[Aradune] <Midnight Redemption> Recruiting! [Luclin Edition]

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    Midnight Redemption on Aradune is recruiting! We seek dedicated and motivated individuals to add to our ranks for current content, PoP content, and beyond.

    We strive to maintain an atmosphere that’s fun and enjoyable; but serious where it needs to be in order to clear all content quickly and effectively.

    We are a semi-casual (description at end) non-bat phone raiding guild that is keeping your weekend free for activities both inside and outside of Norrath.

    We clear all current content in 3 nights.
    Off Night Sunday Raid for previous era content.
    We use an Open DKP bidding system to award loot.

    Our raid schedule is:
    Sunday - 8PM EST - Off Night Raid/Event. No attendance taken
    Monday - 8PM EST
    Wednesday - 8PM EST
    Thursday - 8PM EST

    Current class needs:
    Bard: Open
    Beastlord: Closed
    Cleric: Open
    Druid: Open
    Enchanter: Closed
    Magician: Open
    Monk: Open
    Necromancer: Open
    Paladin: Closed
    Ranger: Open
    Rogue: Open
    Shadow Knight: Closed
    Shaman: Closed
    Warrior: Open
    Wizard: Open

    Level requirement to apply for immediate raiding is 60.
    Two week recruitment period in which DKP is earned.
    After those two weeks, or once you hit 50% RA (30day) Congrats! You're promoted!

    Any level is welcome to apply and work towards 60 in order to raid.
    Casual, non-raiding, and social players are always welcome.

    Message Newdad, Pogigod or Excelsio in game for more information or visit our discord to take a look at our guild policies & procedures, or to put in your application!


    Looking forward to you joining the team!

    What is semi-casual?
    This differs for everyone. A good way to look at it is we’re as “casual as you make it”.
    Take a look below to give you an idea of what Midnight Redemption thinks it means.

    No batphone. Life does not revolve around the pop. But!...sometimes we have the numbers, interest, and intent. When those stars align we go grab some extra pixels.

    Open chat during raids when setting up or dealing with trash.
    When the big pulls start comin, we’re all business. Hunker down folks! Failure is not an option.

    We do go hard at xpac launches. We want content cleared and on rotation ASAP.

    You are considered part of the team even if you can only attend half of the scheduled raids.

    Attending more reaps greater rewards! (dkps!)
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    Everything dead but VT now - have a few spots remaining to fill. Come join our family and have fun while getting loots and kills.
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