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  1. Vaxpo Elder

    At this point, you should all be fired and the company dissolved if this is truly your current stance on Aradune. You are "monitoring?" Really? Exactly how many weeks of "monitoring" are required in order to fix this? Then you have the audacity to say "issues with Aradune performance is top priority?"

    Who could get away with this at their job? I'd have been fired from mine before the first week was done if I allowed a tire fire like this to continue.
  2. Atern New Member

    If a bunch of people quit, the end result is the same - dividing a thriving player base. Instead of dividing it between 2 servers where people are still paying for subs, it will be divided between people playing and and people not playing.
  3. Jontrann Augur

    Not really, because im not subbed, daybreak is currently getting no money from me and i have no plans to return unless a new server is opened.

    We all love eq, its why we play the game but theres just so much bullsh$t a person can put up with before they leave.
  4. kit74 Lorekeeper

    Lol so basically it's a top priority
    And you will just monitor the situation.
    What for another month......
    My God I don't want to charge back my CC because God love my husband but he decide to do 6 months sub instead of monthly....but yea I am starting to not care if I get a ban at this point
  5. Atern New Member

    And TBH it's divided today - people in game and people in queue :(
  6. Sniggz Elder

    You guys are completely missing the concept of opening a new server. Project 1999 just went through a new server launch several months back that resulted in a long queue times. They created a second server that shared a database with the original server (so no dupilicate player or guild names) and offered one-way transfers to all players. made it so 4k players could all play at once (2k per server), instead of 2k playing while 2k sat in queue for 5 hours. After the player base dwindled down to around 2k total and one server could handle the load, they merged them together and only had one server.

    Kind of embarrassing if a passion project is able to implement this but an actual studio isn't able to figure out how to do this.

    But I agree, opening a new stand alone TLP without plans to merge once the population inevitably drops to a level that one server can maintain would be a terrible idea that addresses a short term problem and creates a long term problem.
  7. bloodbeard Elder

    I am generally an optimistic person. I was almost certain this day would bring a new server, solutions for the 4 - 6 hour queue times, or at the very least solid measurable statements of immediate actions to be taken in order to provide better service to paying customers.

    Nothing personal, but this post, after all that has occurred in the last month, makes me pessimistic about the longevity of Aradune server, and the game as a whole.
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  8. Trizek Augur

    Yet they apparently still have your interest. Idk I just love seeing the posts of people who claim they quit yet is quite obvious they're still playing. You being one of them.

    I still play, I still am giving them money. Am I annoyed? Of course. Though I'm not going to fabricate my life choices to make myself look better

    See you ingame
  9. Acidjunkie New Member

    Your logic is flawed I think. In this case there are many players that are mostly unable to play. So there's nothing to divide - they can find a home on this new server. Once the population drops, DBG can merge the two.

    How would that 'divide the player base'?
  10. Adagia New Member

  11. Vaxpo Elder

    Don't worry, it is being monitored...
  12. Jontrann Augur

    it's only going to be fixed when enough people decide to quit playing.
  13. Stune Augur

    You guys do realize this is alienating the existing quality population that just wants to play after work for a couple hours etc.. Your Company decisions have been baseless to the majority of paying customers that spent a fair bit of money on bags and subscriptions. In Terms of a playable product, its broken. It can be returned with a refund. Is this what you want to keep seeing in the forums, day in day out? Who is in charge of these decisions because frankly making changes so late, and not helping the queue system out its hurting everyone on the server. No grace period, your shoved back into a queue for hours on hours. This is unacceptable and no excuses can be made by any business. I know i own one.
  14. Thalliius Augur

    I actually think its worse than launch.. i was still able to navigate the queue when it first launched, now its impossible to get in

    When i do finally get in, i absolutely will not zone into EC under any circumstances, because nothing gets me more irrate than waiting thru a 4 hour queue, then having the EQ client crash to desktop and be stuck back in a queue
  15. kit74 Lorekeeper

    Lol reminds me when I was in the army and that one Sargent is task to watch every one pee in a cup on a random drug test
  16. Vaxpo Elder

    People drive slowly by wrecks all the time. It is a fascinating thing for many people, even when they have no part of the actual wreck.
  17. Jontrann Augur

    Exactly but apparently if your posting on these forums your still playing eq.

  18. Gremin Augur

    I dont even play on Aradune and I believe you are making a mistake. In the past, you have opened a 2nd TLP with even less of a population at the start. You now have the ability again to merge the servers. If you dont act fast, and start the 2nd Aradune you will lose a significant portion of players imo. There are people who have already quit, and with a 2nd tlp I believe would show back up.
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  19. Stune Augur

    Starting to wonder if they can claim Serb benefits, and kill the company as a loss. Logic there...
  20. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    For some further clarification, when we weigh a new server or not, we are going by experience with doing this before but, more importantly right now, that standing up another server would likely have tremendous impact on crashes on all live servers, including the new progression servers. The fixes in today's update may change that calculation some.

    Also, the problems we face right now are not a hardware situation, in that just adding new hardware won't solve anything. If that were the case, we would have done that right away. It's a perfect storm of multiple significant problems that have popped up recently converging.

    Short-term, we are working as quickly as we can on the server perf issues so we can raise the cap (most important), and on the crash issues (game-wide). Medium-term, if the crash issues can be resolved, we can explore another server. Long-term, we need all of these issues resolved, so we can have more flexible plans when populations blow up in the future.

    For Aradune right now, we will keep creeping the pop cap up as much as we can to make the queues as short as possible, and we are tackling the AFKer issues both manually and systemically, as that just exacerbates the problem.


    I'm not trying to convince you the current situation is acceptable. It's not, the frustration is valid and real, and we should not have let ourselves get trapped in this. I am trying to share insight into the situation for the sake of transparency, even if that insight is just more bad news.
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