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Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Derpinator, May 23, 2020.

  1. Derpinator New Member

    Lemmings Unleashed has dissolved after agreeing to merge with Rosengard, a likeminded guild with players with ton of raiding experience.
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  2. besbin Journeyman

    You didn't look too closely, this is still on the front page :)

    Update (May 18):

    As I've received a lot of positive feedback from people interested to join, I decided to give it a shot. Original post below for reasons of historic research.


    We are setting up <Unity>, a casual guild on the new Aradune server.


    1. Most of our activities will take place during EU prime time (evenings). You're welcome if that suits you.
    2. Our recruitment policy will be pretty open. There won't be any requirements regarding classes or levels. In the unlikely event of a population explosion, we might cap the guild size at some point to keep it manageable.
    3. We want to enjoy the game without any pressure. Anyone looking for company to play the game is welcome.
    4. We encourage grouping, 6ppl content and twinking.
    5. Most likely, we will try to setup 1-2 fix raids per week. These will likely be via the AoC instance system, as we do not intend to use any batphones or request logins at random times for open world raid targets. As we expect our members to have different playstyles and level-times, do not expect us to start raids too soon after launch.
    6. In case we do not reach the necessary size to raid on ourselves, we might check cooperation with other guilds or players.
    7. We welcome people just playing one char, as well as people who want to box a second char.
    8. We want to establish a good atmoshphere and will not tolerate any toxic behaviour - neither towards guild members nor towards anyone else. Reputation is king.

    Join or discord for direct contact, more information as well as application:

    Best regards,



    Hey there,

    I read a lot of threads about EU hardcore guilds recruiting while I also read a few posts from people looking for a more casual EU-based approach. So I'd like to test the waters for this kind of guild.

    Working full-time and maintaining a functioning marriage myself, I can't afford to play 24/7 and batphone stuff. Since agents of change and instanced raids make this hardcore approach not necessary to experience some of the raid content, I'd like to test the waters regarding the demand for a more casual approach.

    The basic idea would be:
    • 1 or 2 fix raids per week (evenings or weekend, but we would vote here I guess)
    • No raid attendance requirements
    • Rather long leveling phase (exp still flies on TLPs. We would see at what point we're ready to give raids a shot on ourselves or see if we can find others players/guilds to cooperate)
    • Encouraging twinking and grouping together for 6-ppl-content
    • Open recruitment policy: the more ppl, the bigger the party, the more fun. Not a fan of min/maxing recruitment to create best possible raid line-ups.
    • Focus on having fun and enjoying the game. No rush, no pressure of any kind.
    Why Aradune?
    • I'd expect less Krono farming parties of 6 jumping between /picks and disturbing my game experience.
    Who am I?
    • I'm 32 and from Germany. I played on the EU/German server back around 2003 as well as on several of the last TLPs.
    If you would be interested in something like this, I set up a Discord server for you to join and leave a message:

    Happy to see a reply. Would help a lot to get an idea whether or not his would find people to build smth up.

  3. Derpinator New Member

    I did look very closely, and there is quite the difference on the type of guild that I want, and from what Unity is trying to do.
  4. Starshape Elder

    Realistically splitting the EU casual playerbase across more guilds seems like a risky play. You guys should chat and consider joining forces...
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  5. Chikkin Augur

    Just curious Derp, what's the main difference you see between your goals and Unity's (Name not final)

    I looked at what you wrote, but it sounded very similar so I figured I'd ask. If you really just would like to run your own alliance, well can't fault you for that, but I wanted to make sure that we are indeed different before you do, because it seems like you would fit and be happy over here.

    Either way, this is exciting stuff, and in less than 4 days (well one can hope) I will see you in game! Cheers.
  6. Derpinator New Member

    Sure, ill list the major differences.

    • Unity plans to raid 1-2 times a week, I would go with 3 days. With 1-2 days, even in classic, you will not be able to clear content.
    • Speaking to the unity leader, it is clear that he thinks that raiding is months in the future, where I try to tell him than on TLP's, most guilds with a proper playerbase will be ready to raid within 2-3 weeks.
    • Unity have a extremely casual approach to things and what would appear as an attitude that says "Let's just see how it goes". I have a different approach i.e. Lets get stuff done, the days we gather to do it.
    • Unity plans to have no type of batphone - That will leave some members epicless when kunark comes, as some type of batphone will be needed for some types of epics.
    • Unity from what I gather, do not have a leader with experience in leading guilds. I am sure he is a very nice guy, but when you have 60-70 people screaming at guidance, being nice aint gonna cut it.
    • Unity is debating whether or not to use a DKP system or random items... random items.. in EQ raiding...
    Listen, I am sure that Unity will be a very nice and fun guild for that type of players. I, personally love to raid and love to try and "play pro", even with the little time I have to play, compared to 20 years ago. Hence the semi-casual approach to things. What I don't want to do, is to log into a naggy raid, spend 1 hour just gathering people, then to whipe again and again, ending up having spent an entire evening with 70 guys with barely any accomplishment. I rather want to smash the dragons into tiny bits and stop the raid an hour early, because everyone know what their doing and have the same objective. But I want to do that in an friendly environment, and not a toxic l33t we s0 pr0, as some other guild here will supply.
    I did that previously with Europa and Knightmare on mangler, and that was good times :)
  7. Gilamas New Member

    Strongly disagree with this statement :)

    Anyway best of luck :)
  8. Chikkin Augur

    Fair enough. Well I'm signed on with them, and ready do it big with them. But your goals/structure fit me as well. I was tempted to make Rampage work, but decided I didn't really want to feel obligated to that degree. -- I know me, I'd end up wanting to (more than) pull my weight, so glad there is a guild(s) for my playtime that are a little less hardcore.

    Everything you listed fits what I think I'm going to find in Unity, the only thing I really don't think I have it in me to do (again in my life) is bat-phone. I don't silent my phone when I sleep, and I could just see the "Really?!?!" my wife would say when my phone goes off either in the middle of our sleep, or in the middle of some time of occasion/date. --- Again of course, just talking for me.

    But you know, like I said, if we all playing the same time period, we'll likely be seeing a lot of each other on the server after the initial rush where all timezones are playing 24/7.

    Cheers, see you in game!
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  9. Brushstrokes New Member

    I wish you luck with your new guild. I think your post is good with clear requirements and any rules can be adapted later as the guild progresses.

    There is nothing wrong with competition with other EU guilds on progression servers we seemed to manage perfectly fine with Darkwind, Rosengard, Caer Cadarns etc. Albeit feisty competition that certainly increased my heart rate at times, we had a lot of fun.

    Good luck with your guild in getting it kick started! I might see you in game, lets see :)
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  10. Derpinator New Member

    Getting a bit of members now. So here's a bump! This will happen!

    Come join discord if you want that middle ground with great raiding, but a laid back attitude and friendly atmosphere!
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    Bump Up The Jam!
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    8 Hours and counting bumps!
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  17. Covus New Member

    Strong and growing!
    Come and join us!
  18. telados New Member

    i'm down! who to talk to in game? player from germany here - will start on aradune tonight
  19. Covus New Member

    Hi, you can contact me in-game, Clyde. You may try to contact Cher as well. Join our discourd:
    Welcome aboard!
  20. Covus New Member

    Still recruiting any class or level for now.
    Plan is to start raiding in 2 week approx. 3 raids evenings per week 8pm CET. Message me or /tell Clyde or Cher in-game.

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