Aradune & Rizlona Launch Date! - May 27

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  1. Master Kahleem Augur

    REALLY trying to not be negative here, but these rulesets are awful.

    We don't want more Mangler XP rates or rulesets. People are saying "Agnarr this Agnarr that" but the fact you're copy-pasting Mangler ruleset is the true killer here.

    Mangler pre-Luclin was a slog, and not that fun. The only boon to Rizlona is it not being pooped on by TrueBox code.

    Might take a peak at Rizlona just for the memes, but honestly it seems the new DarkPaw studio is continuing the tradition of not listening to its playerbase. Why is it so hard to just listen?! Clearly there's not even been a minority asking for another Agnarr or Mangler. Are you really refusing to look at your playerbase objectively and go "maybe we'll make more money if we did what they've been asking for since 2012" ????????????????????????
  2. Magic Augur

    I know DPG hidden plan!
    1) Everyone dont want just Mangler clones? Them make one terrible and unpopular add - lock it to POP, so everybody disagree and after few days them remove this lock.. And everyone happy its just Mangler clone! Good marketing here.. If its come true.
    2) There is new 3rd server coming soon, as them merge old servers, and this 3d server will be something cool, like free-trade.

    Anyway i dont believe DPG is really want 2 more Agnarr, something here wrong.
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  3. Oldschoolbeta1998 New Member

    Well this is the worst idea ever. You have officially been tricked by the Krono farmers just as they intended. They are the ones pushing for this and they are the ones who will enjoy it. We are quite tired of being ignored we never asked for this never. The loudest are usualy the krono farmers. We asked for non locked non truebox tlps. It turned into how can we make the most money i know another agnar and then a new one soon as they get to pop again... nope not signing up for this one thanks. might actualy take a break after not a single account stoppage since 1998. so over this money grab angle.
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  4. The_dude New Member

    The true disappointment here is not that there is a PoP-lock. That is probably okay on the Truebox server because on a Truebox server you have to churn when the population dies off.

    The Freebox server should not be pop locked. People can augment with additional boxes when people fall off and continue playing.

    To me, this is the bigger disappointment. DPG is potentially leaving cash on the table. If Rizo continued on it would draw smaller teams (same amount of paying accounts) that want to see the content with their tight nit groups. Heck even remove the bit about "automation" or whatever. Cater to your player base. Some people just want to experience the content, and churning at PoP every time will lead to content fatigue, quitting entirely for other games.

    Rizo could be more of a wild Wild West. No hacking, automation is "ignored" if it isn't being abused, play at your own risk. With DZ and Pick the majority of the box army problems from Magefire aren't issues. Pickzone sending you to succor reduces box army griefing. (There was no BS in Fungus Grove on Mangler, and it was a nightmare on Agnarr).

    I personally play on one of the other TLPs, but would keep a set of accounts ready to go for post PoP content. I would love to be able to experience some of the PoP+ content with an easier interface to fill my group/raid than this "buy more computers" limitation. Back in Gates I could 3 box on my computer, so this "Truebox" is just a made up thing to try and coerce people to play a single character and then have issues farming things if they aren't specific classes.

    Back in the day if I needed to farm things that didn't reward good exp or any exp I would just load up my support character in addition to my main and go to town. Now I have to jump through hoops to farm things.

    I understand what DPG is trying to do, build a system that facilitates "Trueboxing" AKA 1 character per human, and have the same player density as 1999-2002. That just isn't the case any more. EQ is a niche game, we need to open doors for the player base and not close them. This announcement has one big win. They acknowledged that Boxers aren't the enemy, but there are two types of players and they set up the servers to facilitate both. But at the end of the day the PoP-lock is a deal breaker for most. As seen in this thread most servers have a "soft" PoP-lock anyway due to player churn, why impose a hard lock...
  5. Oldschoolbeta1998 New Member

    They want money my friend and started a fake thread to show fake interest for this joke of any idea. The krono farmers are the ones guiding this server angle. They now serve the krono farmers because they end up making daybreak the most money. This is a sad direction and a clear sign of what this entire game now is.
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  6. EQ_Addict New Member

    To be honest, they don't really care what ruleset they choose for the new TLPs. Because they will just make new ones in 12 months. If a server dies like Agnarr did because of POP locked end of life, those players will just move to the new TLPs of the year. I guess its all money to them...

    I did Agnarr, then went to Coirnav and then I had to stop playing and got "behind". I thought about joining the Miragul one and starting at 85, but already two expansions behind now. I was thinking about starting again on one of these new ones.....but, starting again at one that I know will be locked and dead in a year is just not worth it.

