Aradune & Rizlona Launch Date! - May 27

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  1. Blastoff Augur

    Does a 6 boxer really box 5 + their main? lol
  2. Barthorn Elder

    If it's just 2 boxing on the Aradune server what's the point of not letting people 2 box on a single PC? Having 2 PC's in order to 2 box is going to be annoying.
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  3. gladiatoreq Elder

    Can the team comment if there are plans to allow both characters (2) to be played from one PC? Please see other threads regarding avoiding having extra laptops on desk, etc.
  4. Herf Augur

    Well "main" is a term usually reserved either to the declared main in a guild (for looting purposes), and/or the original character made on that server. But not always. My first one on the server was a necro but he's now the lowest alt on the totem pole across all three accounts.
  5. Aleve New Member

    I just hope they can clarify if they mean 2 total accounts or 3 total. If its just 2. I know myself and a few others wont be playing.
  6. Blastoff Augur

    That's how a lot of guilds do loot priority...but you start boxing as soon as you are playing more than one toon. And you are boxing both.
  7. dreamweaver Community Manager

    2 total accounts.
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  8. Ruiner Elder

    Can we please get a Kunark or Velious launch? Do people really want to just be stuck in unrest > guk the entire time leveling again? Or at least some sort of incentive to visit the other dungeons.
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  9. dreamweaver Community Manager

    Aradune, and because that's what was decided upon. Rizlona is a boxing server, there is no limit to how many you can box.
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  10. Herf Augur

    Fair point. But I think the confusion over the numbers on Aradune suggest that "boxes" (rather than "boxing") means different things to different players.
  11. Aleve New Member

    Thank you Dreamweaver for the clarity. although I personally feel like it doesn't make sense to have the truebox server limited. it would make more sense to be the other way around.
  12. Machen New Member

    Thank you for listening. I'll be resubbing for Rizlona after all.
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  13. Machen New Member

    The whole point of the other one is that it is unlimited.
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  14. Bossman New Member

    I believe their intent is to have people who want to do more than 2 on the other server. It makes sense. On the current Truebox there are a lot of capable players doing full groups, but that defeats the concept of Truebox. People who magnet there are looking for a human interaction experience. Two boxes can accomplish the mundane farming for stuff, and anything larger you would need other humans.

    With the internet the way it is DPG can only enforce it to the best of their ability. All systems in life are tested and abused if possible, this is no different. But humans are lazy, so most mega boxers will just go to the box server and call it a day.
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  15. Aleve New Member

    yes but this makes both servers nearly impossible to enforce who is 'cheating' also I don't enjoy tabbing back and forth. I prefer to use multiple pcs. Its much easier to see more at once with more screens. esp for autofollow. it doesn't work for on the same pc
  16. Aleve New Member

    ppl that play 3 chars (a lot of people) shouldn't be put into the same class as 'mass boxers' I enjoy human interaction, but I don't like relying on others to do stuff. but I hate the ppl that have 6-72 chars running around.
  17. xmPradah Not a dude

    Does this mean they are not locked at any point, and will progress every three months until they reach current expansion?

    And for the love of God, please don't enable any additional races/classes at launch/classic... people WAIT for these, and they should (we all waited "back then").

    Thank you for the sorta clarification on the boxing limitations for Aradune - definitely heading to Rizlona when it opens, and hope it's not filled with the ridiculous bot farmers... seriously get pissed that they give those of us who legit box a bad rep.

    And THANK YOU for dedicated GMs - this is so needed and WAY overdue. (I'll PT GM for an exceptionally low negotiated "wage" (not on my own servers, of course!)
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  18. Xanathol Augur

    This is less than smart. No one waits to join a server when these classes are available and no one levels them on TLPs once they are - they PL them, making all of the previous time simply wasted. No one cares when they showed up on live. If the classes have to 'wait' to unlock, then they should show up at max level and gear; that idea is less dumb than pushing to hold them back, and that's saying something.
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  19. davnegsep Journeyman

    Nice this is good news! Rizlona server is going to be a hit! because players are going to be able to help themselves with other characters using same computer specially when those group missions hit in later expa so players wont have to be wasting time lfg.Thanks EQ team:)
  20. Machen New Member

    Or literally any of the other TLP's they have ever launched.
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