ARADUNE - <Moss Covered Twig> Hybrid Raid Guild

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Tdark, Aug 10, 2020.

  1. Alkabar New Member


    New\existing players come join the fun!
  2. Tdark Journeyman

    Recruitment openings updated! Added Beastlord, currently one raid slot open for the class. Recruiting heavily for Luclin, come join the mossiest folks around... IN SPACE!
  3. Tdark Journeyman

    Classes are starting to close extremely quickly! Limited spots remain for Mages, Chanters, Clerics, and Beastlords. Join the Twigs today!
  4. goladith New Member

    I just joined the other day, this is a good group of people, I suggest if you're looking for group of folks to raid with, play with, and/or chat with, you look into joining Moss Covered Twig.
  5. Tdark Journeyman

    Very glad to have you with us! :D
  6. Tdark Journeyman

    Happy Luclin Day everyone! :D
  7. Tdark Journeyman

    Feels like we are closing a new class every other day! Join the mossiest raid force on the server today before its too late. :D
  8. Shilack New Member

    Bump, great guild been with em since kunark
  9. Tdark Journeyman

    Recruiting needs updated!
  10. Aaxxandum Journeyman

    What do you mean by hybrid raid guild ?
  11. Tdark Journeyman

    Appreciate you asking! Basically we are a mediumcore guild with a big emphasis on building a lasting community beyond the length of this server. So kind of the best of both raiding and community guilds. :)
  12. Tdark Journeyman

    Class needs updated. :)
  13. Citywok New Member

  14. Tdark Journeyman

    Class needs updated once more.
  15. cpuc New Member

    Great Guild!! Free bump
  16. Tdark Journeyman

    Class needs updated once more. Kicking off pre-PoP recruiting now! :D
  17. Yaldiien New Member

    Now is the time to get in before you get behind on PoP flagging. Check out this great guild!
  18. GRACUS Journeyman

    If only you needed a Beastlord
  19. Tdark Journeyman

    You're totally welcome to join, however we may or may not be able to invite you to a raid until a spot opens up. Unfortunately the server is massively inundated with the class. :(
  20. Krykinn Journeyman

    I have a feeling there will be quite a few openings on May 26th if you want to check back then.