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  1. Relentless Insomnia

    Hi All,

    Relentless Aradune - Aradune remodel to come!

    We are gauging Interest for an open-world hit squad/bat phone style guild on the Aradune server.

    Relentless specializes in these types of guilds for the Classic to PoP content stretch. Those of you that have played with us know what to expect. For those of you that are new to how we do things, you are in for one helluva ride!

    I made a new Temp Discord for people to chat if interested. Old RI, New RI, WoW RI, new and old friends all welcomed!

    We are looking for players who strive to be the best of best in playing their class, and love starting on a new server from scratch where everyone has nothing and where pure skill rather than brute force are the key to success.

    What you can do while waiting for May 27th!?


    We also play on Mangler still and plan to continue to do so since Aradune/Rizlona are really just seasonal servers with a clear ending. We are excited to do GoD/Omens especially together on Mangler since its been a while for some of us doing those expansions. With instanced content only filling up a few days of our week going forward there is plenty of time for you killers out there on the covid quarantine to do both guilds instead of jumping jump form Mangler entirely, infact we see Mangler outlasting the popularity of the new TLPs since they are PoP locked!

    If you want to get started with us ahead of the May 27th release of Aradune I would encourage you to pop on and play with us in <Bloodthirst> on Mangler today! BT is the pinnacle of Mangler Raiding!

    Bloodthirst Mangler -

    RI History

    We were the top guild for the Classic to PoP Stretch on the Coirnav Server, we have been the top guild on Mangler since Kunark when we arrived on the server smashing through all of the local competition.



    We also play WoW Classic on the Westfall server as well.

    About RI

    We aren't looking to break any world records in RI, we are just looking to smash content, and have fun in the process. Sometimes that means we dominate the server, and sometimes it means we just put up a good fight. Either way you can expect RI to always get more than their fair share of content because that is what drives us. We have some of the best human beings to game with in these guilds. Aradune, while being a temporary server, will compliment our weekly schedules in a way that will only improve our little community, and when its over, you don't need to say goodbye because we are still going to be gaming together somewhere.

    We use Teamspeak 3 for voice where all of the members of our community from all guilds mingle. Its a good time and if you have never been part of RI on one of these servers, but perhaps played against us then I would especially invite you to come see the world through our eyes for a change and see what we are really about.

    Haters gonna hate on us, but there is a reason. Its fun as hell to be in an RI guild, we have the coolest people that are both great at the game and don't constantly beat their chests to a cringe worthy level.

    Like some of the other exceptional long-term established guild communities out there, once you have been in RI It makes it hard to raid anywhere else.

    Come find out for yourself!

    Vicious - RI
  2. Zinth Augur

    Psssst.... use the guild recruitment forum for that stuff ;-)
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  3. asmodethenaughty Lorekeeper

    Thats a helluva lot of poopsock.
  4. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    What Zinth said
  5. Relentless Insomnia

    Yeah I posted in the wrong section. I asked Dreamweaver if she could move it for me lol

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  6. Tucoh Augur

    Posting in the popular but wrong forum is an alpha recruiting move. Most impressive.
  7. Pneumothorax Journeyman

    Mon Wed Sun still the raid days?
  8. Azurefrost Elder

    Is Restless Insomnia guild for Aradune website working correctly? It links to Mangler and clicking some of the options leads to error
  9. Relentless Insomnia

    Corrected that, Thank you sir!
  10. Azurefrost Elder

    I know from this post and website a bit of information is not conveyed to potential applicants. Have you guys decided on raid days and times for instanced portion of raids or that still under discussion? What type of loot system are you using? Loot Council, Open Bid DKP, Silent Bid DKP, EPGP, etc. You guys have a discord server but you use TS for raids? Just asking because a few may be wondering the same thing.
  11. Relentless Insomnia

    Open bid DKP.

    Raid nights will be decided later for instances. Open world is anytime of course.

    We use Discord and TS3. Depending on the situation.
  12. Relentless Insomnia

    I don't think anyone wants that.
  13. Relentless Insomnia

    Relentless Insomnia will be on Aradune for all of your Book of Scale needs!
  14. Bard2019 Elder

    With 2 boxing being allowed and likely normal for most players, will that be covered in your DKP? What I mean is, would members have to designate a main and an alt or would both characters be considered a person's main?
  15. Relentless Insomnia

    Great question, one which we will answer in coming weeks. Alts are vital for late night/early am raids, as well as split raids so I'm sure there will be some considerations for them!
  16. dreamweaver Community Manager

    No matter who is doing it, recruitment threads are not the place for what you are doing. If you had a recruitment post these sorts of posts would not be allowed on yours. That's likely why they were removed and why subsequent ones will be removed as well.
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  17. Lurka New Member

    But not in any other thread. Will the main core of RI get early / instant access to the server as well?
  18. Rextin New Member

    Bro, you dont even know. I've already got a 50 on the server with a CoF
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