    Oh well....
  7. davnegsep Journeyman

    For a game with 26 expansions and rich in content ,are u going to tell me u going to launch for now on seasonal servers with only first 6 expansions? Can you explain me why? Do not tell me that the first 6 expansion of this games is all this game has to offer or that the first 6 expansion are the most fun expansions because players have different taste in what expansions are best.
    Shame on you!
  8. Faidaen Lorekeeper

    Hey Davne,

    While I understand your frustration, as I am also frustrated. However, the real reason here is an obvious profit margin. While I get the game is so expansive, and a lot of continue to play current content to see what the next adventure is; there's an obvious nostalgic reason we all continue to go back (TLP'S). With that said, I believe another two pop lock servers aren't something I'm interested in. I am sure there's a good population still interested. I also believe that Agnarr was a major success financially, which is the major drive here.

    I'd also like to note, while people got a lot of the rules they wanted, they just didn't get all of them. We all know we never all get what we want. From a business perspective I believe they're doing what's best for the financial gain of the company. On the flip side of that, I see they could gain more by going the extra mile, and removing PoP lock, or even possibly letting the server vote on beyond lock. I know that won't happen, but it is what it is.

    Live will always be there for each of us. I feel a big issue is we all want AoC's for that original content, that would give us a chance to go back around as many times as we want with our current characters or making new one's. I doubt that will happen in the long-run as that would potentially kill the TLP market for them.

    Anyhow, there's always next year!
  9. Socratic Journeyman

    There are interesting options available for TLPs that do not require extra development work.

    How about release all expansions of each level cap at the same time.

    So some short period in classic and then 6 months of kunark/velious/luclin (all released at once). Then 6 months of PoP-GoD, then 6 months of all the OoW lvl70 expansions, and so on.

    No dev work needs to be done, and the server would be a fresh experience and bring a lot of people back.

    PoP-locked servers are not growing or even maintaining your playerbase. They are going to hurt it.
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  10. Kurage_of_Luclin Augur

    Why not configure content in a manner that prevents bad players from interfering with other players?

    If people could do their thing with out all the bad players interfering with their fun, there would be less work for CS and Dev's.

    I suggest that :

    Group instanced dungeons would be the only place named spawn and named loot can drop. Group instances would not be scripted. Group instanced dungeon mobs could re-pop. Group dropped loot would be tradable.

    Raids would be instances only. Raid loot would not be tradable. Raid loot would remain better than any quested, chase or group drops.
  11. Herf Augur

    First: we're still playing happily on Agnarr, particularly with the recent batch of returnees and new people. Lots of people did quit and go go Mangler, but I can't comment on what that was like.

    Second, the reason why interest flags after LDoN is because EQ finally started to go off the rails with some of those next expansions.

    - Mercs meant the demise of easily finding a group.

    - Absurd arms races devalued ones currently hard earned armor and weapons every single expat.

    - Soloing even with a merc was a painful process.

    Simply put the game became much less social. And when EQ became less social people went to WoW (because though it's also less social, it's prettier and easier to play.)

    I've heard rumor that at some point much later the expats became better. But I've never played them so I don't know. And the issue of mercs and the arms race makes it unlikely I'll try to find out.
  12. Tachyon Augur

    Mangler is hitting PoP now, GoD July first. For everyone that doesn't want to stop at PoP roll on Mangler now.

    You do realize that it would be over a year to hit PoP even if the new servers were not PoP locked?
  13. xmPradah Not a dude

    Truebox is chars per PC, not chars per person. Clarification is needed.
  14. Herf Augur

    Now we just need the "Hitler reads the announcement of the new TLP servers" version :)
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  15. Herf Augur

    Holly is the one who gave us Rizlona and Aradune, as clearly shown in the recently 'leaked' online focus group she had with apparent leaders of various guilds. She was interested in appeasing the non trueboxers, not helping out the rest of us.
  16. Vicus Augur

    I would do this if you guys weren't swarmed with botters. There were like three threads 3-4 days ago about how some bot crew was selling PoP gear and cheating the system. GM enforced is a great idea....ending it all at PoP is the opposite of a great idea. Jumping over to a server that is openly not enforced in anyway (those focus groups are a testament) just feels like a cop out promoting continued cheating/lack of effort on DBG part. I want them to see that Gm presence is a good thing and makes the community happier, but they are kneecapping themselves with two servers that won't be populated enough.
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  17. Vicus Augur

    What to clarify a bit because it's a bit unfair to Holly. She envisioned the servers it seems (probably some dev focus groups on the back-end also) and with their conversations in the focus seemed everyone was close or near the same page. JChan gave us Rizlona and Aradune in their current state. She has final say or at least is the person who went to bat for the server rules. This is on JChan. If the servers are DOA I don't think Holly should be to blame. No where did Holly ever discuss Pop lock on either server. She seemed to openly agree on seasonal server and that the non-truebox would be better served to reach live. But I agree with Herf about the boxers, this was Holly's last project prior to leaving it seems and either something was lost in translation, JChan did her own thing, or the other devs bullied her into this pop-lock crap.
  18. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    Any era locked server should give you the ability to transfer off for free once the server is locked and the latest expansion has been beaten.
  19. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    PoR locked might be interesting, level 70 cap and tons of content, its a fun level for most classes.
  20. Jenarie Elder