Aradune <Praedam> [Hardcore Raiding Guild]

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Noreaster, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. Noreaster Journeyman

    < Praedam > is officially recruiting for the launch of the Aradune server.

    We are eager and absolutely pumped to be able to call Aradune our home. < Praedam > is an EST hardcore raiding guild. DZ raid days are Monday, Tuesday and as needed Thursday. Raid start is @ 8pm with an end by 11pm. Batphone OW targets 24/7.

    Don't let the term "hardcore" intimidate you. We aren't a casual family guild, however, we are a family.

    Who are we?:
    We are a collection of misfits and fiends, a cohort of loot hungry goblins. We are a new guild of veteran EQ players. Some of us have played on past TLPs together for years, and some new to the guild. We push end game content and contest open world targets. Our goal is simple: be efficient, be dominant, and have fun while doing it. Though we are heavily experienced, we welcome *all* players who have a desire to play and contribute to the success of the guild. New players with a desire to learn are more than welcome.

    You no longer have to choose to be apart of toxic cesspools as your only option to acquire piles of raid gear. In Praedam, there is no legacy of backdoor dealings or whispers of taking advantage of your guildies. There is no history of shady business that span multiple servers, and most of all, there is no negative connotations to your guild tag. There is no history here to destroy credibility, there is no lies or deceit - a driven group of people with like mindsets who want to see their guildies eat first.

    DKP system:
    You raid? You get loot. RA will only be given to DZ raids, DKP bonus to all OW events. We also have a Raid Companion system (See guild policies for more information). Open bid DKP system using OpenDKP - hands down the best DKP tracking management available.

    ** Batphones do not count toward raid attendance. RA is saved specifically for scheduled DZ raids. Batphones do reward DKP and heaps of loot but they are NOT required to join.**

    Tired of that nagging question about how guild funds are being used? Ever wonder if guild funds are being RMT'ed? We will be recording every plat looted, every guild bank transaction, every copper spent and displaying it for the guildies. The goal here is to create a pool of wealth to help with guild needs while maintaining a high level of transparency - and it will all be measured and accounted for.

    Guild Website: Guild Website


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  2. Etern New Member

    Excitement, fanfare, so on and so forth.

    See ya'll there ;)
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  3. Noreaster Journeyman


    Super excited for this.
  4. Legendary Chris New Member

    Bullet dodged, it's go time!!!!
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  5. Sorudin New Member

    here we gooooooooooo
  6. Pepega Journeyman

    Loot hungry goblins? You rang? I'm here.
  7. ShinEwok New Member

    *twiddles thumbs* my preeecious!
  8. Noreaster Journeyman

    So many returning names. Super excited for the challenge and fun that's going to unfold on Aradune.
  9. Pepega Journeyman

  10. BigFatJuicer New Member

    Amazing guild and people.
  11. Noreaster Journeyman

  12. Likwit New Member

    Sikwit/Likwit looking to get back into EQ.

    Played live EQ from Vanilla till OOW in a raiding guild that pushed world firsts against Fires of Heaven in Classic, but then went a bit more casual starting with Kunark. Was a raid leader from Kunark till end of Gates.

    Then went to WoW with a bunch of our EQ guild where we formed a branch of our EQ guild on WoW. I was the raid leader from late Vanilla until early Legion. Im still an officer, but I've taken a step back and no longer raid lead or push progression.

    A few years ago I got into Coirnav and Selos TLPs where i ended up raiding in end game guilds for both, but I got into both late, so i wasnt quite as progressed as I want. Was in Unknown Legacy on Coirnav until we cleared Time when the guild died, then I moved to Selos where i was in Faceless Conquest until GoD where I needed to put more time into WoW.

    I will be playing a wizard as I always have, and can take off the entire week that this server launches.
  13. Noreaster Journeyman

    Hell ya Likwit! Welcome!
  14. Traktur Journeyman

    Classes are starting to fill out nicely. Come join the fun!
  15. Supernaut New Member

    misfits and fiends? count me in
  16. Rcbauer Augur

    Do we get bonus DkP for VP key?
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  17. Traktur Journeyman

    we're doing VP?
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  18. Praedam New Member



  19. Rcbauer Augur

  20. TLPman Augur

    serious question how does this guild feel they will compete with <rampage> (they seem to have the upper had thus far)? Im looking to join "the bat phone guild" of the server every tlp has people saying they will bat phone but we all know it comes down to one guild that will control all the OW stuff at the end of the day so what is this guild going to do different then the others saying they are going to be the "bat phone guild of the server"

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