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    [IMG]Moss Covered Twig[IMG]

    Dedicated raid guild with a community twist, looking for raiders and casual friends to join us!

    We are a tight knit singular raid force that loves to have fun and slay dragons together. Positive, friendly environment where toxicity is not tolerated. Welcoming new and veteran players alike and provide class training.

    Raid Info/Requirements

    Days - Monday, Wednesday, Sunday

    Times - M/W 9PM EST form up, 9:30PM EST raid start. Sunday 6:30PM EST form up, 7PM EST raid start. Weekday raids are four hours, last hour optional. Sunday raids are four full hours.

    Loot - Open DKP bids via Discord bot. No loot selling, no collusion, no manipulation. Krono split for all raiders stipulated on expansion period attendance. Loot opportunities for recruits and raid boxes too.

    Attendance - Both attendance and DKP are denoted on a 30 minute basis beginning with raid start time. For full schedule please visit our Discord and see the DKP rules channel.

    Raider Status- Raiders must maintain 50% attendance over a four week period. If the raid has room, any guild member regardless of rank can join us. If no main raider/recruit bids DKP on a item, it goes to /ran 100 for boxes.

    Recruits - Raid minimum level is 55. We ask our recruits to undergo a two week trial during which they must attend 50% of raids to be promoted. Recruits will earn DKP but can only spend a limited amount until a raider.

    Discord - As we use Discord to manage DKP bids, to organize the guild, and utilize its voice chat for raids, members are required to join and at least listen during raid.

    Current Raid Needs

    Bard: Open
    Beastlord: Closed
    Cleric: Open
    Druid: Open
    Enchanter: Open
    Magician: Open
    Monk: Open
    Necromancer: Open
    Paladin: Open
    Ranger: Open
    Rogue: Open
    Shadow Knight: Open
    Shaman: Open
    Warrior: Open
    Wizard: Open

    To apply or see a full list of our rules and raid/DKP policies please visit us at >> <<
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    Updated recruitment openings!
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    Recruitment openings updated once more.
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    pretty sad when you gotta bump up your own thread sad :(

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    The guild is very active on Discord, not the forums. :)
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    I was really hoping for a hybrid only raid guild comprised strictly of only paladins, rangers, and shadow knights.
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    Maybe when Beastlords are unlocked that will be more viable. :D
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    Recruitment list updated. :)
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    before i decide to app...have you guys killed ANY of the end game bosses? AoW? Tunare? Vulak? I know CT is down from serverwides in the past but the other 3?

    at this point pretty much every guild has downed the expansion even casual guilds, so im curious about your conquests
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    Main post updated! MASSIVE changes to our guild operations starting Jan 1st.

    Still the positive minded, community oriented group we've always been. Just with more dragon slaying. :D