear the answer! I'll have to buy another PC if the answer is no, not sure how long that'll take to get here and set up :D
  15. KimchiGoddess Augur

    So does that mean they now allow programs like multiplicity and the dreaded Emm Que as long as it isn't used for unattended/cheating/hacking type play? They may have already clarified and I missed it, I'm just catching up on all todays posts.
  16. Numiko Augur

    Yep i can see it when a GM asks someone if they are just two boxing or..

  17. Dexxeaa00 Elder

    This fits pretty well I thought
  18. Gremin Augur

    Ragefire and Lockjaw are doing just fine. I believe Ragefire has 4 maybe 5 raiding guilds still, and when they merge Lockjaw into it they gain 2 more. Ragefire is currently on SoF I believe.
  19. Idget Lorekeeper

    Ok, now we are talking. Like others have said I think 3 would have been a better option for number of total toons playable by one person but I will take it... Lets see how this goes. No one person can now wake the sleeper with his 28 toon hack setup...
  20. KimchiGoddess Augur

    Someone, somewhere with their 14 member household is saying "hold my beer".